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Understanding VOD


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The popularity of VOD platforms is increasing, but who are their users and what do they look for in the ideal viewing experience?

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Understanding VOD

  1. 1. UNDERSTANDING VOD Who is subscribing? The ideal viewing experience for VOD subscribers. What are their top concerns when accessing online video? References: 1. Accenture, ‘Digital Video and the Connected Consumer’ , 2015 2. Gfk Research,‘The Home Technology Monitor’, 2016 3. Nielsen, ‘Global Video-on-Demand Survey’, 2015 47% 36% 30% Cord cutters Cord nevers Total U.S. (switched from paid TV) (never had paid TV) initial time required for buffering or waiting to play a video video or sound stops playing, or is distorted during play don’t mind seeing ads in return for free content BUT too many ad interruptions, top concern among online video consumers 66% say majority of VOD ads are for products they don’t want Ok with ads! On a few conditions