3rd Channel Management Summit


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IQPC’s 3rd Channel Management Summit taking place June 21-23rd, 2010 in San Jose, CA will increase the profitability of channel partner programs through showcasing best practices of channel in partner selection, management and collaboration strategies. Hear from: Panasonic, Motorola, Novell, Sophos, Citrix, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Polycom and many more!

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3rd Channel Management Summit

  1. 1. Enjoy our End of Day Cocktail proudly presents: reception on Day one January 25-27, 2010 The Grand Hyatt San Francisco | San Francisco, CA Increasing the profitability of channel partner programs through best practices in partner selection, management and collaboration strategies Join channel management executives from Hear Channel Champions from Software, vendor communities to discuss best practices, Hardware, Telecom and Consumer strategies and solutions surrounding: Electronics: • DEll InC. Incentive management – track and analyze • SBC GloBal your MDF and Coop programs, administer performance driven reward programs • ProxIm WIrElESS CorPoraTIon and rebates • CoyoTE PoInT SySTEmS opportunity management – minimize channel • PanaSonIC ComPuTEr SoluTIonS conflict, achieve channel pipeline visibility • EmC and direct leads to most qualified partners • amazon ConSulTInG Partner marketing – leverage emerging • lEvEl3 technology and strategies in social media to reach your target markets and connect with your partners Partner Program optimization – establish an environment when you and your partner invest in continuous improvement SponSorS: lunCHeon SponSorS: MeDiA pArTnerS: CSG BLUEROADS / OPENLINE register online: www.channelmanagementsummit.com or call 1-800-882-8684
  2. 2. WHo WIll aTTEnD: SVps, Vps, Directors and Managers responsible for: Channel Sales Channel Marketing Channel Management Channel Development Marketing Dear Colleague, Sales in today’s highly competitive business environment, just having a line of Strategic initiatives innovative and successful products is not enough. Your responsibilities for improving channel visibility, gaining channel efficiency, reducing cost and and partnerships increasing revenue are key to the success of your company. However, even channel champions struggle with determining best strategies to target, recruit, enable and incentivize partner communities. SPonSorSHIP anD ExHIBITIon oPPorTunITIES in recognition of the importance of partner programs to overall financial success of manufacturers across the uS, the 2010 Channel management Sponsorships and exhibits are excellent opportunities for your Summit will convene a business forum with leading vendor companies in the company to showcase its products high tech space. Senior level executives running channel sales, marketing and and services to high-level, targeted development will share best practices and discuss, peer-to-peer, major factors decision-makers attending the that affect trust, conflict and collaboration in producer-reseller relations as well 2nd annual Channel management as a framework for analyzing common trade-offs between control and resources Summit. Marketing iQ and iQpC help companies like yours achieve in most channel systems. important sales, marketing and branding objectives by setting if you are in the process of growing, developing and managing your channel aside a limited number of event network, including implementing joint marketing campaigns and joint business sponsorships and exhibit spaces, plans, please take a few minutes to read through the agenda, and then visit our all of which are tailored to assist your organization in creating a website – www.channelmanagementsummit.com. i look forward to meeting you platform to maximize its exposure in San Francisco in January, at the most important meeting of the year for the at the event and reach key decision vendor community. makers in your field. For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting at the 2nd annual Best regards, Channel management Summit, please contact mario matulich at (212) 885-2719 or sponsorship@iqpc.com. oksana Shubchinskaya Conference Director iQpC 2 SponSorS: CSG BLUEROADS / OPENLINE
