I Spy: A Gift Guide for that International Man of Mystery


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A fun gift guide full a "spy" stuff from biometric briefcases to personal submarines.

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I Spy: A Gift Guide for that International Man of Mystery

  1. 1. I Spy...A gadget gift guide for that special spy in your life
  2. 2. This holiday season help that specialsomeone in your life do a little sneakingaround with these seven spectacular spy must-haves. We’ll just call you Q.
  3. 3. iWallet SlimPrice Tag: $500Using biometric fingerprinting this gadget keeps everything from money toforged identities safe. It’s made of sleek black carbon-fiber. Snag one todayfrom Neiman Marcus (http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/iWallet-Slim/prod151420013/?eVar4=You%20May%20Also%20Like%20RR)
  4. 4. Personal SubmarinePrice Tag: $2,000,000How else is your loved one going to reach the villain’s evil island hideout? Plus,if you’re in need of some couple time this personal submarine seats two.Maximum speed of 3 knots and approximately 6 hours of battery life.Available from Hammacher Schlemmer (http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=11726&promo=The-Unexpected&catid=1746).
  5. 5. Breitling Emergency WatchPrice Tag: $6,225This beautiful luxury watch can be just the right touch for a spy attending acocktail party, but looks aren’t all it has going for it. It also allows the wearer tosend out a distress signal with a range of up to 200 nautical miles, and it’s waterresistant to a depth of 100 meters. Source: www.breitlingemergencywatch.com
  6. 6. Jetlev R200 Flight System (Jet Pack)Price Tag: $99,500As a secret agent, you never know when you’re going to need to make a speedyget away - whether it’s a blown cover or a faux pas at the dinner table, this jetpack is the way to go. Not only is it quick, but its also a sophisticated and hightech look that’s sure to make all the other secret agents jealous. Available fromJetlev (http://jetlev.com).
  7. 7. Underwood Biometric BriefcasePrice Tag: $13,200This briefcase is the perfect option for when the secrets you’re carrying are justa bit too big for the iWallet Slim. Use it to transport stolen jewels, laptops withencrypted files, or anything else. Bonus: it’s available in multiple colors andexotic skins such as alligator and ostrich. Visit Pianki to get one today (http://www.pianki.com/Underwood-Biometric-Briefcase_p_2679.html).
  8. 8. Hidden BookshelvesPrice Tag: $1,134Every spy needs a gothic style mansion with secret passageways and hiddennooks and crannies. Disguised with a slightly disturbing painting this hiddenbookshelf fits the bill nicely. Purchase it from Ahalife (http://www.ahalife.com/product/294/hidden-bookshelves/).
  9. 9. 007 CasterPrice Tag: $500 (per caster)This caster is the perfect way for a spy to well, spy or rearrange furniture.These casters can be controlled from up to 1 mile away either by the remotecontrol or smartphone app. The screen on the remote as well as thesmartphone app allow the driver to navigate. Available for purchase fromCaster Specialists (http://www.casterspecialists.com/the-007-caster.html)
  10. 10. Want more?For additional great gift guidesincluding Fit For A King: ALuxuriously Manly Gift Guide andSanta’s Swag Bag: A Ladies LuxuryGift Guide sneak on over to theCaster Specialists blog.