Unit 78 graphics for computer games, presentation


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Unit 78 graphics for computer games, presentation

  1. 1. Unit 78 Graphics For Computer Games, Artistic Styles Presentation The first ever game released was called Tennis for two and was played on an oscilloscope device as shown on the left. The graphics were obviously incredibly simple, consisting of blue lines on a graph, this was created in 1947. The games that followed held increasingly better graphics/gameplay and became more in depth and complex. In the 1990’s, games such as Wing Commander, Super Mario and Final Fantasy were released. Including multiple levels and numerous goals and available achievements.
  2. 2. Then in 1991, games like Road Rash, Never Winter Nights and the Legend of Zelda were released. The graphics consist with games released the year before; simple, basic, lack of diversity, easily understandable.In 1992 a year later games like Dune and Wolfenstein werereleased. Also once Microsoft had completed windows 3.1, one of thefirst purely combat games was announced and released, knownas Mortal Kombat. The popular game consisted of a scrollingbackground from side to side inside a fighting arena, the playerwould choose a character who would fight different opponentsusually in a martial arts form. The health bars shown depletewith each hit and when empty the NPC/player is knocked out. Then Sim City 2000 was released, more popular then its predecessor. The game offered a unique idea of controlling an entire city, creating and destroying buildings, setting up businesses etc. The graphics were greatly improved and showed a more intricate and detailed design than other games delving into the tiniest spot, a miniature world.
  3. 3. In 1993, shortly after Sim City 2000, an array ofdiverse games were released. This included the renown Doom games, and War craft, which became an online sensation for thousands of players. This also included games such as Tekken, which also became very popular, and fighting game Virtual Fighter. Both showed expansion and advancement on the game Mortal Kombat. Tekken focuses on character development and realism, whereas VF, focuses more on motion and fighting realism than graphics. As shown to the left, the bright block colours try and draw attention away from the square like styles and rectangular body shapes and show the fighting moves more clearly as the eye subconsciously follows the movement of bold colour and witnesses each attack or defence, each movement more easily. Though the characters in Tekken also move, but their motion is more fluid and in one move, unrealistic for a real life fight.
  4. 4. Then next significant changes in games occurred in 1998 when the most 3D games started being releasedmore, and the famous Rockstar games were founded. Intensely more realistic, Half-life was introduced to the gaming world, with great distances and 3D styles, with mountains leading off to the horizon, blue skies hanging over head, and a movable camera allowing the player to look at it all. Shown on the right is the Microsoft Flight Simulation, even more advanced, allowing the player a completely unique experience, to fly. They can fly around and view all sorts of different parts of the in game world, with more realistic backgrounds and objects on route, including bridges, towers and buildings, houses, enclosed water and boats and ships.
  5. 5. In the year 2000, the iconic Sony PlayStation was released with stronger graphics and more capability thanPC, including memory slots, for unlimited game playing saves for numerous cards, more games available for itand the controller giving the player a sense of comfort and direction.