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Expectations slide


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Expectations slide

  1. 1. WELCOME BACK!Ms. NeumannRoom 401Email: CNeumann@bcsoh.orgTwitter: @Neumann401
  4. 4. CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS“If you can’t say something nice… don’t say nothing atall.”•Be nice to others.•Listen when asked.•Clean up your space.•Do your work.•Be on time.
  5. 5. WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO CLASS?•Pen or pencil•Notebook•Binder or 3-prong folder (for all handouts)
  6. 6. WORK POLICIES•It is YOUR responsibility to talk to me when you areabsent.•Late work will be dropped one letter grade.•Plagiarism or cheating, or the APPEARANCE of is anautomatic zero, plus disciplinary consequences.•If you are absent on a group presentation day, youmay have to complete an additional writingassignment.•Tests MUST be made up within one week.•Daily work missed due to suspension, truancy, or CLCcannot be made up.
  7. 7. ATTENDANCE•Be here! You’ll have more time to complete classwork.•2 tardies per quarter- 3rd tardy is a detention.•Detentions: 2:20-2:40 (20 minutes)•If you do not serve a detention with me, you willreceive an office referral.
  8. 8. CELL PHONES, ETC.•Ask permission to use.•Absolutely NO cell phones, iPods, etc. during tests.•Computer labs: No food or drink out, treat equipmentproperly, stay on task.
  9. 9. HOW TO MAKE MS. NEUMANN MAD•Come to class really late every day.•Talk while she’s talking.•Constantly forget your notes/work.•Argue with her. Call her a terrible name.•Sit in the wrong seat. Don’t move seats when sheasks you to move back.•Draw all over your desk.•Don’t participate. Ever.•Throw things. Break something, or someone.•Complain and whine loudly when you don’t get yourway.•Start packing up before the bell rings. Line up at thedoor, or stand out in the hallway.
  10. 10. HOW DO I GET MS. NEUMANN TOLIKE ME?•Come to class on time. Start on working on bell workonce the bell rings to start class.•At the end of class, work until the bell rings.•Sit in your assigned seat.•Turn in work on time.•Listen. Raise your hand. Participate. Volunteer.•Be polite.•Have your agenda ready when you ask for a pass.•Try.•Clean up your messes. Clean up someone else’s mess.•Go see a BHS theatre production!
  11. 11. ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS(BEFORE YOU ASK THEM)-Do you accept late work?Yes, but you will be deducted points. All late work is dueby the last day of the quarter (except for tests).-Can I retake this test?You can do test corrections for half-credit.-Why can’t I sit wherever I want?Because this is Ms. Neumann’s classroom- not yours.-Can I use the bathroom, go to my locker, etc?If you have your agenda, yes.-Can I leave 5 minutes early?No.-Can you turn up the heat?I have no control over the temperature in the room- dressin layers.-Are we your favorite class/ am I your favorite student?If you have to ask- probably not.
  12. 12. THE GOLDEN RULE: