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Presentation oap groupandtravel-1

  1. 1. GroupAndTravelTravelling with your friends.Easy. Fun. Cheap.
  2. 2. Product (new proposition 1/2)Organising a holidays with your friends is often anightmare. Sms, mail, pub nights, maybe a facebook groupare just the best way to collect a lot of disorganizedinformation and you end up finding too hard to understandthe options liked by everybody.And, when you finally get the crew together, why youshould pay the same price as youd be travelling alone?You think you deserve a discount for a 8 persons booking!We do think the same.
  3. 3. Product (new proposition 2/2)In GroupAndTravel you can- Login and Create a trip- Invite friends to the trip- Insert the date, destination, budget, kind of trip… Or if youare not sure. Organize in 5 seconds a polls to share thedecision with your friends- Everybody can access the hotels and itinerary list andselect proposals. people can like the proposals, comment,or ....dislike them!- Access to amazing group deals based on your inputs andFacebook profile.- Easy planning process, a trip everybody like, and savemoney for group deals.
  4. 4. From past to presentBased on the results of analysis, survey and face to faceinterview, we changed our previous main proposition.Until now, we wanted to implement a solution for peopletravelling with friends while promoting sustainable tourism.We believed that these two trends together could offer acomplete solution to our customers.We learned a lot about it. And after talking with severalpeople and analyze market information we sadly decided toremove the sustainability promotion from the mainproposition and focusing on group travel. In thispresentation we explain why.
  5. 5. SurveySurvey is available at
  6. 6. SurveyIn the following slides we present the mostsignificative statistics extracted from thesurvey we prepared.
  7. 7. Survey 1/5this helped us to understand the type oftravel we should help to organize
  8. 8. Survey 2/5Too many channels
  9. 9. Survey 3/5
  10. 10. Survey 4/5
  11. 11. Survey 5/5Sustainability is a key point to only to 33% ofthe interviewed.
  12. 12. Market Size 1/3
  13. 13. Market size 2/3The target market of GroupandTravel is people travelling in groups and usinginternet for theirresearch and bookings.GroupandTravel’s Total Available Market (TAM) is the global Group Tourismmarket.In 2011, international tourism generated US$ 1030 bn in export earnings(source:UNWTO)According to our survey, people go on average 3.5 times per year on holiday.Thesame survey sample told us that in a typical year they were going on average2.7times on a group holiday. We can therefore assume that in 77% of the casepeopletravel in groups (family, friends...) rather than alone.The global Group Tourism industry could have represented US$ 793 bn in2011.
  14. 14. Market Size 3/3GroupandTravel’s Served Available Market represents theOnline Group Tourism market.There were an estimated 2.4 bn internet users worldwide inJune 2012 according toInternet World Stats.According to PhoCusWright, the global online travel marketwas estimated to beworth US$ 288 bn in 2011.Keeping the same ratio of group travellers from our survey,we can estimate that thesize of the online group travel market is US$ 221 bn.
  15. 15. Face to face - best quotes 1/4"I love group travels but planning them is a real hassle. Thereal problem isto convince other people to join you on the adventure, theypostpone their decisionand they end up paying a lot for their plane tickets."JamieIf there is a clear deal and saving on something todo in the destination, and I was already planning onbuy (e.g. theatre tickets, airport transfers) Idconsider to purchase it in advance.Sam
  16. 16. Face to face - best quotes 2/4"Sustainable, ecology, social,.. I would like to see the metricdivided by types. Needs to ensure the cheaper options areanyway show. "Jessica"Try to ensure thst the overall trip is facilitated, for examplewith transport from Airport to Hotel"Ville"I do not use to plan the trips in groups, but if the web siteand application makes it cheaper, and gives goodinformation i will use it"Mona
  17. 17. Face to face - best quotes 3/4"The emails chains end up being very long, it’s hard to lookback forinformation. You also have to chase people to know onwhich dates they are available, if they have booked theirtrain/ plane tickets…"MarieIusually know where to go, because my vacation are oftenbased on visiting friends living abroad. The decision about"when" is often based on the cheapest flight..Lorena
  18. 18. Face to face - best quotes 4/4I am not an expert in responsible tourism so it’s alwaysgood to learn if there are betteroptions available in terms of sustainability.Marie"Id interested in Sustainable trips but I’m not too much intogreen/ tree-hugging trips. I still want my holidays to befun. However I’m always interested to learn about smallhotels and activities thatsupport local communities."JamieI would love the list of activities, but Id never book them inadvance!Ville
  19. 19. Face to face - lessons learned*We found out that the word "Sustainability", can be quitedangerous.We have the impression that sometimes it is wronglyassociatedwith "more expensive", "bad service" and "boring".* For independet traveller, choices and price are always themain things they consider. -- Its a competitive market. Proposition must be intuitive andconvenient- the lessons learnt from the interviews are invaluable. Weare planning to do more as we keep working on theproduct, more focused on the new proposition.