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This is a quick glance at some of my projects. Visit to see projects in more depth.

Published in: Design, Business
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  1. 1. cassandre pyle GRAPHIC DESIGN leigh CLICK anywhere on page to view portfolio in book mode.
  2. 2. Famous for “ Everyone will be 15MIN ” - Andy Warhol Brochure | Book Design Poster Design Logos | Identity Web Design | Interactive Design To Do Designer Statement . Pursue various design opportunities I am a problem solver, a go-getter, a creative . Adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle energy. I can bring the mumble jumble ideas in my head to life. Company Branding . Build up my own Mid-Century My design process relates to the song “Consequence of Sound” Modern furniture collection by Regina Spektor. I’m inspired by nature, fashion, and music. Motion Graphics | Animation . Travel and photograph the world I admire the designers in my day-to-day life, furniture designers, Charles and Ray Eames, and fashion designer Marc Jacobs and Packaging Design Zac Posen. I enjoy watching my Netflix movies, listening to upcoming musical artists, taking a gazillion pictures with my To See digital camera, and looking up artsy things on the internet. Typography | Typeface Exploration . Rome, Greece, and Ireland I am a designer! . see musical artists: Rilo Kiley & Regina Spektor . New York Fashion Week Stationery Systems Printmaking (relief & silkscreen) Digital Photography (Request Examples) Freelance (Request Examples)
  3. 3. Fall 2006 Summer 2008 Fall 2007 . 3.5 month internship at infuz, St. . fundamentals in interactive multimedia design . art & design intro to graphics Louis, MO . visual communication design studio . visual communication computing 1 . design history 1800 - present Fall 2008 / / Spring 2009 Spring 2008 Spring 2006 Spring 2007 . packaging design and poster design . relief printmaking . art & design fundamental drawing . visual communications design studio . visual communication professional practice . web design for visual communication design . art & design fundamental 2-D design . art history since 1400 . printmaking | silk-screen . visual communications design . art & design fundamental 3-D design . visual communication computing 2 . the history of photography studio with emphasis on book design
  4. 4. wash wear carry so e wear & wash Product Identity & 1 of 12 Packaging Designs Title: Product Identity & Packaging Project Description: For this packaging problem, SOLE shoes asked for a design that was as “green” as their product. The solution was a multi-purpose folding tote that would house the shoes at point-of -purchase. Since washing your shoes extends the life of the shoes, the tote also serves as a container in which to wash the shoes. The tote conserves the use of plastic bags that are used to carry items home after purchase by providing the consumer with a handle for carrying. The tote may also be used as a hanging storage container for your closet, perfect for small spaces. Following the idea of simplicity, the SOLE icon and logo were designed to be as minimal as possible. The shape of the icon was created based on the curves suggested in leaves and water droplets. This particular typeface was chosen because the type characteristics are minimal and sleek. Circular icons were created to even further the understanding of the product with simple imagery. The colors of the logo and icons mimic the colors of the ground we walk on and the environment that surrounds us. School | Company | Organization: Purdue University (Spring 2009)
  5. 5. out L lau h l nc O ch n lau ut 2 l o O2L 2 of 12 LAUNCH OUT 2 out 2 launch identity project Title: Identity for Out 2 Launch Project Description: This identity was for an emerging company that helps individuals launch their new products onto the shelves. After several rounds of sketching and refinement, a final logo design was developed. An icon was incorporated into the logo that can also be used, as it’s own identity. The colors and design were chosen based on ™ the idea that this company is fresh and professional. School | Company | Organization: Out 2 Launch (Summer 2008)
  6. 6. & ECO JOURNAL stationery system company identity e Title: Letter Combination & Logo Creation Project Description: This project combines two assigned letters into one graphic element. I was assigned the letters J & E and began to explore 3 of 12 ECO JOURNAL ways to combine the letters. The combination kept the integrity of the new modern living magazine the letters in mind in order to ensure clarity. The end result is an elegant symbol. After the symbol was developed it was integrated into a company branding project that later stood for “Eco Journal”, an environmentally friendly magazine that was created for this project. An alternative logo was option was created to explore all the different directions a company identity can go to produce different responses to the brand. ECO JOURNAL School | Company | Organization: Purdue University (Fall 2007) the new modern living magazine ee e
