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Taxpert budget 2013 final

  1. 1. Analysis of Budget 2013Taxpert Professionals Private Limited
  3. 3. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com1The Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri. P. Chidambaram on 28.02.2013 presented theUnion Budget 2013 and mentioned that slowdown in Indian economy has to beseen in the context of slowing global economic growth. He admitted that the country’s presentsituation and growth is indeed challenging but India has potential growth rate of 8 % andgetting back to this is possible as has been proven in the past.The central theme now is “higher growth leading to inclusive and sustainabledevelopment” with emphasis on women, children, minorities, backward classes anddisabled persons. Impetus has also been given to create opportunities for youth for skilldevelopment. Health, Education, Rural, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and affordablehousing have been kept on the priority list. Capital Markets initiatives like strengtheningSEBI for Investor protection and fine tuning FDI/ FII norms has also been touchedupon.The Fiscal deficit for the current year has been contained at 5.2 % of GDP and for the year2013-14 is estimated at 4.8 %. By 2016-17, fiscal deficit is targeted to be brought down to 3 % .On the other hand, it is food inflation that is worrying, and he said that all possible steps will betaken to augment the supply side to meet the growing demand for food items. The FinanceMinister has showed greater worry towards current account deficit (CAD) and has admitted thatFDI, FII or External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) are the only ways to finance it.
  5. 5. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com2INCOME TAX:1. Personal Taxation:The proposals in the Finance Bill 2013 have not carried out any change in the slab rates ofIncome Tax.The slab rates of income-tax in the case of Individual, Hindu Undivided Family, Association ofPersons and Body of Individuals, or every artificial juridical person would continue to be asfollows: -Income Slabs Rates of Income TaxUpto Rs.2,00,000 NilRs.2,00,001 to Rs.5,00,000 10% of amount by which income exceedsRs.2,00,000Rs. 5,00,001 to Rs.10,00,000 Rs.30,000+20% of amount by which incomeexceeds Rs.5,00,000Above Rs.10,00,000 Rs.1,30,000+30% of amount by which incomeexceeds Rs.10,00,000>> The Basic Exemption Limit for Senior Citizens (Age of more than 60 years and upto 80years), would continue to be Rs.2,50,000.>> The Basic Exemption Limit for Very Senior Citizens (Age of more than 80 years), wouldcontinue to be Rs.5,00,000.>> Education Cess would continue to be levied @ 3%.Proposed Amendments:>> Surcharge @ 10% will be levied, in case the Income exceeds Rs. 1 Crore. Thissurcharge is proposed to be levied only for one year.>> Tax Rebate of Rs.2,000 is allowed under Section 87 for the Individuals in the LowestTax Bracket, having income upto Rs.5,00,000. This amendment will be effective from 1stApril, 2014 and will apply for Assessment Year 2014-15 and subsequent assessment years.
  6. 6. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com3>> Additional Deduction upto Rs.1,00,000/- under Section 80EE shall be allowedtowards the Interest paid on Housing Loan, for the Individuals who are First HomeBuyers.This deduction is subject to the condition that the loan should be sanctioned during theFinancial Year 2013-14 and the amount of loan sanctioned should not exceed Rs. 25Lacs. Further, the value of residential house property purchased does not exceed Rs.40Lacs.>> Donations made to National Children Fund shall be eligible for 100% deductionunder section 80G.>> Permissible Premium Rate increased from 10% to 15% of the sum assured byrelaxing the eligibility conditions of LIC policies for persons suffering from disability.>> Contributions made to the schemes of Central and State Governments similar toCentral Government Health Scheme, would be eligible for deduction under Section 80D.2. Corporate Taxation:The Rate of Income Tax for Firms, Local Authority and Domestic Companies would continueto be 30% of the Total Income.>> Existing surcharge @ 5% for Domestic Companies and 2% for Companies other thanDomestic Companies, shall continue to be levied, in case the Total Income exceeds Rs. 1 Croredoes not exceed Rs. 10 Crores.Proposed Amendments:>> Surcharge @ 10% shall be levied in case the Total Income of the Domestic Companyexceeds Rs. 10 Crores. This Additional Surcharge is proposed to be levied only for OneYear, i.e. Financial Year 2013-14>> For Foreign Companies, Surcharge @ 5% in case the Total Income exceeds Rs. 10Crores. This Additional Surcharge is also proposed to be in force only for one year.>> Education Cess @ 3% shall continue to be levied.>> In case of Dividend Distribution Tax and Tax on Distributed Income, Surchargeincreased from 5% to 10%.
  7. 7. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com4>> Investment Allowance @ 15% shall be allowed under section 32AC, to manufacturingcompanies that invest more than Rs.100 Crore in Plant and Machinery during the period1.4.2013 to 31.3.2015.>> Eligible date for projects in the Power Sector to avail benefit under Section 80IAextended from 31.3.2013 to 31.3.2014.>> Concessional rate of tax of 15% on dividend received by Indian Company from itsforeign subsidiary proposed to continue for one more year.3. Amendments for Withholding Tax (TDS):a) TDS on Transfer of Immovable Property:It is proposed that TDS @ 1% (Under Section 194-IA) would be deducted by the Transferee,while paying the Consideration for the Transfer of Immovable Property, other than AgriculturalLand. This would be applicable only when the consideration exceeds Rs. 50 Lacs.This amendment will be effective from 1stJune, 2013.b) Tax on Distributed Income by Company for buy-back of unlisted shares:It is proposed to levy the final withholding tax @ 20% on the profits distributed by unlistedcompanies, to the shareholders through buyback of shares. This shall be effective from 1.6.2013.c) Concessional TDS Rate for Interest on rupee denominated long-term infrastructurebonds:Concessional Rate of TDS of 5% will be allowed under Section 194LC for the non-resident inrespect of the Income arising on subscription to rupee denominated long-term infrastructurebonds. This amendment is to be effective from 1stJune, 2013.d) Tax on Royalty and Fees for Technical Services to Non-Residents:Rate of Tax under Section 115A for Royalty and Fees for Technical Services paid to Non-Residents is proposed to be increased from 10% to 25%.This amendment will be effective from 1stApril, 2014 and will apply for Assessment Year 2014-15 and subsequent assessment years.4. Other Amendments:
  8. 8. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com5a) Taxation of Securitisation Trusts-Securitisation Trust to be exempt from Income Tax. Tax to be levied at specified rates only atthe time of distribution of Income for Companies, Individual or HUF etc. No further tax onincome received by investors from the Trust.b) Criteria for Defective Return:It is proposed to amend the Explanation to Section 139 (9) that the Return of Income shall beregarded as Defective, unless the tax together with interest if any, payable as per Section 140A(Self Assessment Tax) has been paid on or before the date of furnishing the Return.This amendment will be effective from 1stJune, 2013.c) Amendment in the Definition of Capital Asset:Certain categories of properties including Agricultural Land have been excluded from theDefinition of Capital Asset under Section 2(14). It is proposed to amend sub-clause (iii) ofSection 2(14) as below:The Land situated in any area within the distance measured aerially (shortest aerial distance) :i) Not being more than 2 Kilometers from the local limits of any municipality or CantonmentBoard and which has a population of more than 10,000 but does not exceed 1,00,000.ii) Not being more than 6 Kilometers from the local limits of any municipality or CantonmentBoard and which has a population of more than 1,00,000 but does not exceed 10,00,000.iii) Not being more than 8 Kilometers from the local limits of any municipality or CantonmentBoard and which has a population of more than 10,00,000.Shall form part of capital asset.Section 2(1A) relating to the definition of Agricultural Income shall also be amended on similarlines.This amendment will be effective from 1stApril, 2014 and will apply for Assessment Year2014-15 and subsequent assessment years.d) Commodities Transaction Tax:A new tax called “Commodities Transaction Tax” is proposed to be levied on taxablecommodities transactions entered in a recognized association.
