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Buying print 2.6.13


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Buying print 2.6.13

  2. 2. Reading print rate cards• Print (newspaper & magazine) use rate cards• Usually found online or forwarded by reps• Basis for price negotiations• Can go “off the rate card” – meaning negotiating a better rate• Rate cards provide circulation data, rates, color charges,production specs, deadlines• Newspapers• Per column inch pricing• Net pricing (does not include agency commission)• 6 columns wide, 21” deep (height)
  3. 3. Newspaper• Per column inch• (PCI)• # columns wide x# inches tall =column inches• Multiply PCI rateby total columninches
  4. 4. Newspaper• Color added on top of media cost• Flat rate or PCI color charge• Frequency discounts• Budget / Spend discounts• Additional negotiations• N&O example
  5. 5. N&O example• Half page BW• Column inches?• Cost?• Half page 4C• Column inches?• Cost?• Full page 4C• Column inches?• Cost?
  6. 6. Magazine• Rate card more straightforward• Gross pricing (always double check!)• Color sometimes included• Notice deadlines!• Our State Magazine example