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Existing graphic novel background research


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Existing graphic novel background research

  1. 1. Cassie CoyneGraphic Novel Background ResearchA Contract with GodA Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories is a graphic novel by Will Eisner that takes the formof several stories on a theme.V for VendettaA favourite of mine. V for Vendetta is the story of prisoner V, a tortured, damned soul whoseeks revenge on is capturers and makes an historical change in politics as he does so,dressing as Guy Fawkes, both inspired and obsessed with him. He meets a young girl whohelps him in his underhand task to rid the world of petty, sly diplomats and murderers,leaving rare flowers upon their bodies when he leaves.From HellFrom Hell is a graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist Eddie Campbell, originally published inserial form from 1989 to 1996 and collected in 1999, speculating upon the identity and motives ofJack the Ripper.Batman Dark Knight ReturnsThis is the tale of a tortured heros twilight and his efforts to save the city he had once swornto protect from spiralling relentlessly into chaos. Batmans struggles with a new breed ofcriminal, the training of a new Robin, and his fateful final encounters with Superman, Two-Face and The Joker, are all woven together seamlessly to mark a warriors mythic rite ofpassage. A sinister and emotional plot, involving a superhero who is both revered and hatedby his people of Gotham. Unique in the way the main character is shown in more than onelight believably.
  2. 2. Cassie CoyneWatchmenA plot driven story, revolving around the fantastical world of superheroes and a dark plan tomurder super heroes.A intensely surreal series, relying on its sheer unique core to attractreaders.Buffy the Vampire Slayer Graphic NovelsThe popular franchise began creating comic books and graphic novels revolving around the surrealworld in 1998. The famous TV series only augmented its charm and increased the number of its fans.Most were interested in the show for its powerful, unique storyline, its moral values and lessons andintriguing plot and character development.CoralineA dramatic and enrapturing tale of a young girl who wishes for a different family and a different lifeand unfortunately gets what she wants. This story is a personal favourite of mine; mainly because ofthe enticing, immersive plot and deeply mysterious, creative characters and world.