  9. 9. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com6Taxable Commodities Transaction means a transaction of sale of commodity derivatives inrespect of commodities, other than agricultural commodities, traded in recognized associations.The tax is proposed to be levied as per the below mentioned rates:Sr.No. Taxable CommoditiesTransactionRate Payable by1. Sale of Commodity Derivative 0.01% SellerThis tax is proposed to be levied from the date on which Chapter VII of the Finance Bill, 2013comes into force by way of notification in the Official Gazette by the Central Government.e) Revision of Securities Transaction Tax (STT):The Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is proposed to be revised as below, with effect from 1stJune, 2013:Nature of TaxableSecurities TransactionPayablebyExistingRate (%)Proposed Rates(%)Delivery based Purchaseof units of an EquityOriented Fund enteredinto recognised stockexchangePurchaser 0.1 NilDelivery based Sale ofunits of an EquityOriented Fund enteredinto recognised stockexchangeSeller 0.1 0.001Sale of futures in securities Seller 0.017 0.01Sale of an Equity OrientedFund to the Mutual FundSeller 0.25 0.001
  10. 10. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com7WEALTH TAX:1. Provisions for facilitating electronic filing of Annexure-less Return of Net Wealth:Section 14 of the Wealth Tax Act provides for furnishing of Return of Net Wealth as on thevaluation date in the prescribed form. Currently, certain documents and reports are required tobe furnished along with the Return of Net Wealth.It is proposed to insert Section 14A and 14B in the Wealth Tax Act, to provide for theprovisions relating to Electronic Filing of Annexure-less Return of Net Wealth. This will be insimilar lines of the Section 139C and 139D of the Income Tax Act.This amendment will be effective from 1stJune, 2013.2. Amendment of the Definition of Urban Land:The Definition of Urban Land under the Wealth Tax Act is proposed to be amended in thesimilar way as for the amendment of the definition of Capital Asset under section 2(14)(iii) ofthe Income Tax Act.
  12. 12. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com8CENTRAL EXCISE:The standard rate of Central Excise Duty has been kept unchanged at 12% ad valorem.Product wise Analysis:Sr.No.Item Name Current BasicExcise RateProposed BasicExcise Rate1. SUVs 27% 30%2. Truck Chassis 14% 13%3. Mobile Phones(Retail Sale Price exceeding Rs2000/-)1% 6%4. Cigarettes(length exceeding 65 mm)30% 48%5. Marble tiles and slabs Rs 30 per Rs 60 per sq.mtrComplete exemption from excise duty has been provided for the following products: Tapioca sago (sabudana) and tapioca starch manufactured and consumed actively in themanufacture of tapioca sago. Henna powder or paste, not mixed with any other ingredient27%14%1%30% 30%30%13%6%48%60%0%20%40%60%80%ItemNameSUVs TruckChassisMobilePhones(RetailSale PriceexceedingRs 2000/-)Cigarettes (lengthexceeding65 mm)Marbletiles andslabs1 2 3 4 5Current Basic Excise Rate Proposed Basic Excise Rate
  13. 13. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com9 Ships and other vessels. Consequently, there will be no CVD on these ships and vesselswhen imported Handmade carpets and carpets and other textile floor coverings of coiror jute, whether ornot handmade Intermediate goods manufactured and consumed captively by exempted units under AreaBased Exemption Scheme in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.Other Proposed Amendments:Excise duty of 4% is being levied on silver manufactured from zinc/lead smelting. Compounded levy on stainless steel "Patta Patti" is being increased from Rs 30,000 permachine per month to Rs 40,000 per machine per month. It is being clarified that the item "trimmed or untrimmed sheets or circles of copperintended for use in the manufacture of handicrafts or utensils" presently leviable to excise dutyat Rs. 3500 per MT includes copper and copper alloys including brass. Zero excise duty route, as existed prior to Budget 2011-12, is being restored in respect ofbranded readymade garments and made ups. In the case of cotton there will be zero duty at thefibre stage and, in the case of spun yarn of manmade fibres, there will be a duty of 12% at thefibre stage. The Zero excise duty route will be in addition to the CENVAT route now available. Branded Ayurvedic medicaments and medicaments of Unani, Siddha, Homeopathic or bio-chemic system are being brought under MRP based assessment with abatement of 35% fromMRP.CUSTOMS:The peak rate of the Customs is retained at 10%. Further the rate of CVD is also retained. Theeffective Customs Rate shall be 28.85%.Product Wise Analysis: IncreaseSr.No. Item NameExisting BasicCustom DutyRateProposedBasic CustomDuty Rate
