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"Attend Technology Assisted Learning Summit to discuss how organizations are leveraging technologies to enhance the learning experience. Learn how to: Use Technology in Blended Learning for Customer Engagement & ROI; Create and Use Metrics that Align with Business Needs to Show Value; Enhance Engagement in eLearning; Incorporate Cheap, Viral & Effective Video into your Learning Programs; Become a Virtual World eLearning Practitioner; Leverage Social Media & Collaboration Technology for Continuous Learning; Successfully Build and Implement a Learning Portal; Consolidate Multiple Technology Platforms to Bolster Learning Capabilities;


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Technology Assisted Learning Summit

  1. 1. Register Before March 26, 2010 & Save up to $1,547! See page 7 Attend Corporate University’s powerful conference on… Featured Keynote Speakers: Technology Dr. Allison Rossett Professor of Educational Technology San Diego State University Assisted Learning Martha Soehren Chief Learning Officer Comcast Cable Charles Beckham Chief Technology Officer Sun Microsystems Lessons Learned from Companies that Train Best TM Adopt & Adapt from these winning organizations: • Cerner Corporation May 24-26, 2010 • Chicago, IL • Comcast Cable • Department of Defense • Amylin Pharmaceuticals Join us to discuss how organizations are leveraging technologies • The Nielsen Company to enhance the learning experience, including how to: • Sun Microsystems ✔ Use Technology in Blended Learning for Customer ✔ Successfully Build and Implement a Learning • Staples University Engagement & ROI; Portal; and • Wells Fargo Private Banking ✔ Create and Use Metrics that Align with Business ✔ Consolidate Multiple Technology Platforms University Needs to Show Value to Bolster Learning Capabilities. • Pitney Bowes ✔ Enhance Engagement in eLearning; • Classic Residence by Hyatt ✔ Incorporate Cheap, Viral & Effective Video into Co-located with • Vanguard University your Learning Programs Social Media for Recruitment • Eli Lilly and Company ✔ Leverage Social Media & Collaboration See page 7 for more information • Harley Davidson University Technology for Continuous Learning • MassMutual Financial Group …and many more! Connect with our communities Sponsor: Media Partners: | 1-800-882-8684
  2. 2. Who Will Attend Attend Corporate University’s powerfu l conference on… Chiefs, Vice Presidents, Directors & Managers Technology Assisted Learning involved in: • Learning Lessons Learned from Companies that Train • Training • Organizational Development Dear Learning Leader, Best TM • Instructional Design • Performance Today's internal training organization • Talent faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. • Human Resources Scarcer economic resources… a chan ging workplace… new business dem training organizations of all kinds ands… and advancing technology and sizes to rethink its traditional are driving internal role and how it adds value. As its responsibilities evolve, so too must the internal training organiza Why This Conference is a “Must” of operating: new structures, proc tion itself. New demands require esses, jobs and management syste a profoundly different way ms. Your presenters are seasoned professionals who Strategy Precedes Structure know firsthand what works and what doesn’t Internal training organizations are work – Guaranteed! chan training organization must have not ging their learning strategies to reflect today's momentous advances only a winning learning strategy to in implementation. pursue, but also a matching structure technology. Today’s Proven and practical experience is the basis of every to facilitate its aspect of this conference (many learned it the hard This conference emphasizes technolo way so you don’t have to) – Guaranteed! gy assisted learning strategy formulati organizational structure to administ on — and how to build a viable inter er the learning strategy. nal training You’ll have what it takes to provide continuous Far from changing for the sake of learning and training today’s knowledge-based change, the successful internal train purpose: to provide greater value ing organization reinvents itself with workforce – Guaranteed! to its a organization has to discharge for perf business partners. This conference deals with the specific tasks ever clear and specific ormance and results in today’s rapid y internal training You’ll have a “once in a blue moon” opportunity to ly changing economic environment. The conference speakers show you swap ideas with your peers from a wide variety of (based on their experience) how to systematically, purposefully, with unde organize these tasks so that you can organizations – Guaranteed! rstanding, and with a high probabili perform them ty of accomplishment. Learning is thinking with other peop ou’ll pick up invaluable tips and techniques you can le’s ideas. No one has time for cont you to “creatively imitate” today’s inuous trial-and-error learning. This start using the very first day back on the job – best practices with respect to tech conference enables (how to do it). nology assisted learning strategies Guaranteed! (what to do) and tactics MORE ABOUT THIS CONFERENCE … Corporate