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Social Media for Recruitment


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"Social media is a way of life for companies today. As you know, recruiters both internally and externally are leveraging these networks and communities to source the talent they need whether they are an active or passive candidate. Tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter allow you to target the exact skill sets that you need for difficult to fill positions. With social media traffic so high, you cannot only recruit by skill, but recruit by geography and use additional tools to reach networks beyond their reach. The Social Media for Recruitment Summit is designed to serve as a forum for corporate recruiters and talent acquisition executives to learn how to effectively leverage the following tools for their organizations: • Blogs • Wikis • YouTube • Twitter • Facebook


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Social Media for Recruitment

  1. 1. Register and Pay by March 26, 2010 presents and SAVE up to $1,547! See page 7. Social Media Recruitment TM May 24 - 26, 2010 for Chicago, IL Take the Costly Guesswork Out of Using Social Media for your Talent Acquisition Needs & Requirements Featured Keynote Speakers: Lieutenant Colonel André Dean Chief, Digital Division, G-7 Join us at the Social Media for U.S. Army Accessions Recruitment Summit to discuss lessons on Command (USAAC) how to effectively blend this new medium with Betrand Dussert your existing recruitment strategy, including how to: Vice President, Global Recruitment Operations and ✔ Build productive partnerships between communications and recruitment in Workforce Planning developing your social media recruitment strategy American Express ✔ Improve your knowledge of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from global best practices Bill Canter Vice President, Media, ✔ Learn how to mobilize your recruitment message through grassroots mobile Marketing & Communications based strategies SOS International Ltd ✔ Manage Your Online Employee Brand through social media recruitment Tools Keith McIlvaine ✔ Drive ROI through laying out a clear blueprint for measuring performance and HR Global Social Media metrics Recruitment Lead, Global ✔ Gain access to passive candidates with tried and tested strategies Recruitment Operations Unisys ✔ Create content that recruits and targets the skill set that you need Hear Best Practices From Successful Launches of Connect Recruitment Strategies with our via Social Media by communities Event: Social Media for @socialmedia4hr Group: Social Media for Companies Such As: Recruitment Join the discussion on Recruitment twitter: #socialrecruitment • LinkedIn • Monster Worldwide Co-located with Plus! Don’t Miss The Comprehensive • U.S. Cellular Technology Assisted Social Media Interactive Master Class led by Learning! Jenny DeVaughn, CEO of Social Precision! • KFC See page 7 for more information! More Details on page 3! • Time Warner Cable • Booz Allen Hamilton Media Partners: …and many more! | 1-800-882-8684
  2. 2. Social Media Recruitment TM for May 24 - 26, 2010 • Chicago, IL Take the Costly Guesswork Out of Using Social Media Who Will Attend Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers with for your Talent Acquisition Needs & Requirements responsibility in the following functional areas: • Corporate/Independent Recruiting • Talent Acquisition Dear Colleague: • Talent Sourcing There's a social media revolution goin • Talent Attraction g on—which is why leading organizat heavily in using this new medium ions are investing so to identify and recruit talent. • Talent Strategy Simple truth is that Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn, YouTube, Mobile and the phenomenally successful. The resul like have proven ts (by every key recruiting performan astonishing. ce measurement) are Our Social Media: And have left little doubt, starting now, organizations of all kinds and media technologies as a key element sizes will be using social of their recruiting strategies & tacti cs. Now…Human Resources IQ brings you the two-day Social Media for @socialmedia4hr #socialrecruitment each of the key social media chan Recruitment Summit on nels. You’ll learn proven success strat recruiting top talent through the hotte egies & tactics for st online communication tools! At Human Resources IQ’s Social Med ia for Recruitment Summit you’ll learn best practices guaranteed to help exactly how to use you leverage the power of social med It shows you the all-too-common pitfalls and legal issues to avoid. ia’s unsurpassed traffic. Event: Social Media for Recruitment • You'll disco ver tools and strategies to use socia platform will solve your current and l media for recruitment and learn future recruitment challenges- Face which Twitter and many more! book, LinkedIn, • You’ll design a policy to alleviate Group: Social Media for Recruitment concerns that prevent you from laun forward—privacy, acceptable use, ching the initiatives behavior, etc. • You’ll learn how to market your socia l media program internally and exter social media as a toolkit for talent nally and use HCRI Credits Available engagement. • You’ll