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Buy computers


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Published in: Technology
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Buy computers

  1. 1. What we will cover Types of computers Parts of Computer Computer Software Tips for buying a computer Computer repair Learn more about computers
  2. 2. Types of computers Desktop Laptop Netbooks Tablet Computers
  3. 3. Hardware: Anything physical about the computer
  4. 4. Hard Drive Main storage device for your computer Has a finite amount of memory Can have more than one drive Can be external or internal
  5. 5. Random Access Memory (RAM) Memory for your computer
  6. 6. Motherboard
  7. 7. Central Processing Unit (aka CPU) Processes the actions of the computer
  8. 8. Modem Wireless Fidelity (aka wi-fi) Internet
  9. 9. Storage
  10. 10. Keyboard and Mouse Keyboard is used to type Mouse is used to move the cursor
  11. 11. Peripherals Anything that you add to a computer ex. printer etc. USB port Parallel and Serial
  12. 12. Graphics Card Runs the graphics on your computer
  13. 13. Monitor Displays what your computer is doing.
  14. 14. Printer Creates a hard copy of what is on the computer screen Multifunction Printers have a scanner, fax, and copier built in.
  15. 15. Software (aka computer programs) Operating software Runs your computer Also can have software for word processing, spreadsheets, photography, internet, and more!
  16. 16. How to buy computers Opinions on computers Computer Basics Tutorials from gcflearnfree
  17. 17. Computer Repair Read manual Go to manufacturer’s website’s faq or help section Contact manufacturer of computer, software, or hardware Do a Google search of the error message Best Buy (Geek Squad) Data Doctors
  18. 18. Learn more about computers Library Books: Dummies, Idiots Guide, etc. Magazines: Smart Computing, PC World Etc. Newspapers: Walt Mossberg WSJ every Thurs.
  19. 19. Computer Classes At Sunrise Mountain Library See calendar for schedule Glendale Community College Rio Salado College
  20. 20. Ereaders, tablets, smartphones tag=nl.e435&s_cid=e435&ttag=e435&ftag=TRE568fdfb a=v&pid=sites&srcid=bnlwbC5vcmd8dGVjaGNvbm5lY3R8Z3g6NGZkZjU4MDU3MD U0ZTU1Yg a=v&pid=sites&srcid=bnlwbC5vcmd8dGVjaGNvbm5lY3R8Z3g6NWQ4YTkwMmNhYj k3YWI1MQ Annual magazines from Consumer Reports
  21. 21. Power Point presentation Links to sites in presentation