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  1. 1. Women Steering Group INSPIRE Volume: #1 Issue #2Quarterly E– Newsletter 29th October 2009The Institute of CharteredAccountants of India(Set up by an act of Parliament) From the desk of the President A s the ways in which we communicate have I am including key messages expanded – cell phones, e-mail, texting, in- stant messaging and social media – in-person in- of WSG in this issue of INSPIRE. So whenever teractions have, in many cases, decreased. What I you are at work or other pro- believe is “Connectivity is the cornerstone of suc- fessional setting and the op- cess for every organization and for each of us indi- portunity arises to describe a vidually” be it by anyways. few of the many benefits that Article on Business WSG provides, dont forget to Etiquette for Women- “INSPIRE” – Quarterly Newsletter of WSG is a me- CA. Sudha Bhushan refer this section. dium which gives me delight to get together with all my female professional brethrens and female students Women Steering Group aspiring to be a Chartered Accountant. It‟s been excit- represents professional women in accounting and ing and very satisfying to witness the development of finance. this Group under the able convenorship of CA. Priya WSG provides an opportunity for networking and Bhansali. “INSPIRE” an initiative of WSG was launched continuing education with accounting and finance 3 months ago with the vision to provide a consistent professionals at the local, regional and national message to its members and students to uphold the level. goals and objectives of WSG. As a member of our institute, WSG will benefit you Glimpses and your company from practical resources and WSG is a place for professional women to come benefit programs that strengthen one‟s profes- together, to learn and to grow with each other in a sional growth. safe environment throughout the course of their WSG offers students an opportunity for career careers. As diverse as our membership may ap- development through counseling. pear, ICAI hold a core belief that embodies our This vision and messages of WSG will create a brand organization as a whole. Women Steering Group for the ICAI so that when the name of WSG is men- represents and supports professional women in tioned, people will automatically think it is the group of Announcements accounting and finance. professional women in accounting and finance. I am In order to assist female members in projecting a com- also delighted to know that new contributors are step- mon voice, WSG is organizing various events across ping forward and writing amazing articles, a new con- the country to create several key messages for differ- tact is made and another person is touched by WSG. ent types of audiences which may not be necessarily be memorized, but shall create a ripple effect for I welcome all with an open mind for this noble ini- awareness and share message of WSG wherever it tiative of ICAI. may be possible. Contact Us CA. Uttam Prakash Agarwal President, ICAI “If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, we should have learned women.” - Abigail Adams INSPIRE
  2. 2. Convener Writes Dear Ladies and Students clients alone is not professional growth. tunate that many professionals do not Carrying out professional duties ethi- appreciate the value of being a particu- I t‟s a pleasure to communicate with you once again through INSPIRE - an online initiative of the Women‟s cally is of greater importance. To main- tain professional ethics, I strongly be- lieve that one should be true to oneself. lar profession, in our case the Char- tered Accountant. We always feel the grass is greener on the other side. Steering Group (WSG) of the ICAI. Being honest, in today‟s business envi- Respect the profession you have cho- A hugely positive response has been ronment is a big challenge. Even if you, sen to be in and you will command the received to the creation of the WSG. as a professional would like to be one, respect you deserve. Our President Sri Uttam Prakash Agar- the client or circumstances test your wal and his team at the Council need to ability to be honest and ethical on a To maintain the professional ethics, I be complimented for this novel idea. continuous basis. So, how does one believe that one should be able to free remain overboard? to ask for help and opinion from co- This creation of the WSG has thrown professionals. However, small the is- up challenges and opportunities. Going One must ask, what the return is or the sue may be, feel free. Two heads is by the strength of the Women Char- value the client derives from the ser- always better. Discussions throw up tered Accountants and Students (a vices that you render. It is very neces- more ideas. The more the knowledge is current membership of 14% and stu- sary for us to evaluate what value we shared the more one gains. Help and dent enrolment of 40%) a day will not can give to the service receiver. Some- be helped. “Woman is the be far off when Women will be a large times we do underestimate ourselves, I part of the profession. agree, but let us also evaluate the pro- Professional Ethics would also encom- companion of fessional satisfaction we derive if the pass implementation of the letter and Women – Taking the lead is the