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Pivotel Satellite


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Pivotel Satellite Communications and Asset Tracking introduction.

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Pivotel Satellite

  1. 1. Australia’s leading integrated SatelliteCommunications CompanyPivotel is a progressive company that stands for delivering excellence in mobile satellite communication solutions.Their innovative satellite communication products and services help forward-thinking enterprises, organisations andpeople everywhere succeed with smarter communication solutions.With nearly a decade of satellite telecommunications history in Australia, Pivotel has been applying its expertise,technical know how and creativity to help Australian companies compete in the global market and to provide serviceorganisations with the solutions they require to meet their diverse range of communication requirements. 10 years, $85 Million Infrastructure Investment, 30,000 customers,
  2. 2. The Pivotel Difference Dedicated to every customers success: Pivotel works closely with every customer to understand the communication needs they face today. By providing expertise and the right product recommendations, Pivotel is a partner who understands an organisations needs and knows how to create reliable innovative solutions for the maximum benefit of the customers they work with. Trust and dedicated responsibility: Pivotel is at the forefront of delivering exceptional customer service by exceeding every customer’s expectation. We do this by offering the perfect balance between dedicated expert personal service, innovative products and competitive pricing. Our team of dedicated Satellite Communications-product experts can help with trusted knowledge, expertise and advice. In a focused effort to help meet customer challenges or demands, we provide the best solutions - at the best value.
  3. 3. The Pivotel Difference Dedicated Australian Support Call Centre Pivotel has an Australian based and manned support call centre. This dedicated team of mobile satellite specialists are trained to be responsive and to take full ownership for any calls or enquiries they receive. Customers find the service friendly, with no lengthy queues and extremely responsive to meet the needs of callers. Pivotel Satellite Voice and Data Services As Australia’s leading Satellite provider Pivotel can provide the choice of two mobile satellite networks for voice and data services- Iridium and Globalstar. Pivotel ensure maximum network reliability and minimum disruption thanks to our end to end monitoring on these networks.
  4. 4. A choice of Satellites Pivotel Iridium • Full global coverage, with Pivotel’s low rates right across Australia and the immediate 200 nautical miles off the Australian coast. • Outside of the primary Australian coverage zone your Pivotel Iridium service provides full global coverage at our international roaming call rates. • Lowest drop call rates in mobile satellite industry. • 66 satellites • 86o orbital planes at 770km • True world-wide coverage including poles • Inter-space switching – up to 4 hops before downlink, moderate latency • Smart satellites, Simple earth stations Pivotel is the first company to provide the Iridium service with Australian standard mobile numbers and affordable call rates.
  5. 5. A choice of Satellites Pivotel Globalstar Pivotel Globalstar is ideal for casual users, offering: • Competitive call rates. • Low cost hardware. • Better voice quality. • Simple satellite mode operation- turn satellite antenna up to get connection*. • 44 satellites in orbit • 2 orbital planes at 52o at 1313km • Coverage from 70o N to 70o S • Bent-pipe – no inter-satellite switching, low latency • Simple satellites , Smart earth stations *Currently a number of Globalstar satellites are experiencing an anomaly resulting in degraded performance of the amplifiers for the S-band satellite communications antenna. The anomaly is adversely affecting two-way voice and data services. Customer service continues to be available, but at certain times at any given location it may take substantially longer to establish calls and the duration of calls may be limited For more information visit:
  6. 6. Pivotel TracerTrakTracerTrak is widely used as a unique Asset or Personal Tracking device for Mining, Oil, Gas, Government, RemoteConstruction, Farming or other remote industries. Many asset management solutions are cellular only with limitedfunctionality.TracerTrak is a truly global resource tracking and monitoring solution designed from the ground up, by a leading satelliteprovider around cellular based solutions.TracerTrak provides productivity improvements, efficiencies and peace of mind wherever resources or lone workers aredeployed.Applications: • Remote Personal OH&S Monitoring • Remote Personal-Duress • Remote Asset Tracking and Monitoring • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring • Hazardous Goods Tracking-Road, Rail and Sea • Fixed Asset Monitoring-remote alarms • Tracking of Trailers, Containers and Rail cars • Capital Expenditure management and reduced insurances.
  7. 7. Pivotel TracertrakA satellite tracking unit is secured to their asset. This self contained, self powered satellite tracking unit sendslocation and alarm information across the satellite network which enables them to: • Receive automated ‘sked’ check in monitoring, makes manual check ins a thing of the past. • SOS emergency handling with GPS accuracy reduces search and rescue response time. • Track lone worker movements so in the event of a missed ‘sked’ the company has the recent location data. • 2 way messaging for the ultimate emergency visibility via email and SMS- ensures the best response • Can locate, map and track mobile assets throughout Australia and its surrounding waters. • Collect and deliver telemetry data from your remote monitoring solution - with or without mapping. • View and manage assets online through the secure, feature rich, simple to configure TracerTrak Console. • The system is hosted in a dedicated, secure off-site server facility with multiple internet connectivity paths enabling 24/7 monitoring.
  8. 8. Range of Products Iridium Extreme :9575 Handpiece-RRP $1499 GPS enabled satellite phone. •In built GPS •Dedicated SOS button •Supports “sked” check in reports •Ruggedised, rated to IP 65 •Standard mobile numbers from Pivotel Iridium :9555 Handpiece-RRP $1249 •Compact for streamlined portability •Intuitive user interface •Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability •Integrated speakerphone •Internally stowed antenna •Mini-USB data port
  9. 9. Range of Products Smartone-RRP $429 Battery powered satellite tracking unit • Housed in a compact, rugged enclosure. • Supports location tracking • Two independent alarm inputs. • Provides a low cost solution for tracking remote assets as well as monitoring external alarms. • Multi-year battery life, no external power source required. MMT –RRP$ 499 Long life satellite tracking unit •Low cost “place and track” satellite tracking unit •Long life battery and near global coverage. •Attached to assets and it will report the location and motion status of asses for up to 7 years. •Low profile and stealth design allows it to be easily installed without the need for harnesses, external power or antennas. SPOT-RRP $199 Personal Satellite Messenger • Compact-easily carried • Battery powered. • Supports “sked” check in. • Increased frequency of reporting while in SOS or help mode. Check out Pivotel website for the complete range of products and services.
  10. 10. Contact DetailsPivotel Pty LtdDion Castle0411 646 Nerang Street Locked Bag 100Southport QLD