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Media technologies used

  1. 1. Media Technologies Used
  2. 2. In Research and PlanningIn research and planning we used:
  3. 3. Google, Wikipedia & Bing• In research and planning I used Google, Wikipedia & Bing to search for facts about music video producers and directors and styles they created. We also used them to find existing digipaks and magazine adverts, so we could analyse them and decide what ideas we liked.
  4. 4. Youtube• Youtube was used to look at already existing videos so we could analyse past work to pick out techniques that were used well in music videos highlighting similar songs to look at media conventions in use. This helped us because it aloud us to take inspiration from the videos.
  5. 5. In FilmingIn filming we used:
  6. 6. Camera, Lights and Tripod• We used the camera, lights and tripod to film. The lights were used to make sure our shots were light enough, this was new equipment to us. The camera we had used before so we were familiar with the equipment. We were also familiar with the use of the tripod and the lights.
  7. 7. Laptop• The laptop was predominantly used for music whilst we were shooting. We were already familiar with the equipment. We also used the laptop to get up parts of our blogs to remind ourselves of planning and which shots we were going to use.
  8. 8. In EditingIn editing we used:
  9. 9. Fireworks• Fireworks was used to make our digipak and as I was unfamiliar with this equipment to start off with and my skills progressed through it. I used the tools in it such as ‘import picture’, ‘black and white’, ‘text tool’ and ‘fade’ on the digipak.
  10. 10. Photoshop• I used Photoshop to create the magazine advert. I had not used this software before. I used it to make the images black and white, add text, add shapes and lay images over the top.
  11. 11. Adobe Premiere Pro• I used Premiere Pro to create the video. Within Premiere Pro I used the black and white tools, the cutting tools, the audio tools and the
  12. 12. In EvaluationIn the evaluation I used:
  13. 13. Prezi• Prezi was used to create a ‘mind map’ style answer to a question in my evaluation. For this I had to import photos and videos, also I had to learn how to create paths and make my work look physically appealing.
  14. 14. SlideShare and PowerPoint• I used PowerPoint to create a presentation for one of my questions then SlideShare was used to upload the PowerPoint. Adobe Premier Pro• I used Premier Pro to lay audio over a video for my evaluation.
  15. 15. XtraNormal• I used XtraNormal for my evaluation. This was something I had never used before and I had problems with the computer pronouncing things correctly.