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Creative media 3.27.13


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Creative media tactics

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Creative media 3.27.13

  1. 1. CREATIVE MEDIA!Examples of creative media placements /executions
  2. 2. Brand Mashup• 2012 Mad Men collection was debuted on a NY to LAflight, turning the airplane aisle into a catwalk.• Included Mad Men branded napkins, placemats and evena special cocktail menu (of course) for the flight.• Passengers took pictures and uploaded to Facebook,twitter, and other social media networks.#BRMadLive Link to You Tube video
  3. 3. Augmented Reality Newspapers• Philadelphia Inquirer• New technology brings print ads to life• Future of newspapers?Link to You Tube video
  4. 4. Augmented Reality Experiences• Experiential marketing• Creating an experiencewith a brand• Creates social sharing /content• AppShaker case studies• Disney in Times Square
  5. 5. Puma & Pandora• Pandora launched a series of workout stations• 80’s cardio, hard-rock strength training, country fitness and alternativeendurance training.• PUMAGILITY, PUMA sponsored every workout station on Pandorathroughout the month of February• Pandora listeners using mobile devices or the Web will see PUMAads on Pandora’s workout genre tab, inside each workout station,along with PUMAGILITY banners and skins.• Audio ads played every hour
  6. 6. Burt’s Bees Billboard• Before & After billboard• Minneapolis was selected as the test city because ofits quirky reputation and cold, dry-skin-friendly,climate.• Billboard was affixed with post-it notes; 1,300, in fact.• Each piece of paper had a $3-off coupon on the back.• As each sticky note was removed, a new, glowingface was revealed• Link to video• Created by Baldwin&(Raleigh Agency)
  7. 7. Billboards• Design• Smells• Steak• BlueberryMuffins• Designed byBoone/Oakley(Charlotte)• Obie Awardwinner• OAAA CreativeCenter
  8. 8. Others…• Billboard recycling into bags• Cover tips wrap to ad• Stickers in magazine• Web key (jumpdrive) mailer