  7. 7. & ECO JOURNAL stationery system company identity 4 of 12 Title: Stationery System & Company Identity Project Description: This project was an intensive exploration of a company identity and stationery system. The company was created as a tool to explore a company’s collateral material. This project enabled me to understand the importance of a company’s identity that enhances the brand. A portfolio was created to display the developement process of the identity and possible collateral materials, such as a web site and re-usable shopping tote. School | Company | Organization: Purdue University (Fall 2007)
  8. 8. COLOR theories 5 of 12 Title: Color Theory- An Exploration with Theories of Color & Book Design Project Description: This project was an intensive study of color theories. The 24-page book examines theories from various color theorists including Kobayashi, Birrens, and Albers. The book itself was made with personal exploration of materials and book making processes. view all 24 pages by clicking on the image School | Company | Organization: Purdue University (Fall 2007)
  9. 9. BELGIO 6 of 12 Title: Belgio Typeface Exploration Project Description: This project was assigned in hopes to complete an Old Roman woodcut typeface that had missing woodcut letters upon discovery. The result was a completed alphabet with letters (k n l x y) included. In designing the missing letters, I had to keep the original characteristics and style in mind to make the letters appear as if they were part of the original collection. This project fueled my passion for typography. School | Company | Organization: Purdue University (Fall 2007)
  10. 10. POSTER DESIGN acid rain . text messaging . destinations 7 of 12 Title: Collection of Posters Project Description: The top two posters are social issue posters that were designed to highlight a specific social issue that I felt needed more attention. The first poster displays the negative effects of obsessive text messaging and how it is transforming our written and spoken language. The second poster demonstrates the negative effects 24in X 36 in of acid rain on our environment. Both social issue posters raise awareness and are calls for change. 24in X 36 in City of P alms FORT MYERS The bottom two posters were designed simply to understand how graphic elements can be displayed in poster format. Florid a These posters utilize full color printing as well as black and white printing. School | Company | Organization: Escape to the beaches of Fort IN FORT WAYNE INDIANA Myers, located on the Gulf of Mexico DRIVE STRAIGHT INTO THE DRIVEWAY in Southwest Florida. Here white sand TURN RIGHT AT STOP SIGN Purdue University (2007-2008) beaches stretch as far as you can see TURN LEFT AT FIRST LEFT VEER LEFT INTO PERRY LAKES ESTATES and the shore is lined with exotic TURN RIGHT ONTO AUBURN ROAD seashells.The city has an atmosphere EXIT AT EXIT 166 that is a little quieter and a little less MERGE ONTO HIGHWAY 69 NORTH hurried. You’ll enjoy ever moment you y TURN THE MUSIC UP LOAD DRIVE FOREVER AND EVER spend walking the beaches, swimming PASS LOTS, AND LOTS OF COWS in the sparkling waters and wandering DRIVE EAST ON STATE RD 26 the rustic beach towns. LEAVE THE VPA FROM WEST LAFAYETTE INDIANA Fort Myers Beach has a reputation for youthful energytop-notch beaches, , and family affordability great family .A beach, L ynn Hall Memorial Park at Fort Myers Beach is also a favoite among teenagers and young people. The centerpiece of the park, Fort Myers Beach Pier , is lled with shermen and local wildlife. The pelicans especially enjoy the pier, and every post seems to have its 12 in X 14 in 32 in X 40 in prerequisite occupant perched on top. The proximity of the beach to shops and restaurants gives it added appeal.
  11. 11. PROGRESSIVE CC TYPOGRAPHY C o o CC C flash animation C oC o 8 of 12 o o C o C o C Title: Progressive Typography Flash Animation Project Description: This project was developed and inspired by Froeble’s Animated o o Logic. Froeble coined the terms “ground” and “beauty forms” that are used to create this typographic representation of his model. C C This progressive typographic animation is based on a 2-D grid o C C structure. Typographic arrangements evolve from one arrangement C CC to another with elegant and methodical movements. o The animation pays attention to the composition and the way each letter moves through the space. Other important elements of the animation are the use of speed, the use of symbols, tweens, layers, as well as creating an animation that uses color theories to C oo o portray a message. A rhythm is created with color, speed, C o cc ccoc C and sequencing. c View mini animation file of portfolio CD C Request CD by e-mail o School | Company | Organization: C Purdue University (Fall 2007)
  12. 12. BANNER WEB flash Title: Web Advertisement for Purdue Convocations Project Description: This project allowed me to create an animation sequence for a real organization- BJM Danse of Montreal. Purdue Convocations 9 of 12 at Purdue employed the graphic design students to design a web ad for an upcoming event and the best design was then chosen to be placed on their web site. This project also provided me with the opportunity to explore storyboarding and the basic workings of Adobe Flash. 11.8 Seconds, 12 fps, 36KB School | Company | Organization: Purdue University (Fall 2007)