  14. 14. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com101. new passenger cars and othermotor vehiclesCIF >US$ 40,00075% 100%2. motor cycle with engine capacity>800cc60% 75%3. yachts and motor boats 10% 25%4. raw silk 5% 15%5. Set Top Boxes for TV 5% 10%Product Wise Analysis: DecreaseSr.No. Item NameExistingBasicCustomDuty RateProposed BasicCustom DutyRate1. Dehulled oat grain 30% 15%2. hazel nuts 30% 10%3. de-oiled rice bran oil cake 10% Nil4. stainless steel wire cloth stripe 10% 5%5. pre-forms of precious andsemi-precious stones10% 2%6. bituminous coal 5% 2%0%20%40%60%80%100%120%ItemNamemotorcyclewithenginecapacity>800ccyachtsandmotorboatsraw silk Set TopBoxesfor TV1 2 3 4 5Current Basic ExciseRateProposed Basic ExciseRate
  15. 15. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com117. textile machinery & parts 7.5% 5%Other Proposed Amendments:a) Full exemption from export duty is being provided to galvanized steel sheets falling ndercertain sub-headings, retrospectively w.e.f. 01.03.2011.b) Baggage Rules are being amended to,-i. raise the duty free allowance in respect of jewellery for an Indian passenger who hasbeen residing abroad for over one year or a person who is transferring his residence toIndia from Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000 in case of a gentleman passenger and from Rs.20,000to Rs.1,00,000 in case of a lady passenger.ii. raise the duty free allowance for crew member of vessel/aircraft from Rs.600 to Rs.1500.SERVICE TAX:1. Rate of Service Tax:The Service Tax rate has been retained to 12 %. The effective rate shall be 12.36% (inclusive ofEducation Cess at the rate of 2% and Secondary and Higher Education Cess at the rate of 1%).2. Inclusion of Services in the Negative List:0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%ItemNamedehulledoatgrainhazelnutsde-oiledricebranoil…stainlesssteelwire…pre-formsofprecious…bituminouscoaltextilemachinery&…1 2 3 4 5 6 7Current Basic Excise Rate30% 30% 10%Proposed Basic ExciseRate 15% 10% 0%Current Basic Excise RateProposed Basic ExciseRate
  16. 16. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com12The following services have been included in the Negative List of Services:a) Vocational Courses offered by institutions affiliated to the State Council of VocationalTrainingb) Testing Activities in relation to Agricultural Produce3. Retrospective Exemption:Retrospective exemption is being extended to the Indian Railways on the service tax leviable onvarious taxable services provided by them during the period prior to the 1st day of July 2012, tothe extent show cause notices have been issued upto the 28th day of February 2013. Section 99is being added for this purpose, in Chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994.4. Rationalisation of Abatement for Residential Construction Service:At present taxable portion for service tax purpose is prescribed as 25% uniformly forconstructions where value of land is included in the amount charged from the service recipient.This is being rationalized.Accordingly, where the carpet area of residential unit is upto 2000 square feet, or theamount charged is less than Rs. One Crore, in the case of construction of complex,building or civil structure, or a part thereof, intended for sale to a buyer, wholly or partlyexcept where the entire consideration is received after issuance of completion certificateby the competent authority, taxable portion for service tax purpose will remain at 25%.In all other cases taxable portion for service tax purpose will be 30%.This amendment will be effective from 1stMarch, 2013.5. Review of Exemptions: (Effective from 1stApril, 2013)a) Rationalization of exemption limit prescribed for charitable organizations, providing servicetowards any other object of general public utility. So far, the limit was 25 Lakh Rupees perannum. Now, they will be covered by the threshold exemption.b) Exemption provided to restaurants other than those having (i) air-conditioning and (ii)license to serve liquor, is being rationalized.Condition regarding license to serve liquor is being omitted. Therefore, with effect from 1stApril, 2013, service tax will be levied on taxable service provided in restaurants with air-conditioning or central air heating in any part of the establishment at any time during the year.c) Rationalization of exemption to transport of goods by road and rail/vessel.6. Exemptions Withdrawn:
  17. 17. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com13a) Services provided by an educational institution by way of renting of immovable property.b) Temporary transfer or permitting the use or enjoyment of a copyright relating tocinematographic films was fully exempt so far.Now, this exemption will be restricted to exhibition of cinematograph films in a cinema hall or acinema theatre.c) Services by way of vehicle parking to general public.d) Services provided to Government, a local authority or a governmental authority, by way ofrepair or maintenance of aircraft.7. Amnesty Scheme For Non-Filers and Stop-Filers:To encourage voluntary compliance and broaden the tax base, it is proposed to provide one timeamnesty by way of (i) waiver of interest and penalty; and (ii) immunity from prosecution, to thestop filers, non-filers or non-registrants or service providers (who have not disclosed trueliability in the returns filed by them during the period from October 2007 to December 2012)who pay the "tax dues".Details of the scheme are available in Chapter VI of the Finance Bill, 2013. The scheme will beoperational from the date on which the Finance Bill, 2013 receives the assent of the President.8. Advance Ruling:The scope of advance ruling is being extended to cover resident public limited companies; anotification is being issued for this purpose, under section 96A (b) (iii) of the Finance Act, 1994.GOODS AND SERVICE TAX (GST):1. A sum of Rs. 9,000 Crores towards the first instalment of the balance of CST compensationprovided in the Budget.2. Work on Draft GST Constitutional amendment bill and GST law expected to be takenforward.
  19. 19. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com141. General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR):The General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) was introduced by the Finance Act, 2012. Theprovisions of Chapter-X-A and Section 144BAA were supposed come into force with effectfrom 1stApril, 2014.It is proposed that these provisions shall be effective from 1stApril, 2016 and shall apply fromthe Assessment Year 2016-17 and subsequent assessment years.2. Tax Residency Certificate:The provisions of Sections 90 and 90A of the Income Tax Act empowers the Government toenter into and adopt agreements with the Governments of Foreign Countries for the purpose ofgranting relief for avoidance of double taxation, exchange of information and recovery of taxes.In exercise of this power, the Central Government has entered into various Double TaxationAvoidance Agreements (DTAAs) with different countries.Section 90 (4) prescribes the submission of Tax Residency Certificate containing prescribedparticulars as a condition for claiming benefits under these sections.It is proposed to amend Section 90 and 90A in order to provide that the submission ofTax Residency Certificate is a necessary but not sufficient condition for claiming thebenefits under these sections.This amendment will be effective retrospectively from 1stApril, 2013 and will apply forAssessment Year 2013-14 and subsequent assessment years.3. Capital Market:India’s Capital Market is among the best regulated markets. It is proposed to amend the SEBIAct to strengthen the regulator under consideration. Some of the proposals finalized inconsultation with SEBI are:a) Designated Depository Participants, authorized by SEBI, may register different classes ofportfolio investors, subject to compliance of KYC.b) SEBI will simplify the procedures and prescribe uniform registration and other norms forentry for foreign portfolio investors.
  20. 20. Taxpert Professionals Private Limited | www.taxpertpro.com15c) The following Rule will be laid down:“ Where an Investor has a stake of 10% or less in a company, it will be treated as FIIand where an Investor has a stake of more than 10%, it will be treated as FDI.”d) FIIs will be permitted to participate in the exchange traded currency derivative segment tothe extent of their India rupee exposure in India.e) FIIs will also be permitted to use their investment in corporate bonds and GovernmentSecurities as collateral to meet their margin requirements.f) SEBI to prescribe requirement for angel investor pools by which they can be recognised asCategory I AIF venture capital funds.***************************************************************************Taxpert Professionals Private Limitedwww.taxpertpro.com09769134554 || 09769033172