  3. 3. Pre-Conference Workshops Monday, January 25, 2010: 7:30 registration and Coffee 8:00 - 11:00 A Developing a Cohesive Partner Program: leveraging Business Intelligence regarding the Existing and Potential Partner networks to Increase Sales across Current Product Categories and launch new Products in an attempt to drive sales numbers, many vendor companies focus on • Developing a “gap mode” against your revenue goals expanding their partner networks. in reality, this often means recruiting • Translating your revenue goals into specific metrics for your new resellers based on too little information about their sales capacity channel partners or based on locality which compromises the success of regional and How you will benefit: global campaigns. • understand what specifically the partner will bring to the vendor: geographic reach, horizontal/vertical market reach, in this workshop you will learn how to put together a channel partner current product portfolio, partner’s sales and marketing strategy that takes into account your existing go-to-market approach. capability, number of competitive brands carried, financial Based on your current product lines and sales channels, you will also credit-worthiness learn to indentify gaps in your market coverage and necessary qualities • examples of a partner metrics scorecard in potential new partners for launch products. • A complete map of partner eco-system – compare it with your fellow workshop participants to generate new ideas for What will be covered: outreach • Developing a “profit map” that overlays the universe of channel partner capabilities on top of customer types WorkSHoP lEaDEr: TBA • Analyzing your current partner base against the profit base map 11:00 registration. lunch will be served 11:15-2:15 B Conflict Prevention, management and resolution – managing relationships among Channel Partners and Between Direct and Indirect Sales Conflicts among channel partners may be very destructive to vendor’s • policy initiatives: vertical market restrictions, geographic margin whereas antagonistic relationships between direct sales and segmentation indirect channel sales can lead to loss of partners to competition. How you will benefit: Damage to the vendor is compounded by the negative implications of revenue generation and the company image before the ultimate • identify points of leverage at your disposal in negotiating with customers. However channel conflict does not need to be the way of your resellers life! in this workshop, learn how Dell confronted this suite of challenges • leverage the experience of your workshop colleagues to while building a partner program from scratch and pursuing partner expand the command of communication tools such as during mindshare. the channel planning process, at your disposal • Brainstorm ideas for incentives for direct sales to sell through What will be covered: channel • economic tools: deal registration and activity based discounts WorkSHoP lEaDEr: • organizational strategies: separating channel sales from Todd Werner channel marketing Senior Manager, uS partnerDirect operations, Global Channel Group, DEll InC. 2:15 registration 2:30-5:30 C Identify, access and Engage – Demand Creation in High-value Business to Business Prospecting For vendor companies, the gap between marketing “suspects” and • Developing reward programs for partners and fine-tuning your identified concrete new opportunities is a long and frustrating process lead distribution strategy in light of partner performance where lead qualification takes a back seat to lead generation. in this workshop, through a presentation, group brainstorming session and a How you will benefit: practice round, learn how to indentify and gain access to desirable key • understand how to deliver your value proposition to target players at targeted accounts and create a real impact for your sales audiences pipeline. • Benchmark your approach to gleaning customer and demand information from partners to industry peer experience What will be covered: WorkSHoP lEaDEr: • pitfalls of conventional thought on lead generation mike Scher • establishing a difference between lead generation and president and Ceo demand generation – how to incentivize your indirect channels FronTlInE and leverage their resources reGiSTer online: www.channelmanagementsummit.com or call: 1-800-882-8684 | 3
  4. 4. Main Conference, Day One Tuesday, January 26, 2010 7:15 am rEGISTraTIon anD CoFFEE 10:45 am PanEl DISCuSSIon: ESTaBlISHInG THE “rIGHT” CHannEl STraTEGy From THE BEGInnInG anD oPTImIzInG your 8:00 am CHaIrPErSon’S WElComE anD oPEnInG rEmarkS CHannEl InvESTmEnT In ParTnEr ProGramS In 2010 mark Sochan, Ceo, ParTnErPEDIa As the global economy begins a slow recovery, how do you continue to help your partners not only survive in these belt-tightening times, but also keep them positioned to take 8:15 am kEynoTE: THE lurkInG DanGErS In CHannEl advantage of emerging opportunities? manaGEmEnT – EnSurInG THaT your CHannEl STraTEGy IS BuIlT on THE SolID FounDaTIon oF ProCESS insightful vendors want to help their partners do more than ClarITy, InFormaTIon InTEGrITy anD TaIlorED ParTnEr survive – they want them to thrive. This panel of experts will help SElECTIon mECHanISmS