  13. 13. Yomato DRUMMERS of Japan flash animation 10 of 12 Title: Yomato Flash Animation Project Description: This project was my representation of Yomato-Taiko Drummers of Japan. This animation sequence uses the music of the drums as a guide for movement as well as graphic elements. The elements chosen were meant to represent drum sticks that hit the tops of the circular shaped drums. The colors were carefully chosen based on the lighting design that was present at the performance. View mini animation file on portfolio CD Request CD by e-mail School | Company | Organization: Purdue University (Fall 2007)
  14. 14. URBAN OUTFITTERS Website Re-Design CLICK TO YOUR ACCOUNT SIGN OUT ORDER STATUS WISH LIST HELP VIEW CART CLICK TO YOUR ACCOUNT SIGN OUT ORDER STATUS WISH LIST HELP VIEW CART 11 of 12 FURNISH & APPAREL APPAREL Title: ENTERTAIN SHOES SHOES ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Men’s Apparel Web Site Re-design for Urban Outfitters What’s New Graphic Tees Layers FURNISH & APPAREL APPAREL Shirts / Polos Sweaters / Cardigans ENTERTAIN SHOES SHOES Coats / Jackets Blazers / Vests ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Jeans / Pants Shorts / Swim Sale Men’s Shoes Project Description: What’s New All Shoes Sneakers Casual Boots This re-design project was an experimental project that taught me Slippers / Sandals Shop By Brand Sale Men’s Accessories the many facets of good and bad website design and layout. What’s New Bags / Wallets Hats / Scarves / Ties Belts / Watches Gloves / Scarves / Hats Sunglasses The site development started with market research and a site map Sale for the planning purposes. The end result is a web site which OUR BLOG OUR CATALOG FIND OUT WHAT’S NEW GET THEM IN THE MAIL portrays the atmosphere of the store and the personality of the LISTEN TO OUR PLAYLIST OR VIEW THEM ONLINE AND MORE 2008 URBAN OUTFITTERS DIRECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRIVATE POLICY. TERMS OF USE company. The re-design places high value on simple functionality CLICK TO for all levels of internet consumers.The images used were the YOUR ACCOUNT SIGN OUT ORDER STATUS WISH LIST HELP VIEW CART images present on the web site during the Spring 2008 season. FURNISH & APPAREL APPAREL ENTERTAIN SHOES SHOES ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Men’s Apparel View 20 per page 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... ( of 12) Home Men’s Shoes Sneakers What’s New Graphic Tees School | Company | Organization: Layers Shirts / Polos Sweaters / Cardigans Coats / Jackets Blazers / Vests Jeans / Pants Purdue University (Spring 2008) Shorts / Swim Sale Men’s Shoes What’s New NIKE DUNK HIGH CONVERSE PREMIERE ASICS ULTIMATE TIGER CONVERSE ALLSTAR OX All Shoes PREMIUM ALL STAR SUNFADED Sneakers $100.00 $60.00 $75.00 $42.00 Low Mid & High Slip Ons Casual Boots Slippers / Sandals Shop By Brand Sale Men’s Accessories What’s New Bags / Wallets Hats / Scarves / Ties PUMA BASKET VANS SKATE MID CREATIVE RECREATION NIKE DUNK LOW CL Belts / Watches CESARIO Gloves / Scarves / Hats $39.99 (SALE) $55.00 $95.00 $80.00 Sunglasses Sale OUR BLOG OUR CATALOG FIND OUT WHAT’S NEW GET THEM IN THE MAIL LISTEN TO OUR PLAYLIST OR VIEW THEM ONLINE AND MORE 2008 URBAN OUTFITTERS DIRECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRIVATE POLICY. TERMS OF USE HOME PAGE CLICK TO YOUR ACCOUNT SIGN OUT ORDER STATUS WISH LIST HELP VIEW CART FURNISH & APPAREL APPAREL ENTERTAIN SHOES SHOES ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Men’s Apparel VIEW CART WOMENS MENS APARTMENT Home Men’s Shoes Sneakers SALE What’s New Graphic Tees NIKE DUNK HIGH PREMIUM Layers $100.00 Shirts / Polos Sweaters / Cardigans Premium Nike Dunk hi-top with brown leather Coats / Jackets uppers and 3M reflective coated orange blaze Blazers / Vests Jeans / Pants toe strip and printed olive heel strip. Padded at Shorts / Swim the ankle and finished with a classic white Sale midsole and metallic Swoosh; contrast laces and Men’s Shoes lining; textured rubber sole. Imported. Spot What’s New clean. FURNISH & All Shoes APPAREL SHOES Sneakers * Fits true to size Low * Leather, rubber, EVA ENTERTAIN Mid & High Slip Ons Casual Boots select color quantity size Slippers / Sandals Shop By Brand Sale Men’s Accessories FURNITURE COATS & What’s New Bags / Wallets SNEAKERS Hats / Scarves / Ties Belts / Watches JACKETS Gloves / Scarves / Hats Sunglasses Sale OUR BLOG OUR CATALOG FIND OUT WHAT’S NEW GET THEM IN THE MAIL LISTEN TO OUR PLAYLIST OR VIEW THEM ONLINE AND MORE 2008 URBAN OUTFITTERS DIRECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRIVATE POLICY. TERMS OF USE