client is satisfied the way the assign- spirit of the statues that are in exis- man, gifted theme of the conferences being organ- ment/job was handled. Return Value in tence; encourage the compliance of with equal ised by the WSG in all 5 regions. We have successfully conducted 2 such terms of “moolah” and professional satisfaction is to be measured. law and standards, apart from carrying out the assignment with due diligence mental conferences – the first in Delhi and the and professional care. To be able to do second one at Indore. The next three The next requisite is our service deliv- this one has to be updated in the latest capacity.” conferences are slated to be held over ery. Does it match up with our stated that is happening around. the next few months at Kolkatta, Chen- commitment on quality and time? nai and Mumbai. There is no doubt that professional Today, persons who have put it over a- Mohandas K. Gandhi ethics would also mean timely delivery year and more of service either in in- Taking the lead in the profession, of the qualitative services. Once an dustry or practice, have to learn to would imply that professional ethics assignment is taken up, I think it should unlearn. New Companies Bill, Direct should not take a back seat. The con- be delivered on time promised. Certain Tax Code, IFRS, Internal Auditing cept of Professional Ethics is partly obstacles, unplanned, are bound to Standards, GST are the new statutes comprised of what a professional come in the way. It is always preferable that will be required to be known to should or should not do in the work to inform the client/customer, well in survive. Therefore, Continuing Profes- place. It also encompasses a much advance is the deadline is delayed or sional Education is not only important, greater part of the professional‟s life. If cannot be met. Never ever keep the it is a must, if one has to fulfill one‟s a professional is to have ethics then opposite person in the dark on the professional duties. that person needs to adopt that con- deliverables. duct in all of her dealings. The manner It is a good idea to promote the profes- With best wishes, in which one behaves and presents sion. This will in my opinion make the Priya Bhansali oneself to the clients/customers is of receiver of the service understand the Convener utmost importance. Having a long list of value of the profession. It is very unfor- Women Steering Group of ICAI INVITATION TO CONTRIBUTE FOR “INSPIRE”- WOMEN STEERING GROUP E- NEWSLETTERThe women have made a mark in all walks of life. The world of Chartered Accountants is no exception. Today, the female Chartered Account-ants are walking shoulder to shoulder with their male peers, discharging their duties towards profession and society with professional panache. Taking onmultidimensional challenges of globalization, they are occupying leading positions in every sphere of trade, commerce, industry and finance.“INSPIRE”- Women Steering Group E- Newsletter seeks to highlight the struggles and challenges faced by female professionals in moving up the life.Women Steering Group has introduced “INSPIRE” for the purpose wherein the women professionals can share their experiences, views, achievements orany interesting piece of information with the entire professional fraternity.As such female members are invited to contribute for this E- Newsletter. They can send in their write ups of about 1000 words along withtheir photographs by email at Secretariat INSPIRE
  3. 3. 1st Women Steering Group Conference GLIMPSESheld at New Delhi on 29th June 2009 T he 1st Womens Steering Group Conference on WOMEN- TAKING THE LEAD was a full- day program, held on 29th June in Delhi, an initia- cial address to the audience and this really boosted up the ladies. The Guest of Honour Ms. Ravneet Kaur, Joint Secretary, Banking & Insur- tive taken by the visionary President of the Insti- ance, Ministry of Finance delivered a key note tute of Chartered Accountants of India, CA. Uttam address wherein she appreciated the ICAI‟s initia- Prakash Agarwal. tive to have a separate and dedicated wing for women Chartered Accountants and Students. The objective of the conference was to provide a platform for women leaders to meet, share their The topics picked up for the conference were views and ideas and to form networks through "Career Development path for Women Chartered which they may support each other. The confer- Accountants" by CA Manjula Banerjee; "An Over- ence highlighted the importance of women leader- view of Accounting Standards" by Archana Bhu- ship in ensuring sustainable development, creat- tani; "Roadmap of GST" by CA Bhavna Doshi, ing a network of women committed to bringing a Central Council Member of ICAI; "Balancing Work positive change in society, and exploring ways to Life with Personal Life and Fighting Psychological unlock the innate leadership potential within every Barrier” by Dr.Aruna Broota, Clinical Psychologist. individual. Each topic was appreciated and each women felt a sense of belongingness to the community. The The 1st Womens Steering Group Conference Speakers, each one of them, tried to connect was a huge hit. The objective of the Conference themselves to their counterparts and the atmos- was met and brought cracks in the barriers which phere