find out how to demonstrate the ROI of your social media programs This program has been approved for team. to your executive recertification credit hours through • You’ll learn how to police your orga the Human Resource Certification nization’s reputation in the online ensure a consistent message of your community and Institute (HRCI). For more information organization’s presence. about certification or recertification, • You'll learn about the best and most cost-effec please visit the HRCI homepage at your recruiting presence on these tive recruiting software to help you social media platforms. manage Social Media is changing the world of recruiting practices. Investing two Resources IQ’s Social Media for Recr days at Human uitment Summit could be one of your recruiting investments. most important Sponsorship and Exhibition Your company’s future depends on your ability to identify and recruit Opportunities that will drive business results. high potential employees Join today’s leading recruiting prac Sponsorships and exhibits are excellent titioners for two days of intensive opportunities for your company to showcase its networking. This event allows you learning, discussion and to share experiences and ideas with products and services to high-level, targeted well as to hear the latest contribut other professionals as ions from industry leaders. decision makers attending the Social Media for Act now! Register yourself -- and Recruitment Summit. IQPC and HRIQ help a team of key people -- today! companies like yours achieve important sales, I look forward to seeing you in Chic marketing and branding objectives by setting aside ago! Kindest Regards, P.S. Maximiz a limited number of event sponsorships and exhibit e your learning spaces – all of which are tailored to assist your experience by attending ou organization in creating a platform to maximize its to Master Cl r how- exposure at the event. ass and Work how to use & shop on measure Face Ania Krol Twitter and Li book, For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting at Sr. Program Director nkedIn! See pa this or upcoming events, please contact Mario and register ge 3 today! Matulich at 1 (212) 885-2719 or 2 • 1-800-882-8684
  3. 3. Day One Pre-Conference Master Class Monday, May 24, 2010 Master Class: The Comprehensive Social 8:30 am – 9:00 am Registration & Coffee Media Interactive Master Class Jenny DeVaughn 9:00 am - 3:30 pm Master Class Director, Social Strategy Bernard HODES Group Part 1: Using Facebook to Identify and Recruit Talent: A Step-by-Step Approach Take the costly guesswork out of using Facebook for recruiting the biggest talent pool of passive and active job candidates ever assembled! talent communities online. You'll learn about the best and most cost- Now... you can successfully equip yourself with the thinking, the effective recruiting software to help you manage your recruiting presence knowledge and the techniques of the world's most successful HR on Facebook. You'll examine in detail how America's best-run companies professionals using Facebook for recruiting. And you can do it quickly... maximize recruiting success on Facebook. easily, with a time-tested seminar that's been called "Simply the best, most Step-by step, the instructor shows how to find and attract ideal candidates systematic, well-organized learning program on maximizing recruiting for hard-to-fill openings. This practical, no-nonsense learning program efforts ever developed." contains a proven methodology to answer all your questions and exactly In this workshop you will learn exactly how to use best practices how-to get started and sustain your momentum. guaranteed to help you leverage the power of Facebook's unsurpassed Most importantly, you'll be given data that helps you build your internal traffic. It shows you the all-too-common pitfalls and legal issues to avoid. business case that leverages Facebook as a recruiting tool. Facebook is You'll discover the difference between a Company Fan Page verses Groups changing in the world of recruiting practices. on Facebook to reach your specific recruiting goals. You'll find out today's best-kept secrets on identifying candidates in Facebook to create new 10:30 am - 11:00 am Networking Break & Coffee Part 2: Using Twitter for Recruiting Talent in 140 Characters or Less: A Step-by-Step Approach At last! An effective session guaranteed to help you use Twitter to identify You’ll gain knowledge on the proper etiquette and lingo for networking using and recruit talent. Twitter—and how to avoid common pitfalls. You’ll understand how to uncover qualified candidates and how to start a conversation using Twitter. During this part of the master class you’ll learn exactly how to use best practices guaranteed to help you leverage the power of Twitter's You’ll find out how third-party Twitter applications save you time and allow unsurpassed traffic. you to keep up with thousands of followers. Step-by-step, you’ll discover how-to-apply Twitter techniques that take the You'll discover the most effective and efficient ways to monitor metrics for time and worry out of recruiting. You’ll learn how to communicate your your recruiting campaigns on Twitter. You'll find out today's best-kept secrets message in 140 characters…or less! on identifying candidates on Twitter to create new talent communities online. You’ll learn how to create a Twitter profile with settings ideal for your You'll learn about the best and most cost-effective recruiting strategies to help professional goals. you manage your recruiting presence on Twitter. You'll examine in detail how America's best-run companies maximize recruiting success on Twitter. 