University’s TECHNOLOGY organization by tapping into the new ASSISTED LEARNING focuses on the value internal training organizations About the Organizer world of social media and a host of can add to the related learning technologies. Last year's Corporate University Wee Human Resources IQ k attracted 300 delegates represent to the tremendous interest in the subj ing ect matter of this spring's event, qual 200 organizations from North America and Europe. Due is a vertical market ified attendees are urged to register social media website Act now. Register yourself – and a as early as possible. team of key people – today! designed for sharing solutions between and among practicing professionals in the fields of HR and training. We are a subsidiary of IQPC, one of the world's largest, fastest-growing ce learning experien conference/trade show organizations. P.S. Maximize your hops! r how-to works by attending ou ! Sponsorship and Exhibition Jessica Druckman register today Division Director See page 3 and Opportunities Sponsorships and exhibits are excellent opportunities for your company to showcase its products and services to high-level, targeted decision makers attending the Technology This program has been approved for 46.5 recertification credit hours through the Human Resource Assisted Learning Summit. Certification Institute (HRCI). For more information about certification or recertification, please visit For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting the HRCI homepage at at this or upcoming events, please contact Mario Matulich at 1 (212) 885-2719 or 2 Register Today! Visit or Call 1-800-882-8684
  3. 3. DAY 1: Pre-Conference Workshops Monday, May 24, 2010 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. 8:30 Registration A Blended Learning Opportunities: Lessons Learned from Organizations that Train Best A blend is an integrated strategy for delivering on promises about learning and performance. Blending involves a do we pick from many? How can we do more than add online pre-reading to an instructor-led class? What are the planned combination of several approaches that might include time in a classroom with an instructor, coaching by implications of 2.0? Who is doing it and what are they up to? And of course, how does blending alter and a supervisor, documentation, participation in an online class, breakfast with colleagues, competency descriptions enhance our careers and responsibilities? and assessments, e-learning modules, online synchronous meetings, reading at the beach, reference to a manual, Workshop Leader: collegial relationships, and participation in seminars, workshops and online communities. Dr. Allison Rossett Just like the creation of a special meal or divine outfit, the dilemma is what to put with what and how to guide Professor of Educational Technology individual and independent performance. What are these rich technology options? What goes with what? How San Diego State University 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. 12:00 p.m. Registration - Lunch will be served. B Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration Now that James Cameron has shown the world what an Avatar actually is, this workshop will explore the impact Playing Games and other forms of Social Media. that virtual avatar-mediated environments will have on how we live, work and play and learn! • Articulate the seven sensibilities that differentiate Virtual Immersive Environments from other forms of educational and social media. During this workshop Tony O’Driscoll and Karl Kapp will provide a comprehensive and applied overview of their • Describe how organizations such as IBM, Ernst and Young, BP have leveraged Virtual Immersive recently published book, Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration. Environments to improve organization performance If you have been exposed to the 3D Internet hype, but you are not sure what to do about it, this Workshop is for • Identify the learning opportunities that could benefit the most the application of Social Media and Virtual you! No prior experience with Social Media or Virtual Immersive Environments is required. Immersive Environments. • Describe the four levels of the 3D Learning Architecture During the workshop, Tony and Karl will explain the basics of Immersive Virtual Environments and highlight where • Describe the eleven 3D Learning Archetypes and how they can add value to enterprise learning and collaboration. They will also share nine case studies from • Articulate the ten steps required to drive successful enterprise adoption of 3D learning solution early adopters who have applied this technology to improve organizational performance. Finally, they will delve more deeply into a 3D learning design approach and set of archetypes that are core to creating a differentiated Workshop Leaders: learning 3D learning experience. During this section, there will be time allotted in the workshop to apply what you Dr. Tony O’Driscoll, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University & co-author, Learning in 3D: Bringing have learned to building out a plan for your own 3D project a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration More specifically, following this workshop you will be able to: Dr. Karl Kapp, Professor of Instructional Technology Bloomsburg University & co-author Learning in • Define what a Virtual Immersive Environment is and explain how it differs from Massively Multiplayer online Role 3D: Bringing a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m. Registration C Making Training More Effective via Virtual Worlds: A Step-by-Step Approach on Becoming a Virtual World eLearning Practitioner Bringing eLearning into Virtual Worlds is challenging and rewarding. It is easy to think of it as only an immersive and • Creating your script efficiently and distilling it into manageable elements collaborative environment. But Virtual Worlds are also 3D animation tools. Think of it as an alternative to Maya, • When to buy and when to build your own sets Blender 3D, and Studio 3D Max for the rest of us. If you do not currently use a 3D animation tool, Virtual Worlds • Land introduction may be right for you. If you currently don't have the budget of both time and money to add 3D video to your • Audio discussion and setup eLearning, then this workshop may be for you. • Filing & distribution of your videos • Video tools including Flash (for Flash developers only) & non-flash developers You will learn to use virtual worlds as an affordable and fairly rapid development tool. And since you are using it as a 3D application, you don't have to worry if your users can access Second Life, Reaction Grid, or any other OpenSim You'll be given free access to virtual land to hone your skills after the conference. These skills are only as world. It's a great and inexpensive way to add interactivity and increase user engagement and retention for your valuable as what they add to your eLearning and how they impact your learners. eLearning should be fun eLearning and also a great tool for making presentations. to create and fun for the learner. To get the most from this workshop you should be familiar with Second Life, Reaction Grid, or any OpenSim-based Workshop Leader: world and have a laptop that can run one of those well. David Miller Learning & Collaborative Strategist In this workshop, we will cover: • Tweaking the virtual world viewer for eLearning performance Reaction Grid About Our Sponsor® is the worldwide leader in cloud-based workforce development and productivity with more than 50 million end users around the globe. Our broad suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications can fully automate the employee development lifecycle from pre-hire to retire® within organizations of all sizes, from the growing business with fewer than one hundred employees; to the global enterprise managing internal and external initiatives with millions of users in multiple languages.'s unwavering commitment to understanding client needs, goals and objectives allows us to partner with our clients to help them realize low TCO and high ROI. Sponsor: 3
  4. 4. DAY 2: Main Conference Sessions Tuesday, May 25, 2010 7:30 Registration & Coffee • Who is the teacher? Enabling active-learning in the new world of knowledge-consumption and knowledge-sharing 8:00 Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks • Transformation by way of Technology – Why is this so difficult? Building an adaptive culture, and approaches we may take 8:15 Opening Keynote: Consolidating Multiple Technology Platforms to Bolster Jane Dowd Learning Capabilities at Comcast Cable: Approaching Transformational Excellence Chief Learning Officer Martha Soehren and her team at Comcast found that having a decentralized learning organization Northshore University HealthSystem made it extremely challenging for learning to track its progress and more importantly, respond to the changing needs of the business. Consolidating onto one single platform brings many benefits – John Choma standardization, capabilities to deliver to a geographically dispersed audience, ability to reuse content Chief Learning Officer & VP, Professional Services and knowledge, ability to drive a more consistent learner and customer experience, and many more – Omnicell, Inc. but there are many challenges and problems they encountered on the journey. During this presentation, Martha will share her successes and lessons learned along the way to take the costly 9:45 How Web 2.0 and the Immersive Internet are Changing the Game in Learning guesswork out of your own transformation implementation and consolidation. The arrival of the web browser in 1993 has fundamentally reshaped the modern-day business • Building the business case for consolidation and technology investment landscape and redefined how work is accomplished in the information age. The modern-day globally • Designing a strategy and tactics for successful implementation integrated enterprise never sleeps as workflows traverse the globe on digital infrastructures that make • Developing and executing an effective communication plan geography history. • Driving short and long term measures for success Web 2.0, the second wave of Internet innovation is having a similarly ground-breaking effect on how Martha Soehren we live, work, play and learn. Chief Learning Officer While the first Internet wave democratized access to information, the web’s second incarnation is Comcast Cable focused on the democratization of participation. In a world where everyone has the ability to share information in real time, the learning function must change its focus from filling employee’s heads with 9:00 Using Technology in Blended Learning for Customer Engagement & ROI knowledge to tuning the network of expertise within the enterprise to the opportunities and issues that ROI will only be achieved if learning is effective. In the knowledge economy, technology enables us to the organization needs to address. adapt learning to effectively meet the needs of learner as they operate in their frenzied environments. It enables us to effectively fill knowledge gaps with content that achieves the strategic goals of the Join Tony O'Driscoll and Karl Kapp and discover the impact that emerging Internet technologies, like enterprise. More than ever, learning professionals will be expected to create a robust environment for Social Media and Virtual Immersive Environments are having on enterprise learning and collaboration knowledge-access through the creative use of techno-tools. Even relatively small organizations can and learn what you can do today to begin to apply these new innovations within your own succeed with learning technology and position it as a competitive advantage. During this session we organization. will discuss: Tony O’Driscoll and Karl Kapp • CAUTION: TECHNOLOGY - use only when effective! Authors of Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration • Success Credo: “Tech-Know” thy Customer 10:30 Morning Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall Track A Track B 11:15 Getting Started with SharePoint: How to Leverage the Technology to Support your Online Designed for Success: Hiring and Skill Building for your Training Design Team Learning Organization and Meet the Needs of Your Business Partners Peter Lynch and his team at AIMCO have found that hiring learning team members with atypical SharePoint provides a platform for learning organizations to more effectively and efficiently manage their work. backgrounds, such as marketing and design, have had a profound impact on the development of training SharePoint also offers web 2.0 capabilities enabling employees to share and manage information online and programs. Leveraging those skills, they are able to create training programs that have seen increases in offers a wealth of collaboration tools for geographically dispersed organizations to become more united. response rates, greater knowledge retention and even revenue generating opportunities. • Leveraging SharePoint to manage your Learning organization You’ll learn how to: • From folders and sub folders to Metadata, what’s the big deal? • Identify the skills needed to design innovative training programs • Extending the technology out to your organization • Design job ads and craft recruitment campaigns to build a successful design team • The impact of SharePoint on existing e-Learning • Use your design skills to create powerful content taxonomies • Electronic Performance Support Site (EPSS) possibilities • Incorporate ad opportunities and advanced design into continuous learning programs • Informal learning, blogs, wikis, personal sites Peter Lynch • How to customize standard SharePoint features and functionality Vice President of Learning, Communication & Organizational Development Bud Beets AIMCO Manager – Learning & Development Eli Lilly and Company 12:00 Using Avatars in eLearning Can avatars (character simulations) help engage learners? Some studies suggest that people react positively to The Nielsen Company: Creating a Global Community of Learning Professionals, Shared an online “personality.” Avatars are increasingly being used as imaginary coaches, teachers and role-playing Standards, and Collaborative Learning through a Grassroots Movement characters in online learning courses. This interactive discussion will begin with a success story about using At one point in time, The Nielsen Company was comprised of 32 different companies, which meant multiple avatars and video to change performance behavior. Join in to share your experiences and take practical advice training departments. Since evolving into a single global company active in over 100 countries, and back to your organization. employing some 36,000 people worldwide, it became evident that these decentralized learning programs • Determining the best use for avatars in your training lacked communication and consistency and resulted in duplication of effort. The result cost the company • Designing characters based upon your audience unnecessary time and money and resulted in a complex and inconsistent learner experience. Leveraging • Incorporating “human elements” & role playing technology in a grassroots movement, The Nielsen Company has transformed global learning into a consistent 4 Register Today! Visit or Call 1-800-882-8684