was charged up completely. women face in her day to day life, if it could not completely remove the barriers, considering that it was for the first time it happened in ICAIs history The event was a remarkable and heart touching that the theme of a conference was "Women- initiative of the Women Steering Group of ICAI. Taking the Lead". The Group along with its member hope that it will be able to bring a revolution in the CA community The Conference commenced with a welcome ad- by providing the guidance and strength a profes- dress by the Convener of the WSG, CA. Priya sional CA women looks for and is essential for Bhansali. The President of ICAI, CA Uttam them to deliver more to their profession, their Prakash Aggarwal addressed the womens con- families, their society and their economy at large. ference in the inaugural session and with him CA Amarjit Chopra, Vice President, ICAI made a spe- INSPIRE
  4. 4. GLIMPSES 2nd Women Steering Group Conference held at Indore on 22nd August 2009Invitation to contrib-ute for “The CharteredAccountant” January2010 issue a special & T Member of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, he 2nd Women Steering Group Conferencededicated issue on delivered a key note address, wherein she empha- (WSG) on “WOMEN- TAKING THE LEAD” wasthe theme of „women sized that power of women be utilized to the opti- held at the newly inaugurated ICAI Auditorium atempowerment‟ mum. Deputy Convener of WSG, CA Pooja Gupta Indore on 22nd August 2009. The event was inaugu- gave vote of thanks. . rated by the visionary President of the Institute ofThis is to inform you that the Chartered Accountants of India, CA. Uttam Prakash The topics covered in the conference wereJanuary 2010 issue of our Agarwal. The second in the series and first in the “Roadmap to IFRS” by CA Pooja Gupta, “Know yourjournal, The Chartered Ac- CIRC, the conference was hosted by the Indore Professional Ethics” by CA Kavita Gupta, “Balancingcountant, will be focused on Branch of CIRC of ICAI. Work life with Personal Life”, by Mrs. Ritu Groverthe theme of „Women Em-powerment‟. Therefore, we “Women Professional Success Stories” by CA Mri- The objective of the conference was to provide op-request you to contribute nalini Biyani, and “360* on Derivatives” by CA portunity for the women CA‟s in II / III tier cities toarticles in the field of Shikha Jain. have a platform where they can interact and sharewomen‟s interaction with their achievements and gain leadership skills. The CA. Pooja Gupta while giving her presentation onvarious professions includ- conference emphasized on bringing into the main- “Roadmap to IFRS” conveyed that India is preparinging the accountant‟s, role ofgender and power, demand stream those women CA‟s who are not active due to itself to adopt IFRS from 1st of April 2011. She madeof contemporary times, soci- their engagement in other priorities. the difficult topic easy and understandable. CA.ety, media and politics, or, Kavita Gupta, with the help of the examples pre- The Conference started with a welcome address ofon any other topic of your sented the subject “Professional ethics” in a simpli- the Convener of the WSG, CA. Priya Bhansali. Thechoice, for consideration of fied manner. Mrs. Ritu Grover gave useful and im- President of ICAI, CA Uttam Prakash Aggarwal ad-their publication in the Jour- portant tips of balancing work life with personal life tonal. dressed the womens conference in the inaugural give full justice to both work and personal life. CA. session. He appreciated the steps taken by WSG to Mrinalini Biyani told inspiring stories of great womenThe article should be about empower women. In fact he said that the women are with the help of which the audience felt motivated.3000 words carrying an already empowered and we find them on the top in CA. Shikha Jain made the complex topic of deriva-executive summary of about all fields of life. After seeing good participation of100 words and a passport- tives easy to operate. female members through the platform of Womensized photograph of the Steering Group, he announced December issue of Panels and presentations picked up on the theme ofauthor and the author‟s ICAI the CA Journal shall be dedicated for articles on „Women Taking the Lead‟ left the delegates spell-e-mail id. This may be sent women CAs and women related issues. CA Amarjit bound. The conference, first of its kind in CIRC wasto either The sub- Chopra, Vice President, ICAI during his special ad- a great success with eager and enthusiastic partici-mission must be an original dress urged the women CA to come forward and pation from women CA‟s not only from Indore butwork and, therefore, a decla- take steps for the upliftment of the other ladies in the also from Bhopal, Ujjain, Dewas and other cities.ration from the author re- society. The Guest of Honour Ms. Malini Gaud,garding the originality shouldalso accompany the article. INSPIRE
