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Todo apps


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Todo apps

Published in: Technology
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Todo apps

  1. 1. To Do and Note Taking Apps
  2. 2. Google Keep Tutorial 6262468 Uses a Google Account. Keeps notes organized
  3. 3. Microsoft One Note Uses a Microsoft Account. Keeps notes organized
  4. 4. Evernote Pricing Tutorial /?var=c evernote-vs-onenote-2016-editio-1765707423 Organizes notes.
  5. 5. Trello Pricing Notes organizer Tutorial
  6. 6. Remember the Milk Pricing Tutorial / To do list organizer
  7. 7. Wunderlist Support ortal/topics/683162-getting-started?page=3 showdown-wunderlist-vs-any-do-1766931458 To do list organizer
  8. 8. All of these have apps and websites so you can access them from any mobile device or computer. They all have clippers so you can add things from websites. All mobile apps you can use a stylus or add pictures to them by using the device’s camera. Handouts