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"14th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week


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"Catering to professionals involved with shared services and outsourcing, this year's expanded event highlights:

•Speakers from Top Companies: Aramark, Arbys/Wendy’s, AstraZeneca, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Conagra Foods, General Motors, Kellogg, Kraft, Microsoft, Monster, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Oakley, Perdue Farms, Schering Plough, Warner Brothers and more!

•G8: Global Sourcing Think Tank Eliminating the White Noise: The first ever neutral platform to help shape a common industry agenda in the US

•Under the C-Suite Spotlight with Rene Carayol, An Exclusive Onstage CXO Interview: Board-room revelations regarding shared service & sourcing model strategy with Rene Carayol, MBE, Business Guru & Former Board-Seat Holder at Pepsi (UK), IPC Media and the Inland Revenue

•A new IACCM's Contracting to Collaboration

•Enhanced Annual Features: Quick Wins Energizers, Speed Networking, Blue Sky Innovation Room for Mature SSO's, the SSON Excellence Awards and more!

The conference agenda is available online here at

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"14th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

  1. 1. Need buy-in to attend? Here’s your Your Value business case. Proposition for Attending In coordination with SSON’s 14th Annual March 22 – 25, 2010 Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, Orlando, FL A Focus on Business Outcomes You Can Achieve and a Clear Path to Where Your First Step Lies: By consolidating and harmonizing our accounting, procurement and Human Resources activities and systems we were able to significantly To hear reduce personnel and systems costs and drastically improve our more about this, attend my session customer service, internal controls, and business continuity program, on Wednesday all adding value to the enterprise.” @ 4:50 Jim Rundgren, Manager Operations, Northrop Grumman To hear “With little or no up-front investment, we saved over $2 million more about this, annually consolidating the general accounting departments from attend my session on Wednesday nine resorts and making processes more streamlined and consistent.” @ 5:40 Rick Arpin, SVP & Corporate Controller, MGM MIRAGE To hear “We reduced the annual cost of Shared Services by 8% through more about this, re-negotiation of outsourced services and headcount reductions attend my session on Wednesday while maintaining service levels,” @ 11:20 Richard E Minczinski, SVP, American Electric Power. Attending Made Easy: We want it to be as simple for you and your team to attend the Shared Services & Outsourcing Week. That’s why we’ve compiled the key valuable takeaways in this booklet – for you to use as a tool for your value proposition for attending. Match these back to the Agenda-at-a-Glance, attached. Our goal is for you to meet your business objectives and outcomes. We’re confident that attending this year’s event will provide you with the most relevant and insightful information to meet them! See inside for details. VISIT WWW.SHAREDSERVICESWEEK.COM
  2. 2. These are just Conquer Your Business Outcomes some examples of the outcomes to be covered at the event! Looking to Achieve the Following? Dramatically reduce redundancies and other waste in services provided Attend this Session Boost compliance readiness and effectiveness Decrease past due AR, Improve DSO, Optimize Working Capital Attend this Session Design and build concepts to achieve scalability and growth Achieve operational transformation through globalization Attend this Session Refine business strategy through better data usage Strengthen partner relationships Attend this Session Achieve greater access to workforce data management Cultivate a stronger control environment to better meet accounting standards Attend this Session Step up decision-making capabilities Recover cash faster through revamped collection tactics Attend this Session Expand shareholder return and increase company value 2
  3. 3. at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Tuesday, March 23, 10:45. Learn how Volvo Shared Services applied DMAIC for root-cause analysis. As a result, they have improved efficiency and eliminated defects Wednesday, March 25, 4:50. Learn how Kellogg’s, United Media and AOL have driven cash back to the bottom line with baseline date, payables audits, DSO initiatives, and payment terms Thursday, March 25, 11:50. Learn how Schering Plough has moved from local scope, organization structure and governance processes to regional and then global, supporting their customers round the clock Wednesday, March 24, 11:20. Hear how Jay Desai, VP Global Sourcing, Northern Trust, achieved this by creating a partnership approach versus an adversarial approach Wednesday, March 24, 5:40. Discover how Trintech’s customers have achieved a 20% reduction in compliance, a reduction in close dats by 20-40% and achieved a reduction in financial close by 20% Tuesday, March 23, 1:30. Learn how Aramark Shared Services and reduced operating expenses by 10% and decreased past due account receivables by 20% WWW.SHAREDSERVICESWEEK.COM 3