  5. 5. • Sourcing “off-the-shelf”, cost-effective software for character building learner experience while leveraging resources. Join this interactive session to learn how to replicate this • Tracking the results: Was the delivery method effective? movement for your organization. Kevin Linehan • Organizing your “grassroots” learning campaign Instructional Design & Development Coordinator • Leveraging already existing technology for inexpensive & effective collaboration excelleRx, Inc., An Omnicare Company • Overcoming expected & unexpected challenges • Exploring the results Amy Dreher Vice President, Strategy Learning Initiatives The Nielsen Company 12:45 Networking Luncheon 2:00 Will they Stay or Will they Stray? Strategies to Enhance Engagement in E-Learning Despite recent advances in cognitive science and media based learning, people tune out and drop out in large numbers, especially in asynchronous environments. And even if they are there in the virtual classroom, there are problems with lack of attention. Are they involved or are they doing email? Let’s look at what the literature says, and at best practices and examples, to tease out the essentials of engagement in e-learning. We’ll focus on contemporary practices for attracting, riveting and holding online participants. Dr. Allison Rossett Professor of Educational Technology San Diego State University 2:45 Laying the Groundwork for Mobile Learning Low Technology & High Creativity: Disseminating Performance Support and Training With over 3,000 agents in 40 different markets, ZipRealty has seen a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on through Mobile Technology emerging learning technologies, especially mobile learning tools. Andrew ShamRao and his team have learned Mobile Learning (mLearning) allows professionals to gather the tools and knowledge they need “on the go” as that while it’s easy to get swept away by the technology, successful foundational design paves the way for opposed to being trained weeks in advance and letting the information slip away. Additionally, mLearning technology to work its magic. During this session, we will discuss how to lay the groundwork for mobile provides a great opportunity for organizations requiring travel to capitalize on the downtime that is involved. learning. Therefore, customer facing businesses and organizations that rely heavily on a mobile workforce will benefit from Join this session to learn how to: mLearning technologies. While it may seem daunting and extremely costly, Jan Easley and Jennifer Jageler have • Integrate effective information architecture & content design proved that it takes relatively low technology, but very high creativity. They’ll walk you through the steps that their • Build the skills of your staff around technology team took at a large financial organization and share the results. You’ll leave this session with a business case and • Source mLearning technology ideas of how to implement a similar solution with minimal expenditure in your organization. They will discuss: Andrew ShamRao • Conducting an initial pilot to understand what technology will work within your network Vice President, Learning & Development • Creating a performance support tool built to work on the blackberry ZipRealty • Incorporating scenario based training tools onto mobile devices • Integrating knowledge resources onto mobile devices Jan Easley Vice President Wells Fargo Private Banking University Jennifer Jageler Vice President Wells Fargo Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management - Learning & Awareness 3:30 Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall featuring The Brilliance Bar Have questions? We’ve got answers. Providing you with a new tool to solve today’s most critical challenges… Step up to our Brilliance Bar! There’s no question too big or small. The Brilliance Bar will be staffed with members of our speaker faculty and advisory board who will make themselves available during specific breaks to offer advice to your most pressing concerns. The Brilliance Bar provides you with an additional opportunity to ask the questions that are left outstanding after the sessions have concluded. 4:15 The Hitchhikers Guide to the New Learning Ecosystem: The Role of Learning 5:00 Panel Discussion: Getting the Maximum Value from your Technology Investment Leaders in a Social Media World by Effectively Marketing to your Audience Sun Microsystems, like many corporations, is facing mounting pressure to increase training at the same There is no “one-size fits all” learning model that works for your entire audience. With different time that training budgets are being slashed and the time available to employees for formal learning is personalities and learning styles in the workplace, it’s not only important to ensure you are using the being reduced. Learners have been leading the revolution to take control of their environment through right delivery method, but it’s even more important that you have their buy-in and support. No matter social networking and informal learning. The LMS is no longer the central player in the Learning Domain. how many solutions you offer, if your audience is using the wrong one or don’t even know they exist, Traditional Instructional design is no longer the only game in town in Learning. User generated learning is you are failing. ROI from any learning initiative can only be achieved if people are excited, using and increasingly becoming a large part of a Learning ecosystem. What is the role of the learning function in encouraging others to use the tools that you are providing them with. This is easier said than done. the new ecosystem? What is the