you identify strategies for optimizing your channel investment in the coming year including prioritizing your investment dollars, Most channel managers focus on getting more out of their partner segmenting your partner base to identify which partners can help networks – more sales, larger deal sizes and more qualified leads you grow, and how to simplify and automate partner programs to to future sales opportunities. However, the success of a vendor- make the most of your channel dollar. reseller partnership often hinges on what the vendor brings to the table – internal business processes that guide the vendor/solution Panel moderator: Shari marion-Hoff, provider relationship (incentive programs, rebates and training Ceo and Chief Channel Strategist, HaWkEyE opportunities). Channel managers are often constrained by lack of please check the website for panelist updates! insight into solution provider performance which frustrates efforts to offer best motivational programs to most deserving partners. 11:45 am ParTnEr EnaBlEmEnT anD TraInInG: SuPPorTInG THE in this session, learn how to determine if your partner program TraInInG anD EDuCaTIon oF CHannEl ParTnErS is suffering from internal challenges. Training is one of the toughest and often very expensive partner • Signs that your partner program priorities are aligned with program elements to implement because there is frequently corporate strategies (or not) a lack of understanding of target audience’s behaviours, • Strategies to identify reliable sources of data about preferences and needs. Additionally, many partners find partner performance and then act on the information training initiatives redundant and ineffective in helping them achieve sales goals. in this session learn what kind of training • Solution provider perspectives on elements of vendor has succeeded in reaching partners and empowering them to programs that frustrate sales campaigns sell, integrate, and support vendor products. keith newman, editor, CHannElmEDIa • integrating online training into partner portals to track verification of participation and knowledge transfer 9:00 am THE STaTE oF ParTnErInG – 2010 vEnDor rESEarCH • implementing closed loop marketing of product lifecycle rESulTS: TunE In To THE I.T. vEnDor CommunITy’S events such as launch or refresh tied to portal pages Plan, PrIorITES anD InvESTmEnTS containing passive learning materials Managing partner growth and costs in 2010 will require • using company and personal incentives vendors to be robb Henshaw, Director of Marketing & Communications, more shrewd and ProxIm WIrElESS CorPoraTIon well informed than ever. listen to this Sponosred by: comprehensive 12:30 Pm nETWorkInG lunCH research about how the global vendor community is planning to 1:30 Pm BEST PraCTICES In oPEraTIonS – PromoTIonS elevate the impact of their indirect channels in 2010: Data will anD InCEnTIvES highlight the following: roundtables: maximizing the Effectiveness and roI of your • expected growth by partner segment Co-op and mDF Programs • 2009 challenges in channel development and execution now more than • 2010 channel program spending plans ever, marketing • Key focus areas for partner enablement organizations must justify Beth vanni, Director, Market intelligence, spending on the amazon ConSulTInG entire suite of tools for reaching partner and customers – and the marketing 10:00 am mornInG nETWorkInG BrEak budgets are growing smaller! Which tool in your marketing arsenal is most effective and deserving of limited resources? in this session you will break into small groups with your industry peers and participate in focused discussions on the following topics: • How to get the most out of the money vendors spend to get partners to drive end user demand? 4 SponSorS: CSG BLUEROADS / OPENLINE
  5. 5. • unique uses of MDF ranging from communications to sales 3:15 Pm aFTErnoon nETWorkInG BrEak engagement activities, multi-partner campaigns, partner sales force motivation to partner cost offsets. 4:00 Pm SmB FoCuS: BuIlDInG a Go-To-markET STraTEGy To • Key audit and claims processing methods that should be in TarGET THE SmB markET place to measure the effectiveness of fund use. The small and medium size business sector is one of the key roundtable moderators: purchasers of goods and services in the uS and globally, Pete koliopoulos, Vice president, Global Channel Marketing, EmC however, not every SMB company is created equally! Does your channel strategy distinguish between customer size and does your channel ecosystem match the customer footprint? 