Modernized QA Process with Automated Structural Quality Gates


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Unlike a code-level bug, a system level defect involves interactions between several components, often spread across different levels of an application, making it more difficult to find and fix.

And even though these types of violations only account for 10 percent of the total number of defects, they lead to ninety percent of the production issues — severely impacting software quality and technical debt.

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Modernized QA Process with Automated Structural Quality Gates

  1. 1. July 2014 Establishing a Modern QA Process Using Structural Quality Gate
  2. 2. CAST Confidential Significance of System-Level Structural Flaws Functional Structural Unit-Level System-Level • Inter-layer communication • Transactions • Data Access • Data manipulation • Coding basic based on best practices • Within one program unit 70% 30% 92% 8% ADM DEFECTS STRUCTURAL FLAWS PRODUCTION OUTAGE ATTRIBUTED 90% System-Level 10%Unit-Level “[CAST’s] holistic system approach, looking at the architecture, transactions, control, and data flow across multiple technologies, may be very beneficial, with numerous engineering studies showing that bad software engineering practices in the ways components are interrelated and interact…account for only 10% of total defects, but can lead to 90% of production issues. System-Level Quality Checks System level flaws cause 90% of serious service interruptions
  3. 3. CAST Confidential 2 Functional Testing is Not Enough Structural QA is needed to drive real improvement in user satisfaction and reduction of defects Statistics Source: C. Jones, O. Bonsignour, The Economics of Software Quality, 2012
  4. 4. CAST Confidential 3 A Sound Foundation “CAST is a very consistent provider, with very sound technology that has been thoroughly vetted. They deliver what they say they're going to deliver and are realistic about what they say they are going to do.” – Jim Duggan, VP Research, Application Strategy and Governance Structural Quality Gate Powered by Based on industry standards: STANDARDIZED SOFTWARE QUALITY METRICS SYSTEM-LEVEL CODE-LEVEL Based on Industry Adopted Based Practices