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch for Master Class Attendees Part 3: Using LinkedIn to Identify & Recruit Talent: A Step-by-Step Approach Now—you can learn the concepts, methods, even “tricks-of-the-trade” You’ll learn how to quickly find former employees of preferred companies that can make LinkedIn a powerful recruiting tool for your organization. who have acquired the right battlefield experience.... and start a meaningful dialogue. With over 55 million members, LinkedIn truly is the largest online database of professionals. A profile is created approximately every second on LinkedIn. Step-by-step you’ll learn specific ways to implement LinkedIn as part of your professional branding and social recruiting strategy. You’ll gain During this section, you’ll find the answer to your most critical question: knowledge of an array of LinkedIn functions that help you increase your “How do I use my trusted LinkedIn network to hire the best candidates for professional reach. my organization?” LinkedIn is truly the world’s largest professional database of potential You’ll learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it is "discovered" candidates and clients. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how LinkedIn amongst the millions and millions of other professionals. saves you time and money—and enables you to recruit top talent with You’ll discover how to tap into the resources available that connect groups unprecedented ease. with the right interests, so that you, as the recruiter, are able to engage your ideal candidates and post opportunities. Act now! Register yourself-- and a team of key people- today! 3:30 pm End of Master Class Media Partners: 3
  4. 4. Day One Pre-Conference Workshop Monday, May 24, 2010 Workshop: Performance Measurement 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Registration & Coffee and Tracking Systems for your Social Media for Recruitment 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Workshop Initiatives Ben Stone Turn the Bullhorn Around - Social Media Recruitment Owner RPO Consulting One number matters in recruiting: 1. That's how many people it takes to fill an open position. Traditional recruitment efforts leverage traditional media channels to broadcast messages to as many people as possible. This bullhorn style measures success by sheer scale. How many people saw a job posting? How many people applied through a certain Social Media recruitment efforts turn the bullhorn around. Instead of recruitment channel? How many people stopped at a recruiting booth broadcasting to as many people as possible, Social Media efforts turn at a job fair? Reaching more people is the goal of a bullhorn. The return the bullhorn into a funnel. The goal is connectivity and reach. Social on the investment for bullhorn media recruitment efforts is measured Media channels offer a recruiter the ability to focus on creating by how many people are reached by a message compared to the networks of relevant people. The return for Social Media recruitment resources expended. The math is simple and it almost always comes efforts is based on how many resources were used compared to the down to spending more money to reach more people to increase the social capital created. Social Capital wins every time. likelihood of finding one person. This workshop will consist of 2 parts: 1 - Understanding how to turn the bullhorn around - We will start by focus will be on examining what success looks like for Social Media having a 60 minute presentation that lays a foundation by comparing recruitment efforts and how to measure that success. traditional media and Social Media in terms of Metrics and ROI. The 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Dinner for Workshop Attendees 2 - The second half of the workshop will be a 90 minute live might be used to recruit. The focus will be on providing actionable ideas demonstration of Social Media recruitment channels as they relate to for the participants to take back and put to use immediately. Facebook, the specific audience members. We will use specific industries and LinkedIn, and Twitter will likely be the sites used, but the audience will standard positions taken from the participants and go on line to some drive this portion of the workshop. of the common Social Media sites to examine how recruitment efforts 7:00 pm End of Workshop Three NEW Additions! 1) Social Media as an Attendee! 