2:15 Pm PanaSonIC CaSE STuDy: aCHIEvInG THE ParTnEr mInDSHarE learn how to: What are the right actions you can take and programs you can • Match data about partners to the buying customer needs offer to insure that all of your engagement activity and program and wants expenditures translate into a true share of mind and more • Build a list of appropriate partners to target in a multi- importantly, share of revenue, generated by your partners? This channel approach session will explore how to structure different approaches to • Develop financial incentives, rebates and promotions that partners with different business models – VArs, Service and resellers can take into the SMB market to influence DMrs. purchasing behaviour Stoney White, Business Development Manager, PanaSonIC mitchell may, Vp, partner Marketing, IronkEy ComPuTEr SoluTIonS Patricia morrison, Channel Marketing Manager, PanaSonIC 4:45 Pm CHaIrPErSon’S CloSInG rEmarkS ComPuTEr SoluTIonS 4:45 Pm EnD oF THE Day CoCkTaIl rECEPTIon Main Conference, Day Two Wednesday, January 27, 2010 7:15 am rEGISTraTIon anD CoFFEE leverage effect than traditional 8:00 am CHaIrPErSon’S WElComE anD oPEnInG rEmarkS methods. Tim Crank, CEo, marITz However, many companies struggle with 8:15 am manaGInG ConFlICT BETWEEn DIrECT SalES implementing comprehensive social media strategies, unsure anD InDIrECT CHannEl SalES if the responsibility lies with marketing, sales or channel in many companies the relationships between direct and management. in this session you will walk through the analytic indirect sales groups are antagonistic and can become process to determine how you can adopt social medial tools for destructive, especially in the current economy where making reaching your customers sales and fulfilling monthly requirements is difficult. Companies • Determine the accessibility of your customer base by are often confronted by the divide between direct and indirect social media and identify key influencers sales organizations, and struggle with pulling them together • implement strategies to embed your sales organization into a seamless, channel and end-user focused revenue- generating system. into the social web of customers learn how to: • leverage the social web for your partner support organization • implement compensation and discount structures to ensure mutual focus on revenue generation mike Dubrall, Director, Channels of the Future, GIlWEll • incentivize the direct sales force to sell through channel and generate business for the channel 9:45 am mornInG nETWorkInG BrEak • implement criteria for distinguishing which accounts its direct and indirect teams should be targeting 10:30 am ParTnEr PErFormanCE manaGEmEnT anD • Build trust with channel partners through clear strategy oPTImIzaTIon: GroWInG your ParTnEr ProGram communication Channel programs Todd Werner, Senior Manager, uS partnerDirect operations, that developed Global Channel Group, DEll InC. organically and over time at 9:00 am ParTnEr EnaBlEmEnT anD CommunICaTIonS: SoCIal emerging and mid- mEDIa CHannElS For rEaCHInG CuSTomErS size vendors lack some of the critical components to attract new partners and Social Media cost less money than traditional marketing tools, manage their performance such as training platforms, formal it is more effective directly dealing with issues and has a higher reGiSTer online: www.channelmanagementsummit.com or call: 1-800-882-8684 | 5
  6. 6. lead management programs and joint marketing initiatives. • running lead Management programs (how to ensure This often leads to confusion, conflict and even breach of trust. that vendor generated leads are distributed in a fair This always frustrates efforts to grow a partner program! This manner to those partners with the greatest potential to session will discuss how to leverage you company’s current close) – lead qualification, lead distribution, roi analysis capabilities to build on your current partner program. per marketing campaign, SlAs Deal registration programs • Determine which program elements your partners value • Joint Marketing programs (how to ensure that partners most and what’s missing are “forewarned” of vendor marketing campaigns) – • Design and articulate a competitive value proposition for virtual marketing campaigns to ensure that channel your program marketing adheres to vendor corporate marketing • Allocate available budgets and resources for maximum • Collaboration among partners – how can vendors facilitate impact with partners collaboration among partners in their network • Build a channel program that can be implemented with Pete koliopoulos, Vice president, Global Channel Marketing, EmC regional variations michael Scher, president and Ceo, FronTlInE 2:30 Pm aFTErnoon nETWorkInG BrEak 11:15 PanEl DISCuSSIon: IDEnTIFyInG anD ovErComInG kEy 3:00 Pm ParTnEr lED DEmanD GEnEraTIon CaSE STuDy CHallEnGES THaT arISE In DEvEloPInG anD moTIvaTInG your ParTnErS To DEEPEn THE ImPlEmEnTInG PErFormanCE ImProvEmEnT