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Flex route info 214


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Flex route info 214

  1. 1. INFORMATION ON ROUTE 214 NORTHWEST FLEXWhy Flex Routing? Traditional fixed route service – Fixed schedules, stops, routes – ADA paratransit required – Well suited for high density urban areas Traditional demand responsive service (“dial a ride”) – Door-to-door service in specified area – Well suited for low density / rural areas – Costly on a per passenger mile basis Flex-route service – Hybrid of traditional fixed route & demand responsive service types – Seen as an appropriate transit solution for suburban densities prevailing in Capital Metro’s northwest service area – Provides one service for all, allowing Capital Metro to offer a more efficient serviceHow Does Flex Routing Work? Bus stops and time points like fixed route - Bus stop placement originally guided by destinations, others may be added over time - Vehicle not required to return to route departure point but must serve all stops - Augmented by “on-demand bus stops” Extra time built in; don’t expect perfect On Time Performance (OTP) - Do expect on-time start, following timepoints, route familiarity, standing orders, review manifest in advanceWhat are the statistics for Route 214 Northwest Flex? 3 heavy-duty 25ft / 25 passenger cut-away buses (2 wheelchair capacity) Days: Monday through Friday Hours: 5 AM – 9 PM Frequency: 35 to 60 minutes -5:00am – 8:00am – 35 minutes (express trips from Lago Vista/Jonestown to ACC and Lakeline Station) -8:00am – 3:00pm – 50 minutes (full length of the route via Lago Vista/Jonestown/ Cedar Park, Cedar Park Medical, Cedar Park P&R and Lakeline Station) -3:00pm – 7:00pm – 50-60 minutes (express trips to Lago Vista/Jonestown and ACC from Lakeline Station) -7:00pm – 9:00pm – 60 minutes (full length of the route via Lago Vista/Jonestown/Cedar Park, Cedar Park Medical, Cedar Park P&R and Lakeline Station) Fares: $1.00 – Senior/Disabled - $0.50
  2. 2. 214 Northwest Flex Route Map(Stops have not been finalized)214 Northwest Flex Zones