3) Prepare your questions for an Interactive Learning Roundtable! Tweeting does not have to be a post-event activity…instead at Social Media for Recruitment it will be a part of the program. One screen in the main Two weeks prior to the event, we will ask you to tell us about conference room will be dedicated to an ongoing Twitter conversation. your most pressing challenges. Based in part on your response, we will organize you into a group with approximately 4 other Follow us at @socialmedia4hr #socialrecruitment industry leaders who have expressed similar concerns. At the same time, we will be profiling our speaking faculty and advisory board to assess their core competencies and areas of expertise in 2) Step up to our Brilliance Bar! order to assign an expert to facilitate your 60-minute group discussion. You’ll have the chance to explain your specific There’s no question too big or small. The Brilliance Bar will be staffed with challenges and hear potential solutions that you can take back to members of our speaker faculty and advisory board who will make themselves your office and implement right away! available during specific breaks to offer advice to your most pressing concerns. More so, computers will be set up for you to test out what you’ve learned about on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more! The Brilliance Bar provides you with an additional opportunity to ask the questions that are left outstanding after the sessions have concluded. 4 • 1-800-882-8684
  5. 5. Day Two Main Conference Sessions Tuesday, May 25, 2010 7:30 Registration & Coffee 2:00 Mobilizing Your Recruitment Message Company website? Check. Careers Page? Check. Careers Mobile Site? What?! Social 8:15 Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks media and the emergence of mobile technology and smartphones are allowing employers to reach talent in new, exciting and personal ways. We’ll discuss why you 8:30 Opening Keynote: Developing a Global Social Media Strategy need a mobile employment site and how it fits into your larger recruiting strategy. for Human Resources • Emergence/trends of mobile for recruiting Have you noticed? Everyone is asking about social media -- no matter where • Mobile as part of a larger strategy you go. American Express human resources has begun to answer this question • Examples of mobile sites and will share their insights with you. The company has developed a • Ways to use mobile beyond the site (texting) comprehensive perspective on how human resources can use social media as a Cyndi Peterson Hash catalyst to connect with employees and talent prospects, and ultimately, to Staffing Leader, Southwest Region drive dive business results. In this session, you will hear how American Express KFC HR formulated this point of view about access to social media, the link between social media and HR priorities, the use of social media in an overall 2:45 Scenario Setting Interactive Session – Blending Social Media recruitment and workforce planning strategy and the role social media can from the Grassroots play in a company's culture and business model. Key takeaways include: • Creating a global social media strategy for human resources Many of you come to events to learn from one another in a more informal • Incorporating social media into the employee life cycle basis than the classroom style traditionally allows for. The “group therapy” • Using social media for recruitment and talent acquisition learning format allows all of the attendees to share ideas around the topic and learn from one another. To facilitate this learning, in this session you will hear James Lynch a scenario based on an actual social media for recruitment launch in the first Vice President of Communications, Office of the Vice Chairman half of the session. Afterwards, the session leader will ask the audience to American Express brainstorm alternate solutions to key roadblocks he came across, new methods to prevent such challenges in the future and methods for expanding Betrand Dussert this grassroots campaign to a national level! Discussion points will include: Vice President, Global Recruitment Operations and Workforce Planning • Understanding the difference between “having social media” and “using American Express social media” in the context of this scenario • Examining the process to spring board social media from the grassroots level 9:30 Q&A with LinkedIn – Answers to Understanding Strategies for – initial steps, challenges and successes using LinkedIn as part of your Online Recruitment Plans • Discussing alternate options and strategies – ask the audience With over 55 million members, LinkedIn truly is the largest online database of • Establishing the business plan professionals. A profile is created approximately every second on LinkedIn. However, do you truly know how to use your trusted LinkedIn network to hire the best Mark Sullivan candidates for your organization? This session will provide solutions to: Director, Talent Acquisition, Texas Region • Take your recruiting to the next level with LinkedIn recruitment solutions Time Warner Cable • Gain unparalleled access to the world's best talent pool • Understand the most cost-effective recruitment solutions to beat your 3:30 Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit competition to the hire Hall featuring The Brilliance Bar Mike Nesser Have questions? We’ve got answers. Providing you with a new Corporate Solutions tool to solve today’s most critical challenges… LinkedIn Step up to our Brilliance Bar! See page 4 for details! 