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Typeface research for poster

  1. 1. Typeface research for postermasthead, text and creditsI have researched many different fonts for my postermasthead, text and my production credits which willappear on my poster, I have also taken my primaryresearch into account so that I can find the perfect fontas this is what the audience will see first and willsubconsciously remember. All of the fonts I researchedappeal to both male and female audiences so that mypublications can be more successful as more peoplewill buy them. I used dafont.com to research my fontsas they have a large collection of various fonts, to gaina better understanding of how my masthead will look Ityped ‘withheld’ to see a preview of the text.
  2. 2. Possible Masthead #1This font is called ‘Plane Crash’, while looking throughmany fonts this one caught my eye straight away as apossible masthead for my publication, it is bold and highlymemorable. Furthermore the letters are distorted as theyare patchy in some areas which gives the title adistinctive look and immediately gives a sense of how thefilm will be. Moreover this is a perfect representation ofwhat my target audience are looking for.
  3. 3. Possible Masthead #2This font is called ‘All Ages’, similarly this font is alsodistorted but in different ways, for example the letters arebold in white however there small black lines throughoutthe word, this makes it look as if the letters are crackedwhich is negative word and could show danger thereforeperfect for a horror poster. Moreover there is a blackbackground which connotes evil and mysterious, againperfect for a horror masthead, the black and the whitecontrast well.
  4. 4. Possible Masthead #3This font is called ‘Pulse Sans’, although not as bold as theother fonts I have researched this one is unique andstands out as an individual due to the fact that it looks likethere is a pulse going through the middle. The pulse issmall which signifies someone is close to death, thisportrays the horror genre well. Furthermore the fact thatnot all characters are on one level represents strangenesswhich is a typical convention in horror film andpublication.
  5. 5. Possible Masthead #4This font is called ‘Face Your Fears’, the characters looksmudged which gives the title a horror effect. Furthermoreeven though this font is not bold it is still eye catching dueto how unique it looks. Moreover as this type of font is notusually used on a poster it will give the audience a clearindication that the film is a horror film. Additionally this fontcould be easily edited to make it more creepy anddisturbing.
  6. 6. Possible Masthead #5This font is called ‘Shlop’, the characters look as if there isblood dripping off them, this instantly represents my genreto my key demographic and gives the audience a strongvisual look to how the film will be. This font could also beeasily edited by changing the font a dark red which alsorepresents blood as well as danger. The characters arebold and would stand out, however the problem with thisfont is that it is not professional enough to be used.
  7. 7. Chosen mastheadThis is the masthead I choose as I think it is most suitablefor my publication, Furthermore it stands out well while stillproducing the distorted and eroded effect I am after.
  8. 8. Possible textThis font is called ‘Coolvetica’, itis simple, bold and easy to readhowever the only problem is thatit does not portray my horrorgenre at all. This font is called ‘Steelfish’, I like this font as it is bold however the characters are not spaced enough and this can make it hard to read.This font is called ‘Designosaur’, Itis plain, bold and easy to read,this is the font that I will be usingfor any text in my horror poster.
  9. 9. Possible credits This font is called ‘Apple Garamond’ It is simple and easy to read however I have noticed in credits the writing is usually long and thin therefore this is not a good choice.This font is called ‘Edition’, the writing isthin, long and bold, this would be agood font however credits are usuallynot in bold as this would take attentionaway from the poster. This font is called ‘Movie Letters’, the characters are thin and long, they are also easy to read, this is the font I will be using for my credits.