role of social networks and informal learning in the new Learning Join this interactive panel discussion to learn from your peers – listen to their success stories and failures Ecosystem? How does peer-peer learning augment and integrate with a structured curriculum and – to bring an effective learning marketing strategy back to your organization. Learning Management system? What does skill assessment look like in the new Learning Ecosystem? Debbie Rocco This session will ignite your imagination on the power of the New Learning Ecosystem. Learn how to Chief Learning Officer leverage the new Learning Ecosystem in your learning domain. Our learning objectives will be to: Amylin • Describe the New Learning Ecosystem and associated components • Describe the importance of the learning function in this new Ecosystem Brad Dexter • Describe how peer-peer learning can augment and integrate with a structured curriculum and Manager - Learning and Organizational Development Learning Management system Classic Residence by Hyatt Charles Beckham Raymond Stevens Chief Technology Officer Director Sun Microsystems Staples University Maria Jacaruso-Hamel Sponsor: Director, USIG Learning & Performance - Center of Excellence 5 MassMutual Financial Group
  6. 6. DAY 3: Main Conference Sessions Wednesday, May 26, 2010 7:45 Registration & Coffee office for 2 weeks for jam packed training sessions. Proven to be both expensive and not effective, they swung the pendulum the opposite way and created an eLearning onboarding program. After they found 8:00 Chairperson’s Recap of Main Conference Day One this program unsustainable due to lack of motivation, they swung the pendulum half way back and ended up with an onboarding program set up in a virtual world. The results speak volumes – sustainable, 8:15 Learning on the Edge: Leveraging Social Media & Collaboration Technology for effective, and economical. Mike will walk you through his trials, tribulations and success, sharing results Continuous Learning and invaluable practical advice to take this program – or parts – back to your organization. Social media and technology assisted learning tools solve the age old problem of reducing time between Mike Petersell innovation and large scale adoption. Cerner Corporation is on the cutting edge of these technologies and Director, Management CLP has created a collaboration platform leveraging wikis, video, groups, profiles, discussions, and blogs. In Pitney Bowes addition Cerner uses standard social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Cerner has transformed its learning program using the 70/20/10 Model where 70% is informal, 20% coached & 9:45 Morning Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall featuring The 10% formal. The results speak volumes and their efforts have generated not only a continuous learning Brilliance Bar dialogue among employees, but also clients and the healthcare community at large. Have questions? We’ve got answers. Providing you with a new tool to solve today’s most Robert Campbell critical challenges… Vice President & Chief Learning Officer Cerner Corporation Step up to our Brilliance Bar! There’s no question too big or small. The Brilliance Bar will be staffed with members of our 9:00 When the Pendulum Swings: Converting Trials & Tribulations into Success by speaker faculty and advisory board who will make themselves available during specific breaks to Using a Virtual Onboarding Program offer advice to your most pressing concerns. The Brilliance Bar provides you with an additional Mike Petersell and his learning team at Pitney Bowes were presented with a challenge to revamp their opportunity to ask the questions that are left outstanding after the sessions have concluded. traditional onboarding experience – a residential ILT program where all new hires were flown into a central Track A Track B 10:30 Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Enterprise Learning and Collaboration How to Successfully Build and Implement a Learning Portal: A Case Study of Vanguard Virtual worlds – Second Life, OpenSim, Kaneva and many more – have the potential to dramatically alter the way University organizations communicate, share information and learn. Virtual worlds can offer many benefits including collaborative Our industry is faced with a challenge. How do we aggregate and serve both formal and informal learning to our work projects, education and training across organizational boundaries, continuity of operations, 3D representation of audiences at the point of need. This was the challenge Vanguard faced and we developed a new learning portal to objects – not to mention, they’re quite fun and entertaining! However, organizations must consider the challenges such meet that need. This session will focus on the challenges faced to implement a learning portal, what we learned to as learning curves, costs, and security issues. During this session we will explore tactics and strategies to: create a successful learning portal, as well as how we envision the learning portal evolving in the future. Takeaways: • Build the business case for virtual worlds • See how the learning portal is aggregating all learning at Vanguard • Overcome security issues by adopting a specialized, enterprise solution • Learn requirements for successfully building and implementing a learning portal • Use virtual worlds for information delivery, meetings and conferences, education and training, rapid • Learn the critical functionality requested by our crew prototyping and analytical work spaces • Discuss the evolution of the learning portal to further support crew development • Storyboard the information Michael Smith • Use technology such as Windows Movie Maker and virtual worlds to build programs Manager of Creative Learning Services • Distribute & circulate the videos via podcast Vanguard University David Miller Learning & Collaborative Strategist Reaction Grid 11:15 Incorporating Cheap, Viral & Effective Video into your Learning Programs Nielsen Scholastic Services: Creating an Online Curriculum for Future Employees Peter Lynch and his team at AIMCO have seen the power of video to increase engagement and ultimately Have you leveraged an online learning platform for your internal employees? Have you since extended this produce greater communications and training results. Historically, video has been seen as a time intensive platform to clients and partners? What about going one step further, and reaching out to future employees? The process to produce and not very viable due to bandwidth constraints. Well, the game has changed. Come to Nielsen Company has proven that this is possible with the introduction of its Nielsen Scholastic Services program. this exciting session where you will learn how you can leverage video for a very low investment and much With minimal cost investment, they’ve been able to reach out to university professors and students in an effort to sooner than you thought possible. Join this interactive session to learn how to: cultivate future leaders before they even complete their college degrees and begin their job search, helping to • Source & use cost-effective video equipment make The Nielsen Company a career destination choice. Learn how you can apply this model in your company. • Leverage & use technology products such as YouTube and Google • Creating the model and establishing a marketing plan • Blog within your network and integrate SharePoint Technologies • Identifying reusable content • Partnering with other university outreach efforts Peter Lynch Amy Dreher Vice President of Learning, Communication & Organizational Development Vice President, Strategy Learning Initiatives AIMCO The Nielsen Company 12:00 Networking Luncheon 1:15 Panel Discussion: Exploring the Next Generation of Learning Technology Solutions Peter Lynch and his team at AIMCO have seen the power of video to increase engagement and ultimately produce greater communications and training results. Historically, video has been seen as a time intensive process to produce and not very viable due to bandwidth constraints. Well, the game has changed. Come to this exciting session where you will learn how you can leverage video for a very low investment and much sooner than you thought possible. Join this interactive session to learn how to: • Source & use cost-effective video equipment • Leverage & use technology products such as YouTube and Google • Blog within your network and integrate SharePoint technologies 6 Register Today! Visit or Call 1-800-882-8684
  7. 7. 2:00 Beyond the Classroom – Choosing the Optimum Blend of Tools, Strategies, and Techniques for “Formal” AND “Informal” Learning While the “art and science” of how to choose and use the various learning modalities to solve today’s training problems is challenging enough, add into the equation that an estimated 80% of learning in the workplace is “informal” and you can quickly realize that there is a real need for instructional designers to be able to expand their palette of tools and techniques to fully address their customer’s training and support requirements. In addition, many of the customers view “formal learning” as the sole answer to their training requirements and are unaware of the value and role that “informal learning” elements can provide as an integral part of an overarching blended learning solution. This session is geared to provide training professionals with best practices and approaches (including a hands-on job aid routed in sound pedagogical principles) in determining the “what,” “why,” “where,” and “when” for employing an optimum blended of formal and informal learning and support strategies. Elements of the job-aid will also serve as a communication tool to gain customers (who are sponsoring the design and development of the various learning interventions) an understanding and “buy-in” of the proposed solution(s). Deborah Wharff, Technology Director, Department of Defense Daniel Fox, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton 2:45 Revving Up the Translation Engine at Harley Davidson University: How Technology can Determining the Appropriate Delivery Method for a Diverse Audience Assist in Global Learning Initiatives A major challenge every learning organization faces is meeting the training needs of a diverse and geographically Global training programs are not only cost effective, but also allow companies to have learning standards. dispersed audience. After all, learners range from C-suite executives through hourly employees, all with inherent While there are many benefits, companies are presented with the unique challenge of providing training that generational and cultural differences. While content does not need to be replicated in every scenario, it’s critical to speaks multiple languages. By leveraging technology, Harley Davidson University with a presence now in 12 use the most effective delivery method for the information. Join this interactive discussion with Tom Barr, Ph.D., long different countries, is able to record a single training program and disseminate it to all other locations. The time learning specialist and technology learning portfolio manager with Motorola and Motorola University and now technology has significantly reduced cost and the complexity around translations. Join this interactive Knowledge Manager with software powerhouse Enablon – to bring an effective learning delivery strategy back to presentation to learn how to: your organization. At the end of this session, you'll learn helpful techniques in how training professionals can • Establish a culturally right context • adopt strategies that attract learners • Create a visually engaging learning experience • demonstrate true value to their organizations • Combine XML with the “Power of the Pause” to eliminate shifting timelines to accommodate languages • make optimal use of learning venues Kyle Swanson • keep focused Program Manager Tom Barr Harley Davidson University Knowledge Manager Enablon 3:30 Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall Technology Assisted Learning co-located with: 4:00 Beyond “Butts in Seats”: Metrics Must Match Business Needs As learning leaders, we must look beyond historical, constrained measurements such as total number of learners trained, completion rates, and abandonment rates – to name just a few. While these measurements may be meaningful to learning & training departments, they are all too often meaningless to business leaders. Join in our panel discussion to debate, collaborate, and discuss how to use metrics that will provide the results that speak volumes to your business leaders. • Return on investment vs. return on learning investment Social Media Topics to be covered include: • Using Twitter for Recruiting Talent in 140 Characters or Less: A Step-by- Step Approach Recruitment TM • Identifying and measuring against project goals for How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile • • Sourcing effective evaluation and measurement tools and Network Mike Petersell Janet Verutes Director, Management CLP Director of Product and Learning Business Analysis • Using Facebook to Identify and Recruit Pitney Bowes The Nielsen Company Take the costly guesswork out of Talent: A Step-by-Step Approach Bud Beets using Social Media for your talent • Performance Measurement and Manager – Learning & Development acquisition needs & requirements Tracking Systems for your Social Eli Lilly and Company Media for Recruitment Initiatives May 24 - 26, 2010 Chicago, IL • Using Search Engine Optimization to 5:00 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference Recruit Passive Candidates The Social Media for Recruitment Summit is designed to • Creating Social Media Content that serve as a forum for corporate recruiters and talent Recruits – Working with Internal Registration Information acquisition executives to learn how to effectively leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for their organizations. Communities …and much, much more! Register by March 26, 2010 Register by April 30, 2010 Standard Price ALL ACCESS PACKAGES Conference Only $999 $1,599 $1,799 Silver Package* $1,399 $1,999 $2,199 *Silver Package Gold Package* $1,899 $2,499 $2,699 Silver Package-Includes access to Main Conference sessions for Technology Assisted Platinum Package* $1,999 $2,599 $2,799 Learning and Social Media for Recruitment. Workshops $549 each $549 each $549 each Please note multiple discounts cannot be combined. Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: *Gold Package A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not JPMorgan Chase - Penton Learning Systems LLC dba Includes access to Main Conference sessions for Technology Assisted Learning and all accompanied by credit card payment at the time of registration. IQPC: 957-097239 workshops for Technology Assisted Learning. ABA/Routing #: 021000021 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IQPC Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: 18684.001 * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6% sales Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches and refreshment. Your tax. registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. *Platinum Package Team Discounts: For information on team discounts, please contact IQPC Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684. Only one discount may be applied For IQPC’s Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy, please visit Includes access to Main Conference sessions for Technology Assisted Learning and Social per registrant. Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684 to Media for Recruitment and all workshops for Technology Assisted Learning. discuss your specific needs. 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