ProGramS oPPorTunITy loG During this interactive panel discussion we will talk about Best partners do not simply execute on the leads that you have various approaches, solutions and perspectives on tackling provided for them. They bring additional, self-generated sales the most common challenges in the performance improvement opportunities to you. in this session, learn from the experience program implementation. At the conclusion of this session, you of Coyote point System to identify groups of partners that will be presented with the full list of various approaches and can be expected to “hunt” for you and the ones that cannot. solutions that have proven to be the most effective for your The company recently redesigned its original channel model colleagues. (top down structure where resellers took orders) into a three moderator: representative of CCI tier partner program that rewards specific aspects of VAr Panelist: michael Scher, President and CEo, Frontline prospecting behaviour. William Steen, Director, Channel Management, lEvEl3 James Puchbauer, Director of Marketing, Channel Development and Business Development, CoyoTE PoInT 12:00 Pm nETWorkInG lunCHEon Sponosred by: SySTEmS 1:00 Pm CHannEl EnaBlEmEnT: CHallEnGES anD oPPorTunITIES 3:45 Pm QuICk FIrE SESSIon: 30 IDEaS In 45 mInuTES – IDEaS THaT HavE TranSFormED CHannEl ProGramS partner recruitment is an expense. partner enablement is the essential fuel that turns this expense into a money machine. panel of experts will break down tools and activities that have Most vendors have more VAr partners then they will ever had the greatest impact on their business. The panel will also need. However, rarely do they have more than 20% active in brainstorm next steps and outline quick wins for conference a year and virtually never have the active partners selling as participants for next day action. Topics of discussion will much as the vendor feels they should be selling. Yet … the include: vendor continues the expensive ordeal of recruiting more • Channel partner selection and recruitment through partners to the detriment of focusing on enabling their existing certification and accreditation partners. • Developing channel partner loyalty A panel of experts will discuss the enablement process, the • Managing channel conflict among partners and with challenges of enabling VArs who typically are not sales or direct sales marketing oriented. Tips and tools will be discussed that will keith newman, editor, CHannElmEDIa allow vendors to start enabling their partners immediately and Todd Werner, Senior Manager, uS partnerDirect operations, for a lot less money than it costs to recruit partners. Global Channel Group, DEll InC. robert Cohen, president, Business editor, Stoney White, Business Development Manager, PanaSonIC InTEGraTED mar. Com CorPoraTIon ComPuTEr SoluTIonS Tony Craythorn, Vice president, Global SMB Channel, 1:45 Pm markETInG anD SalES CollaBoraTIon: ConnECTInG HITaCHI DaTa SySTEmS markETInG lEaDS To SalES oPPorTunITIES William Steen, Director, Channel Management, lEvEl3 unlike join provision of customer services, collaboration robb Henshaw, Director of Marketing & Communications, between sales and marketing has been less consistently well ProxIm WIrElESS CorPoraTIon executed in support of channel partners. Given the challenges in attracting new partners, this session will focus on proven strategies and implementation best practices to provide 4:30 Pm CHaIrPErSon’S CloSInG rEmarkS anD comprehensive support for partners CloSE oF ConFErEnCE 6 SponSorS: CSG BLUEROADS / OPENLINE
  7. 7. Registration Information pricing rEGISTEr By 12/4/2009 rEGISTEr By 1/8/2010 Standard Price Conference only $999 (save $800) $1,599 (save $200) $1,799 All Access pass $1,899 (save $1,547) $2,499 (save $947) $2,699 (save $747) Workshops only $549 each $549 each $549 each accelerate your business with best-in-class channel solutions. The clear path to business growth rests with a sound channel strategy, but this path is riddled with obstacles. let hawkeye show you how to circumvent these obstacles on your path to success. Whether you’re designing and deploying a new channel program—or strengthening an existing one—hawkeye can help give you a competitive edge with an all-in-one, integrated solution. our expertise traverses best-of-breed strategies; ultra-flexible, web-deployed tools powered by a proven platform; marketing techniques that compel action; and unmatched operations management and support. Contact us today to discover how we can help you get the maximum return on your channel investment. hawkeyechannel.com CCi delivers comprehensive incentive solutions to optimize sales channel performance. As an enterprise software and services solutions provider, CCi enables channel