IT Apples and IT Oranges


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Every day CIOs are asked to choose between things that are seemingly incomparable, but now you have objective analysis and standard metrics to compare Apples and Oranges with CAST HIGHLIGHT.

CAST HIGHLIGHT is a scalable, cloud-based Application Portfolio Analysis service that requires no licenses, hardware, or outside consultant. Learn more at

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IT Apples and IT Oranges

  2. 2. Every day CIOs are asked to choose between things that are seemingly incomparable. Yet they still must choose between IT Apples and Oranges.
  3. 3. An Apple lover thinks their fruit is better because… “They come in red, green, and yellow.” “They keep the doctor away.” “They are crisp and sweet.” “They make a great pie.” “And they are affordable!”
  4. 4. While the Orange lover thinks their fruit is better because… “They are bright orange.” “They are high in Vitamin C.” “They are sweet and juicy.” “They make a great jam.” “And they are affordable!”
  5. 5. ? “Development said the latest release is all green.” “The system integrator said the upgrade is easy as pie.” “We can’t afford not to move this system to the cloud.” And every day CIOs make decisions based on subjective & incomplete information. “We need to sunset this system and move to the other one.” “If you give me this one little feature I can close my deal.” “The new ERP version has some sweet features we’ve got to have.” ? # $ ?
  6. 6. So how do you make the best choice? To make objective decisions you need a standard set of data and benchmarks to balance against all the opinions. 010101001010101010101 010010101001010101001 010101010101010010101 001010101001010101010 101010010101001010101 001010101010101010010 Facts and perspective enable objective visibility needed to make effective decisions. ? #
  7. 7. The food nutrition label provides facts and perspective. APPLE FACTS Color Red, green, yellow Skin Edible Health No doctors Taste Sweet and crisp How to eat In a pie Serving size 100 grams Calories 52 Carbohydrates 13.81 grams Fat 0.17 grams Protein 0.26 grams Cost $2.11/lb ORANGE FACTS Color Orange Skin Not edible Health High Vitamin C Taste Sweet and juicy How to eat As a jelly Serving size 100 grams Calories 47 Carbohydrates 11.75 grams Fat 0.12 grams Protein 0.94 grams Cost $1.17/lb
  8. 8. A set of data that provides standard assessment of size, definitions of good stuff and bad stuff, normalized costs, and industry benchmarks. What if there were a nutrition label for applications? How much more confident would you be in your decisions when armed with standardized, objective visibility into your critical systems?
  9. 9. Objective visibility into your critical systems is possible! BILLING NUTRITION FACTS TECHNICAL Production Risk Medium Adaptability Risk Medium Complexity Low Size 2.1 MLOC System Age 13 years Ingredients: JSP, EJB, PL/SQL, COBOL VALUE Criticality High Number of End Users +5,000 COST Number of Developers 18 Annual Maintenance Effort 8 FTEs E-PAYMENT NUTRITION FACTS TECHNICAL Production Risk High Adaptability Risk Medium Complexity High Size 1.2 MLOC System Age 8 years Ingredients: PHP, Java, T-SQL, VB.NET VALUE Criticality High Number of End Users +10,000 COST Number of Developers 25 Annual Maintenance Effort 5 FTEs Application nutrition label powered by CAST HIGHLIGHT.
  10. 10. Reliable analysis and standard metrics to compare your IT apples and oranges. Introducing CAST HIGHLIGHT Source code analysis that uncovers quality issues and vulnerabilities Insight needed to make objective decisions Rapid portfolio inventory that documents system characteristics
  11. 11. CAST HIGHLIGHT: Rapid Portfolio Analysis Benchmark your applications against other organizations Compare systems or drill down into individual system details View applications against standard size, complexity and health metrics Systems rated objectively based on source code analysis
  12. 12. When you can’t tell apples from oranges you usually end up with a bunch of lemons. CAST HIGHLIGHT is a scalable portfolio analysis service that requires no license, hardware, or transfer of source code. Try the CAST HIGHLIGHT demo today!