  15. 15. keyword search PURINA TIDY CATS MULTIPLE STRENGTH for your cast of characters. logo Learn Play! TIDY CATS Website Re-Design Our Products Litter Selector Tidy Cats Life Cast of Characters Cats in Action Play Time footer navigation 12 of 12 Title: keyword search 3 Web Site Re-design for Tidy Cats MULTIPLE STRENGTHfor your cast of characters STRENGH for your cast of characters PURINA TIDY CATS logo Project Description: Products As an intern at Infuz, I was launched into the web site design for Scooping Selector Tidy Cats. I was able to see most of the design process with this Conventional Silica project from brainstorming, building wire frames and site maps, FAQ Litter Systems Accessories to building out site comps. This site effectively displays Tidy Cats theories about an abundant lifestyle, and is user-friendly. The site also becomes an interactive experience as the user can customize their litter selection and learn which products are best Learn footer navigation Play! for their lifestyle. The user can also come to to look footer navigation up informative articles and even send and e-card to their friends. I also had the opportunity to participate in client presentations that allowed me to experience client-design firm relationships. This project made me fall in love with the interactive web design keyword search 3 world and all that it has to offer. MULTIPLE STRENGTH for your cast of characters PURINA TIDY CATS Tidy Cats Clay Tidy Cats Scoop Tidy Cats Crystals logo Visit Products School / Company / Organization: Selector Scoop Products Tidy Cats Clay Tidy Cats Scoop Tidy Cats Scoop 1 Clay Products Infuz (Intern Summer 2008) FAQ footer navigation Crystal Products footer navigation Breeze Products You may also enjoy Learn Play!
  16. 16. Contact : e-mail: phone: 260.403.5325 108 South River Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906 1826 Vanderbilt Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46845 CONTACT Objective : To constantly gain knowledge of the ever-changing world of graphic and interactive design and to eventually guide a design team as design decisions are made. Design Intern (May 2008 - August 2008) Experience : BLOG Infuz, Saint Louis, Missouri Responsible for executing the design direction in web, interactive design and creative branding Worked directly with clients and design team on a day to day basis Able to take direction and provide creative solutions in brain-storming sessions Worked collaboratively to design and implement a brand website re-design Maintained vital organizational and planning tools for company and client Provided unique design solutions while developing Web 2.0 interfaces Created brand identity for a new emerging company Freelance Projects Composed a newsletter for Designing Women of Chicago, Illinois (Summer 2007) Designed a billboard for Crazy Mascots of Fort Wayne, Indiana (Summer 2007) Designed an invitation for US Network golf outting (Spring 2008) Executed a collaborative website re-design for The International Group of Accounting Firms Worldwide (Fall 2008) Designed logo identity for Sage Yoga and Pilates Studio in West Lafayette, Indiana (Fall 2008) Highlighted Student Projects, Purdue University Obtained knowledge of website layout and functionality while researching and implimenting a mock re-design of Urban Outfitter’s consumer website (Fall 2007) Gained valuable knowlege of page layout for multiple page print documents while designing a 24-page booklet featuring intense studies of color theory (Spring 2007) Enhanced my knowledge of identity packages and stationery systems by designing a logo for a mock company and developing a duo stationery system (Fall 2007) Aquired knowledge of package design by designing and producing a soft good product that doubles as a re-usable and environmentally-friendly package (Spring 2009) Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Education : Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications Design with 3.67 GPA, Dean’s List Personal Information : Six years personal exploration and study of digital photography Maintains “A Design Mafia”, a blog for all creative fields and a source of inspiration Inspired by Mid-Century modern design, nature, music, and the fashion industry Constantly searching for opportunities to design and build my own furniture pieces Understanding of printmaking processes such as silkscreen and relief printing Evironmentally conscious and participates in energy saving techniques Weaknesses: Eames furniture, Reeses peanut butter cups, television series Pro Skills Relevent Skills Technical Skills : Photoshop Flash cross platform capabilities Illustrator Dreamweaver InDesign digital photography Microsoft Office References : Upon Request cassandre pyle leigh GRAPHIC DESIGN interactive & web design
  17. 17. Consequence of Sound by: Regina Spektor My rhyme ain't good just yet, My brain and tongue just met, And they ain't friends, so far, My words don't travel far, They tangle in my hair, And tend to go nowhere, They grow right back inside, Right past my brain and eyes Into my stomach juice Where they don't serve much use, No healthy calories, Nutrition values. And I absorb back in The words right through my skin They sit there festering inside my bowels The consonants and vowels The consequence of sounds ..)