marketers to manage and measure sales and marketing incentive programs throughout their demand chain, resulting in greater spending efficiency and improved program effectiveness. CCi provides a combination of on demand software, professional services and program management. CCi’s professional Services team applies best practices to define and deploy programs that meet your business goals. equally powerful is CCi’s software. Delivered as SaaS, CCi automates your channel programs and partner activity for increased visibility, measurement and roi. once deployed, CCi program Management delivers services such as contact center support, auditing and payment services to ensure program operational efficiencies. CCi is proud to work with market leading companies in technology, telecommunications and entertainment . CSG helps enterprises and their indirect selling partners to drive revenue more effectively together. We do this through a unique and differentiated combination of industry leading channel CSG BLUEROADS / OPENLINE professional services and technology solutions. Some of the world largest enterprises depend on CSG to improve the performance of their indirect selling channels. The results are clear – surface more opportunities, accelerate sales cycles, increase close rates, maximize closing margin contribution, improve cross-sell and up-sell and build trust between vendors and partners. The planet Group is a global marketing services and solutions company offering a fully managed outsourced channel process solution to help technology companies increase return on partner value, reduce cost, and improve roi. We use strategic channel sales and marketing expertise, our Channel-on-DemandTM software (SaaS) and a comprehensive range of marketing execution services to enhance the overall performance of multi-tier global channels. We help our customers to improve channel visibility, empower and engage their partners, manage global rebates and incentives, improve loyalty, enhance and streamline communications, and optimize channel expenditure (MDF and Co-op). We work with global technology companies including Cisco, lenovo, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Symantec, Juniper networks, and many others. We support channel programs in over 100 countries, in multiple languages and currencies, with over 50,000 resellers engaged in our programs. our north American headquarters is in palo Alto, and we have offices in the uK and Singapore. www.the-planet-group.com partnerpedia is the leading provider of online partner communities and channel enablement solutions. leveraging the power of social networking and online media, partnerpedia helps companies accelerate business through partner relationships. Designed for small businesses to large enterprises, partnerpedia incorporates powerful content portal, B2B collaboration and sales enablement tools designed to maximize sales with partners. MarketStar is a global leader in outsourced sales and marketing execution across retail, VAr and direct channels. We develop, motivate and work with channel partners to close sales. This specialization requires an in-depth knowledge of not only sales generation and closure, but also strategic research, partner engagement, opportunity tracking and channel management expertise. MarketStar manages relationships with more than thousands of unique resellers and specialized solution providers, focusing our services on System Builders, VArs, iSVs, Solution providers, System integrators, Distributors, Home integrators and more. only Brainshark can show you the exact impact of every communication you send, giving both vendors and channel partners unprecedented insight into the effect on your revenue while reducing the time and cost of doing business. Brainshark is the leader in on-demand presentations. our SaaS solutions enable more than 1,000 companies - including a third of the Fortune 100 - to deliver high-impact, measurable communications to sell, educate, and inform. learn more at www.brainshark.com. Maritz helps companies get more from their investment in channel partners, customers and employees. By applying our unique blend of science, technology and inspiration to loyalty and incentive solutions, we • understand what drives and inspires people • enable people and organizations to set and achieve mutual goals • Motivate people to change behavior with targeted communications and rewards our patent-pending approach to channel loyalty combines the best practices of customer loyalty and sales incentives to focus your investment more effectively than ever before. learn more at www.maritz.com and search in White papers for “Taking Your Channel to the next level.” infonow’s on-demand Channel performance optimization solutions