10:30 Morning Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall 4:15 Using Social Media to Recruit Passive Candidates As the market changes, social media can be an important aspect of recruiting 11:15 Global Best Practices on Twitter potential employees who might not be actively looking. This is particularly prevalent Twitter is a fantastic tool for people and businesses to interact with an within the public sector and often times targeting content toward your potential audience. But how do you fully integrate Twitter into an organization to can be the most effective method to draw interest. This session will examine a ensure that messaging and branding are kept consistent even with different recruitment strategy through critical reasoning and competitive analysis with a “voices” leading discussions and interactions? How should HR and Recruiting, special emphasis on public sector examples that can be applied to industry at large. Marketing and PR, business lines and geographies able to all work with More so, you will be able to learn strategies on how to take these examples and consistent messaging and engage its followers? We will discuss: • How to identify who will manage your Twitter account apply them within your private sector company. • How to create interesting content and possible sources of content Annie Chae • Type of account(s) to create Manager, Critical Recruiting and Competitive Intelligence • Engagement vs. just posting jobs Booz Allen Hamilton • Internal strategic partnerships • Twitter as a recruiting 5:00 Compiling Data and Metrics for Quantified Results - Going from Better to Best in Gov 2.0 Keith McIlvaine A couple of the key questions that agencies continue to ask about social media Global Social Media Recruitment Lead, Global Recruitment Operations is "How do I make a business case for it?" and "How do I measure success?" Unisys Ultimately, those agencies that have answered these questions effectively - in advance of starting their project and all along the implementation path will 12:00 How to Maximize the use of Facebook Pages as Part of your become best practice examples. This session will highlight a methodology that Recruitment Toolkit strives to move agencies from mission to measurement in a few steps. We know It’s imperative to understand how Facebook can be best used for your company’s it's not that simple, but here's the general outline of the method: needs, culture and functional criteria from a recruitment angle. This session will • Define mission achievement provide you with a basic roadmap to successfully utilize your social media • Map achievement path recruitment strategy and truly maximize your presence within this vital platform. • Locate stakeholders Christopher Hoyt • Design engagement Associate Director, Talent Attraction • Measure outcomes AT&T • Inform next steps This session will walk you through the method, apply it to a case study, and 12:45 Networking Luncheon invite you to apply it to your specific situation. Andrew Krzmarzick Director of Community Engagement 5:45 End of Day Two Media Partners: 5
  6. 6. Day Three Main Conference Sessions Wednesday, May 26, 2010 7:30 Registration & Coffee 11:15 Employing Social Media – Unique Challenges with Highly Specialized Personnel 8:00 Chairperson’s Recap of Main Conference Day One Two things drive a U.S. government contractor: the pursuit of contract awards and the recruitment of qualified individuals with specific expertise to deliver on the promises made in 8:15 Opening Keynote: Creating Social Media Content that the proposal. Sounds simple, yes? In reality, identifying and recruiting specialized personnel is Recruits – a multi-layered process. That process requires that coordinated and concentrated efforts by a Recruiters who wish to connect with jobseekers directly via social media must business development squad, capture experts, technical writers, pricing wizards and SMEs be commit to creating new, interesting, compelling and useful content. Although carefully choreographed to ensure that everyone is on the same page—literally and your website is a marketing portal, it can also serve as a recruiting toolkit. This figuratively. case study of is a stellar example of how to share without over • Successfully designed and implemented its social media solution to target specialized talent sharing, provide value and add levity to your social media presence. It will • Use of tools that offer an alternative means to recruitment - hand picked solutions highlight how to successfully leverage key social media portals where your Bill Canter recruits socialize such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube and teach you the Vice President, Media, Marketing & Communications ins and outs to really knowing your audience. • Understanding your audience and matching your requirements with their needs SOS International Ltd • Recruiting through enticing content via social media content • What’s next for – applying lessons learned and building a 12:00 Networking Luncheon lasting presence 1:30 Prepare your questions for an Interactive Learning Roundtable Lieutenant Colonel André Dean Two weeks prior to the event, we will ask you to tell us about your most pressing challenges. Chief, Digital