  5. 5. ARTICLE Business Etiquette for Women It is for us to respect ourselves. As functions but it is complete no in a we have responsibilities towards our professional set up. As far profes- families we have responsibilities to- sional dressing is concerned we What a fantastic topic to write…. wards ourselves also. We have to should keep it simple and sophisti- what an excellent forum to address… understand it and honor it. cated. Dark colors convey authority; what a brilliant people to reach. bright colors convey friendliness. The professional appearance of a Light colors such as taupe and khaki I am here by writing to reach the la- woman needs to support her profes- are generally more casual than black, dies who are members of one of the sional accomplishments. Demonstrat- gray, or navy. Avoid excessive use of India‟s most renowned Institute, The ing that we care about our personal bright color and wild patterns. Institute of Chartered Accountants of appearance communicates to the India and who owns one of the world person we are meeting with that they A suit with huge “dupatta” is more best professional degree, the degree are important to us. Paying attention suitable for birthday party of friend of CA. Women, who have changed to the details of our appearance then at a seminar on Transfer Pric-CA. Sudha Bhushan the way the world thinks about them, sends a message to others that we ing!! Nice suit, preferably full sleeves women who have done their family will also pay close attention to busi- with less of decorative items on it and proud, women who are examples to ness details, and the needs of our with the “dupatta” that is manageable the rest of the Indian women that customers and clients. is best preferred. nothing is impossible, when you be- Blue, Black, Gray trousers are some lieve in yourself. Women who don‟t Right Attire: - All of us will agree on of the accepted color for trousers. want to be a shadow of their hus- the importance of right clothing at any Your suit [coat and pant] should have bands/fathers and who knows every- required point. It is not that we don‟t the proper fitting. Choose suits with thing about financial independence know how to dress ourselves but Jackets. If your business attire is and who can take their independent then not all clothes suits all the occa- distracting because it is too sexy, decisions. sion. drab, or colorful, your business con- tacts may focus on how you look, not Here in this article the business eti- As Indian we are accustomed to wear on your business skills. quettes for women are addressed. In so many types of clothes, color and Shoes are not required to match the this fast life of today all of us have to so many symbols. But choosing the blouse or the color of your suit. know how to carry ourselves and how right color, patterns will serve a great to present ourselves in the best pos- purpose. Following are treated as Spiky, strappy, sandals in golden and sible manner in the professional set- professional clothing for Indian silver or metallic colors or with rhine- ting. When we are in office or say a women sari, suit, shirt, trousers, stones are not appropriate for most client meeting we are a professional Skirts. Unlike men attires we have so businesses. In a business environ- than a woman. much to choose from. Amongst this ment it is advised to keep shoes Professional Appearance: - Profes- the best attire is whatever suits us functional, attractive, clean and sional Appearance is not all about the best and what we think repre- shined. Keep a black Sharpie marker looking beautiful it‟s about looking sents oneself the best. The dressing with you to touch up scuffed shoes. pleasing and presentable. Our ap- that communicates who we are. Light Low-healed pumps are suitable for pearance shows how much impor- colour Sari, preferably in one colour the vast majority of business situa- tance we give to ourselves and we or with slight print or with broad bor- tions. Very long heels are not profes- cannot get more value from the third der is best. A red colour sari with sional, Heels can be as high as an person than the value we give to us. “Zari” may look fantastic in social (Continued on page 6) " Business etiquette is the subtle, redefining difference which enables people to excel and succeed in today’s corporate culture." - Cindy Grosso. INSPIRE
  6. 6. ARTICLE Article on Business Etiquette for Women- CA. Sudha Bhushan (Continued from page 5) minutes only to remove the left out Accessories: - Dressing for success nail polish. Nails should be clean, inch and a half or two inches, but includes more than just choosing the and trimmed or sculpted. Polite nail much higher than that looks unpro- right outfit. To complete professional paints with light color is best. Avoid fessional. Open-toed shoes are inap- look one must also consider accesso- wearing unusual or shocking nail propriate in conservative environ- ries and personal grooming. A good colors. Nail art and nail jewels are not ments. quality leather portfolio will impress acceptable for business meetings. more than a loud, colorful bag. Purse Make Up: - The Makeup should not colors should coordinate with shoe Hairstyling for Business Women: be too heavy. The lipstick shades color. Purse is one of the most crucial Style should be neat and conserva- should be selected best to match accessory that women carry. It is tive, and preferably off the face. your complexion. Dark and glossy better to have one purse of good Mainly open hair is not considered shades should be avoided. Keep it quality then having ten purses each professional until it is too short to be simple and appropriate. Too much of