Game art year 1


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Game art year 1

  1. 1. Game Art Year 1 Internet research mood board
  2. 2. Ideas generation mood board
  3. 3. Extra information specifically focusing on the armour she would wear.
  4. 4. Final Idea of the character withdetailed explanation.
  5. 5. Top: Two roughideas of characters,what they look likewhat gear theywould carry, whatkind of tech theywould use.Below: Finalcharacter idea,different views fromthe front, from theback, from the side.Showing armourstyles, weaponscarried hair style,facial expressionsand facial and bodystructure and shape.Additionalinformation on Orenthe characters’brother to the verybottom right.
  6. 6. Left: Close up of previous showncharacter pose, and shown below anenvironment sketch of the worldshe would inhabit in the story.
  7. 7. Rough idea for character storyboard and a overview of characters that could beincluded in the story
  8. 8. Final Idea for Character Storyboard
  9. 9. Game Art Year 2
  10. 10. Study of a moth’s face close up.The piece was created using pencil originally then a picture of it was takenand stuck in the sketchbook so it wouldn’t smudge will all the excesspressure and graphite applied especially in the thicker layers put down forthe eye and the frills and antennae.
  11. 11. Top Three pieces of work aresketches of birds in flight and theside of an owl’s head.Bottom: Water colour study of anowl’s eyes, using pencil as a roughguideline first.
  12. 12. Left: Water colour butterfly completed in less thanthirty minutes.Right: oil pastel piece of a butterfly’s wing close upcompleted over two full lessons of an hour and ahalf.
  13. 13. Drawings of insects allcompleted in pencil.Each piece under fifteenminutes.
  14. 14. Manchester Museum insectsketches and the drawing of asparrow completed in pencil.
  15. 15. First biro study of the image of aneagle head.
  16. 16. Study of an image of a lizard done inbiro pen.It took around an hour to complete.
  17. 17. Top: Study of a shield beetle, done in charcoal.Below: 20 minute study of Conor Sherwin done in pencil.
  18. 18. Jason Shawn Alexander recreation,drawn in pencil
  19. 19. Jason Shawn Alexander second recreation. Materials used include watercolour and acrylic paint.Top: Extra creature drawings in biro and fine liner, taken from image research.Bottom: Added extra information on research of insects, reptiles and birds, their scales andskin, the way they move and fly, their anatomy etc.
  20. 20. Character Mood BoardTravels by multiple ways i.e. Plane and boat, off road vehicle.Friends accompanying her have their own skills and traits thathelp them.
  21. 21. Old fashionedattire andclothing can hirea team or has ateam of friendsthat accompanyher Explores the most dangerous places and has travelling experience and prowess with perilous climbs, steep or unruly terrain etc.An explorer maybe hires aship as mode of transportor owns a ship for her ownuse, self made.
  22. 22. Character Pose Ideas and rough ideas Character form and pose collection shown above in different situations both male and female. Initial sketch idea for my explorer character shown to the left. Soon after drawing I decided I wanted to create a Caucasian character instead.
  23. 23. Character development roughsketches of the shoulders up.Mainly focusing on facial featuresand hair styles and length.My favourite of the sketches which Ihave chosen to progress with is thebottom right.Below are some ideas of thedeveloped idea.