Division, G-7 Based in part on your response, we will organize you into a group with approximately 4 other U.S. Army Accessions Command (USAAC) industry leaders who have expressed similar concerns. At the same time, we will be profiling our speaking faculty and advisory board to assess their core competencies and areas of 9:00 Managing Your Online Employee Brand through Social expertise in order to assign an expert to facilitate your 60-minute group discussion. You’ll Media Recruitment Tools have the chance to explain your specific challenges and hear potential solutions that you can Social media recruitment requires giving up a certain level of control. However, take back to your office and implement right away! you can still manage your online reputation and the image that you want to broadcast through your social media platforms aimed at talent acquisition. 2:30 Manage the Transition – Be a Change Agent and Maximize the This session will highlight ways to positively influence the reputation that your use of Social Media in your Recruitment Strategy and company has already created through clear and coherent messaging and the Throughout HR impact on potential hires. Through a targeted community-based approach and This session will address the need for the champions and early adopters of Social Media to use of LinkedIn and Facebook, U.S. Cellular has been effective at reaching a become informed change agents guiding their organizations and their clients in transitioning source of candidates to join the organization. This case study will offer take- from the traditional models of managing talent (which includes Talent Acquisition) to the away examples of how to use social media channels to make quality hires Web 2.0 environments with emphasis on recruitment, onboarding and other critical HR efficiently and stay within your recruiting budget. You'll find out how to: procedures. We will more than the best practices and benchmarks but also the reasons why • Connect with customers and potential customers with a grassroots recruiting strategy there is always a resistance inside the organization system. This session will present a change • Avoid large job boards and focus on grassroots and social media channels management roadmap in order to embark on your social media campaign with emphasis on: • Deliver a quality response to job inquiries • Examples from complex organizations dealing with compliance, multigenerational • Build a focused approach to your employer value proposition workforce and already existent processes and procedures • Develop a message that connects your employer brand and consumer brand • Building and strengthening professional connections through authentic participation in • Measure success by reaching goals, hiring quality employees and sustaining social media as a platform high performance • Maximize your social media presence and find recruitment success through this vital platform Elisa Bannon Director of Talent Acquisition Operations Anna Tavis U.S. Cellular Global Head of Talent Management and Organizational Development Pinebridge Investments 9:45 Morning Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall featuring The Brilliance Bar 3:30 Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall Have questions? We’ve got answers. Providing you with a new 4:15 Social Media’s Impact on the Job Seeker – Examining Changes in tool to solve today’s most critical challenges… Candidate Behavior Step up to our Brilliance Bar! See page 4 for details! Understanding your prospective employee’s expectations and evaluation criteria for how they view your company is as important as mastering the “corporate-approved” content that you 10:30 Social Media & Recruitment – Analysis of Pros & Cons distribute. Understanding how behavior toward finding a new job has evolved and tailoring and Risks & Rewards your recruitment efforts to capitalize on these changes will give you the competitive edge to With the emergence of sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, discussion secure top talent while avoiding negative labels. boards, etc., many might see the days of the professional recruiter numbered. Eric Winegardner However this would mean that one does not truly understand social media. Vice President, Client Adoption Social media is a tool, a fantastic tool that has broadened everyone’s reach Monster Worldwide and increased networks. However the time and attention to grow culture and foster those networks is equally important. Your team, your time and your 5:00 Interactive Panel Discussion – Reaching Out To Your Recruits with process must change to respond to this new reach. The end user is smarter, Customer Facing Initiatives faster and more concise than ever before- and recruitment must respond. There is no need reinvent the wheel when expanding your talent acquisition efforts to include Staying in front of your network and in constant communication to a very social media – it’s important to leverage your already established customer facing portals. broad and large audience becomes very important. Social media can enhance Your employees can serve as huge proponents of your brand to potential new hires through or hurt your reputation very quickly and you need to be mindful of this as you this medium. However, the question is how do you encourage your employees to tweet or venture down the path of using it as a recruitment strategy. blog about your company’s job openings? Do you have to spoon feed them information or • Can you protect your relationships and your ROI of time? allow for a certain individualness? This panel will allow you to leverage your employees’ social • Can you guarantee timely and accurate feedback and response? media networks to promote recruitment. Treat your employees as customers and let them • Do you have a communication strategy? work for you! • What are the risks and rewards? • Do the pros outweigh the cons? Chair: Art Hall • What pitfalls to watch for? President, Atlanta Chapter CRM Association Chad McDaniel President *Check the website for updates on additional panel speakers M.E.R. Inc. (McDaniel Executive Recruiters) 5:45 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference 6 • 1-800-882-8684
  7. 7. Registration Information Please note multiple discounts cannot be combined. Register by March 26, 2010 Register by April 30, 2010 Standard Price A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not Conference Only $999 $1,599 $1,799 accompanied by credit card payment at the time of registration. Silver Package* $1,399 $1,999 $2,199 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IQPC * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6% Gold Package* $1,899 $2,499 $2,699 sales tax. Platinum Package* $1,999 $2,599 $2,799 Team Discounts: For information on team discounts, please contact IQPC Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684. Only one discount may be Workshop $549 $549 $549 applied per registrant. Master Class $799 $799 $799 Special Discounts Available: A limited number of discounts are available for the non-profit sector, government organizations and academia. For more information, please contact customer service at 1-800-882-8684. ALL ACCESS PACKAGES Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase - Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239 *Silver Package ABA/Routing #: 021000021 Silver Package-Includes access to Main Conference sessions for Social Media for Recruitment and Technology Assisted Learning Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: 18673.001 Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and *Gold Package includes lunches and refreshment. Your registration will not be Includes access to Main Conference sessions for Social Media for Recruitment, Master Class and Workshop for Social Media for confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. Recruitment. For IQPC’s Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy, please visit Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction, please contact *Platinum Package Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684 to discuss your specific needs. Includes access to Main Conference sessions for Social Media for Recruitment, Technology Assisted Learning and Master Class and ©2010 IQPC. All Rights Reserved. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of IQPC. Workshop for Social Media for Recruitment. Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and common law principles. Bring your Learning Colleagues and Technology Assisted Learning is designed to provide a forum for Learning & Development executives to help Take Advantage of BOTH Events! implement breakthrough technologies for lowering training costs and increasing individual & organizational productivity. Join in the discussion with emphasis on: Social Media for Recruitment is co-located with: • Use Technology in Blended Learning for Customer Engagement & ROI; • Create and Use Metrics that Align with Business Needs Technology • • to Show Value Enhance Engagement in eLearning; Incorporate Cheap, Viral & Effective Video into your Learning Programs Assisted Learning Become a Virtual World eLearning Practitioner • TM • Leverage Social Media & Collaboration Technology for Continuous Learning • Successfully Build and Implement a Learning Portal; and • Consolidate Multiple Technology Platforms to Bolster Lessons Learned from Companies that Train Best Learning Capabilities. May 24-26, 2010 • Chicago, IL …and much, much more! About the Organizer: Human Resources IQ is a vertical market social HR/Training professionals—Human Resources IQ is an amazingly well- media website designed for sharing solutions informed source for enabling you to increase individual and organizational between and among practicing professionals in productivity. the fields of HR and training. We are a subsidiary of IQPC, one of the world's largest, fastest-growing conference/trade show organizations. IQPC produces more than 1,500 events annually around the world and continues to grow. Founded in 1973, IQPC now has offices in major cities By virtue of this close connection—this day-in, day—out working contact across six continents including: Berlin, Dubai, London, New York, Sao Paulo, with IQPC conference producers, researchers and literally thousands of Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of conferences. Media Partners: 7
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