provide global Fortune 1000 high-technology manufacturers with visibility into every channel relationship and interaction in real-time, allowing them to gain the insight necessary to implement the best mix of channel actions that grow revenue and reduce cost in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Combining industry best practices with patented technologies, infonow’s services are SAS 70 Type ii compliant to ensure timely, accurate and complete channel insights to optimize business processes. infonow processes hundreds of millions of poS and inventory transactions per year delivering channel visibility, agility, and control. For more information go to www.infonow.com PaymEnT TErmS: PaymEnT PolICy: please note that multiple discounts cannot be combined. A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not accompanied by credit payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches and refreshments and detailed conference materials. Your registration card payment at the time of registration. will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. please go online to: www.iqpc.com/cancellation to view our cancellation policy makE CHECkS PayaBlE In u.S. DollarS To: IQPC SCHolarSHIPS avaIlaBlE: * prices are in u.S. Dollars * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6% sales tax. iQpC sets aside a limited number of discounts that may be applied to its conferences for delegates from the non-profit sector, government and military organizations and academia. For more information about scholarships to this event, please call Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684. TEam DISCounTS: SPECIal DIETary nEEDS: For information on team discounts, please contact iQpC Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684. only one discount may be applied per registrant. if you have a dietary restriction, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684 to discuss your specific needs. ©2010 iQpC. All rights reserved. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of iQpC. unauthorized DETaIlS For makInG PaymEnT vIa EFT or WIrE TranSFEr: reproduction will be actionable under the lanham Act and common law principles. JpMorgan Chase – penton learning Systems llC dba iQpC: 957-097239 – ABA/routing #:021000021 - reference: please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: 18070.002 register online: www.channelmanagementsummit.com or call 1-800-882-8684 reGiSTer online: www.channelmanagementsummit.com or call: 1-800-882-8684 | 7
  8. 8. rEGISTraTIon CarD International Quality & Productivity Center 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor yES! Please register me for . . . Increasing the profitability new York, nY 10017 of channel partner 2nd Annual programs through best practices in partner Management selection, management and collaboration strategies o Conference only Summit o All Access pass o A o B o C o Workshops only (please choose your workshop) Your customer registration code is: When registering, please provide the code above. name___________________________________________ Job Title ________________________ organization_____________________________________________________________________ Approving Manager________________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________State______________Zip___________ phone______________________________________Fax_________________________________ e-mail___________________________________________________________________________ o please keep me informed via email about this and other related events. 5 EaSy WayS To rEGISTEr: o Check enclosed for $_________ (payable to iQpC) 1 Web: www.channelmanagementsummit.com o Charge my __Amex __Visa __Mastercard __Diners Club 2 Call: 1-800-882-8684 or 1-646-378-6026 Card #____________________________________exp. Date___/______ CVM CoDe___________ 3 Email: info@iqpc.com 4 Fax: 1-646-378-6025 Details for making payment via eFT or wire transfer can be found on preceding page. 5 mail: IQPC, 535 5th avenue, 8th Floor, new york, ny 10017 o i cannot attend, but please keep me informed of all future events. 18070.002 proudly presents: increasing the profitability of channel partner programs through best practices in partner selection, management and collaboration strategies January 25-27, 2010 The Grand Hyatt San Francisco | San Francisco, CA Channel management Summit Speaker Faculty includes the following channel champions from Software, Hardware, Telecom, and Consumer Electronics companies: SponSorS: CSG BLUEROADS / OPENLINE DEll InC. amazon ConSulTInG PanaSonIC ComPuTEr lEvEl3 lunCHeon SponSorS: SoluTIonS SBC GloBal MeDiA pArTnerS: EmC ProxIm WIrElESS CoyoTE PoInT SySTEmS CorPoraTIon register online: www.channelmanagementsummit.com or call 1-800-882-8684