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Gd02 collaboration agreement


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Gd02 collaboration agreement

  1. 1. BTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production – Games DesignUnit 67 – 3D Animatione6 Motion GraphicLegal and Ethical ConsiderationsCollaboration AgreementThis AGREEMENT, between the undersigned: thHereafter referred to as the “Collaborators” is made this 16 day of October 2012. A. BASIC TERMSName of Collaborator: Cassie CoyneAddress: 14 Paris AvenuePostcode: M3 5DQTelephone: 0161 793 6415Email: of Collaborator:Address:Postcode:Telephone:Email:Name of Collaborator:Address:Postcode:Telephone:Email:Name of Collaborator:Address:Postcode:Telephone:Email: B. DESCRIPTION OF WORK 1. We mutually agree to collaborate to create the following motion graphic tentatively titled: E6 Motion Graphic Hereafter referred to as the “Work”.The Contractual Provisions are attached and incorporated herein. All Collaborators must sign and return the attached provisions,which are an integral element of this agreement.AGREED TO AND ACCEPTED.Signature:Printed name: CASSANDRA COYNEDate: 16/10/12Signature:Printed name:Date:
  2. 2. Signature:Printed name:Date:Signature:Printed name:Date: