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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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  1. 1. What we will cover •Buying a camera •How a digital camera works •How to get photos off your camera •How to edit pictures •How to play with pictures •Storing pictures online
  2. 2. Reviews for digital cameras How digital cameras and photography work
  3. 3. Online photo editors,2817,2270906,00.asp Software Photo editors PCs have Photo Gallery and Paint and Macs have iPhoto installed.
  4. 4. Create slide shows Online Scrapbooking Movies PCs have Windows Movie Maker and Macs have iMovie Photo Printing Email Digital Picture Frame,2704,2300977,00.asp
  5. 5. Avatars Flickr toys
  6. 6. Online photo hosting sites What else can you do with them? Make banners, t-shirts etc. Put them online in a website or blog
  7. 7.,2817,2399200,00.asp
  8. 8. a=v&pid=sites&srcid=bnlwbC5vcmd8dGVjaGNvbm5lY3R8Z3g6YjIxMjNkMGFiMzEw MTdh
  9. 9. From %20Photos%20handout%204-30-14.pdf