matching with the dress. A good tied. Fancy rubber bands, studded makeup is not at all advisable but purse should be preferably black or pins are to be avoided. With few ex- wearing no makeup at all is almost as brown in color, easy to open in case ceptions, hair color should not be bad as wearing too much makeup. you need to find an item inside. It shocking or unusual. Hair sprays and should serve as a small organizer of gels that have a strong scent or odor Jewelry: - Jewelry is women best your things. should be avoided. friend it‟s said but that is best to be Never use a shopping bag, book bag, flaunted outside professional life. or backpack in place of a briefcase. Telephone Manners: Hey excuse Excessive jewelry, jewelry making me we are Chartered Accountants clicking sounds, large or costume Perfumes and Scents: There is not tele callers!! But we need to learn jewelry should be avoided. Earrings nothing more bad than smelling of a because the voice on phone speaks should be conservative, small and rotten egg. Never forget to wear your volumes about the person on other above the earlobe. A small chain with perfume daily to keep your body odor side. It‟s always better to start your small pendant is good enough. Neck- away. The perfume should be light. It call as “Hello, ______ [name] Speak- laces should not dangle between should not be that fills the room as ing” If it is business call you cleavage, and bracelets should not soon as you enter it. It should be have to make its always better pre- make noise. Ankle bracelets that used for not smelling bad rather than pare for the phone call before you make noise should be avoided. One for smelling of Roses or jasmines. make it. Have a good idea of what important point to remember, when Wearing a perfume with very strong you are going to talk about. dressing in either business or busi- smell is not at all advisable. Make notes if necessary. When you ness casual attire is that quality is call someone, introduce yourself right much more important than quantity. Fingernails and Hands: Women away. One classic bracelet or ring, is better are known by the hands they keep, First, you should say a greeting. Sec- than an armful of bangles or rings on as they often use their hands to talk ond, identify yourself and your affilia- every finger. It is better to wear no with so they become a focal point. So tion. Third, ask for the person to jewelry at all, than too wear too much therefore it is important to have whom you would like to speak. jewelry. But all business women hands and fingernails looking profes- Exercise patience on the phone and l should at least wear a nice, conser- sional. Having half nails with nail vative wrist watch. paints is worst. It just take five extra (Continued on page 7) “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. “ - Mahatma Gandhi INSPIRE
  7. 7. ARTICLE Article on Business Etiquette for Women- CA. Sudha Bhushan (Continued from page 6) introduce yourself and your role. Once again it is fine offering only Please note in business introduction your fingers to shake hands in social let other people finish their sentence. is totally different from the social in- settings, but in business settings you troduction. In business we are profes- are an equal, not a “lady.” Extend Speak clearly so you are not misun- sionals. Introduction should be clear your entire hand, and be sure to derstood. Never eat, drink, or chew and confident to ensure comfort with grasp using entire hand as well. gum while on the phone doing busi- others. Avoid the urge to handshake with two ness. Speak clearly into the receiver. hands. It is always better in business Take calls seriously its leaving an Hand Shake: A handshake is more introductions to use only one hand – impression. than just a greeting. It is also a mes- your right hand – for the shake. The sage about your personality and con- use of two hands with strangers is Introductions: How we introduce our fidence level. In business, a hand- seen as intrusive, and too personal. selves goes a long way in helping a shake is an important tool in making In fact, a two-handed shake is called person make a first opinion about us. the right first impression. the “politician‟s shake,” because it Business Etiquette evolves around Before extending your hand, intro- appears artificially friendly when used the introduction, and how we handle duce yourself. Extending your hand on people you barely know. One of the introduction. Few points are im- should be part of an introduction, not the worst handshakes is hand shake portant: a replacement for using your voice. with wet hands. Avoid it. And also Extending your hand without a voice when you shake hands with someone Lower ranked employees must be greeting may make you appear nerv- who has sweaty palms, do not imme- introduced to the higher ranking em- ous or overly aggressive. diately wipe your hands on your ployee. In other words, as a show of clothing, handkerchief, or tissue. This respect introduces those of a lower A business handshake should be will further embarrass the other per- status to those of a higher status brief and to the point. Consider a son, who is probably already aware whether it that means a social or handshake a short greeting, not a they have sweaty hands. professional status. Business con- lengthy engagement. If a hand is held tacts and staff should be introduced for more than three or four seconds it To sum up the professional etiquettes to clients. It is very important to re- can make other people feel uncom- is all about the fact to present our- member the name of person intro- fortable. Hand shake should be from selves in the best possible manner duced to. One has to practice re- elbow and not from shoulder. The and representing our firm/company membering names. Exchange the idea is to connect, not be overbear- and values we have. Everything we Business card. Business cards are a ing. A handshake should be a friendly do and everything that we use great way to introduce you to a com- or respectful gesture, not a show of speaks volumes about ourselves. So pany or business. Don‟t just take the physical strength. An uncomfortable one has to very selective in choosing business card and put in your purse. handshake is never a pleasant ex- our behavior, words, and things to One should look in it and then may perience for anyone. A limp hand is use. be kept at a suitable place. never a good idea when it comes to a business handshake. Do return the Steps taken in introducing yourself in grip, but do not get into a power a business situation are common struggle, even if the other person manners. If there is new arrival, you squeezes too hard. should stand, offer your hand, and“ To make things happen the way we want, we have to envisionthe future, and paint a picture in front of the others of what wewant to achieve “ INSPIRE
  8. 8. ANNOUNCEMENTS 3rd WOMEN STEERING GROUP CONFERENCE ON “WOMEN -TAKING THE LEAD”THE CONFERENCEEVENT CONFERENCE DETAILSWomen Steering Group Date & Day: 21st November 2009, Saturday.of the Institute of Char- Venue: P. Brahmayya Memorial Hall,tered Accountants of „ICAI Bhawan”, No. 122, Mahatma Gandhi Road,India is organizing its Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 0343rd Womens Confer-ence on “WOMEN- REGISTRATION INFORMATIONTAKING THE LEAD”which is being hosted Conference registration:by SIRC of ICAI on 21stNovember 2009 in Registration will begin from 1st November 2009 to 18th November 2009 between 1000Chennai. hours to 1730 hours at SIRC of ICAI, „ICAI Bhawan”, No. 122, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034This shall be a day longconference that seeks All timing is according to Indian Standard Time (IST).to empower, motivate,and inspire women to PARTICIPATION:live up to your full po- Total number of seats is limited to 100.tential and make their Entry is only through registration.dreams come true. It is Registration shall be on first come basis.our passion in this con-ference to rally women Complete details are available at www.icai.orgleaders, communityleaders, visionaries and CONFERENCE FEEwomen from all walks of For Women Chartered Accountants Rs. 500life in the nation to For Women Students Rs. 350share perspectives, ex- For Women Non Members Rs. 550perience transformationand cultivate lasting PAYMENT OPTIONSlegacies. Cheque/ Demand Draft Drawn in favor “SIRC of ICAI” payable at Chennai. CONTACT FOR REGISTRATION CA. Priya Bhansali 09442635213 CA. S. Rajeshwari 09841024530 CA. Ruchika Bachchani 011-30110403 CA. Shalini Jindal 011-30110490 INSPIRE
  9. 9. ANNOUNCEMENTS “INSPIRING TODAY, FOR TOMORROW” All India Mega Conference of Women Steering Group of ICAI Coinciding with the ICAI‟s Corporate Forum, Women Steering Group of ICAI is organizing an All India Mega Conference on the theme “Inspiring Today, For Tomorrow” on 30th January 2009 in Mumbai, to emphasize the importance of women obtaining the CA credential and highlighting the flexibility and various career paths of the accounting profession. Session topics will focus on the importance of net- working and mentoring. Professionals with an array of expertise in public accounting, private industry, and academia will take part in discussion forums and give presentations focusing on the development of strong leadership skills. The theme “Inspiring Today, For Tomorrow” emphasizes the opportunities the profession provides, and confirms the Institutes commitment to attracting female talents to a profession vital to the worlds economy. The conference will focus on teaching women life-coping strategies to manage stress, con- duct career planning, as well as develop positive relationships and mental health awareness. In addi- tion to bringing together women of all lifestyles to develop a network of communication, the confer- ence proposes to increase the awareness of the resources available to women, demonstrate support for issues of concern and enhance awareness of how women can improve their quality of life. The All India Conference will serve as the flagship event for the Women Steering Group. WSG is holding this conference for the first time in the Diamond Jubilee Year of ICAI which will draw participa- tion from all over the country. The Conference will offer a wide variety of session formats, including panel sessions, special symposia, as well as various opportunities to networking. Complete details for the said event shall be hosted on the website shortly.Contact Us WSG Secretariat CA. Ruchika Bachchani ( Secreatry, Women Steering Group CA. Shalini Jindal Women Steering Group INSPIRE