  4. 4. We know 2009 was a tough year, but it ma you’re on top of the critical developments Brainstorm, Swap Ideas and Build Your Roadmap in an Interactive Setting We believe that the best way to learn is in an environment that welcomes innovation, ground-breaking visions and questions that go beyond polite conversation. At Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, we don’t hide behind slide presentations. In fact, we encourage our participants to engage with each other through in-depth discussion, passionate debate and intimate interviews. Here are just some examples of what makes this event different: • The Excellence Corner: Onstage Interviews with Extended Speaker Q&A These onstage interviews are set as casual conversations, We understand that ti allowing you to hear speakers share candid, applicable hard to come by; howe anecdotes. Straying away from the canned success you the business-criti story, these interviews give you the chance to Candid your full return and Fresh ask questions that pertain to your Insight organization and your current challenges and hear an honest answer. “Michael Lockard from Wal-Mart had the most candid approach to storytelling I have ever witnessed! You could see heads nod in the audience, and there was a real appreciation for this information.” – 2009 Shared Services Summit attendee • Interactive Polling: Tell us what YOU want to hear, NOW Ask the We’re giving you, the audience, even more control of the content at the Questions event. Attend the Horses for Sources Live Session on Thursday and get the You Need Answers chance to electronically submit your questions to our expert panel of for speakers. We will do our best to respond promptly at the event, and whatever does not get covered live, will be followed up with a response post-event. • Sourcing Trio Insight 360° This session paints the full picture of what a synchronized sourcing strategy looks Vision of like, from the buyer and provider to the advisor. The discussion covers each one’s Sourcing roles, how these have evolved in the past year and the expected growth of the market dynamics going forward. • Find Out Who’s Who in the Captive & Outsourced World Forge Relationships This speed networking session is structured, making it easy for you to find that Matter – your peers by experience. Compare notes, exchange war stories and at the click of discuss similar challenges with people who are in the same place as you. a button! We have content catering to every level of maturity, from “Beginner,” “Moving up the Value Chain,” to “Advanced.” Making it even easier to forge relationships at the event, we’re introducing Mingle 360, a networking device that allows you to exchange contact information at the click of a button! 4
  5. 5. akes it that much more imperative that s for 2010. We’re here to support you. Eliminating the White Noise The G8 panel was designed to help create a common agenda and to eliminate the white noise that comes with the growing complexity of sourcing models and providers. G8 Panel members are from Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Oracle, SAP, Ernst & Young, Capgemini and KPMG. Personal agendas and company politics are strictly prohibited in the G8 Global First Sourcing Think Tank. Join us at the event to hear our G8 panel members Ever Neutral share their most unbiased insight on the industry’s future goals, challenge Platform Designed mainstream thinking, and debate alternative options. to Help Shape a Common Industry G8 Chairman, US Chapter: George F. Will, America’s Agenda Foremost Political Columnist ime out of the office is ever, this event provides cal value that will get on investment. Under the C-Suite Best selling Spotlight with author of the leadership and Rene Carayol culture bible, “Corporate MBE, Business Guru & Former Board-Seat Holder at Pepsi (UK), Voodoo” IPC Media and the Inland Revenue Rene will host a CXO Keynote Interview onstage with a multi-national decision on outsourcing and shared services to provide our audience with the unique perspective of the board room and the strategic imperatives that are top of the agenda. Learn Better One-on-One? If you need to go beyond the classroom setting to understand discussions from sessions, let us know. Our advisory board has offered an open door policy for further assistance in regards to specific and unique challenges you are facing. To schedule an appointment, email Naomi Secor at “In regards to the new formats this year, like the onstage interviews -- It was interesting, it was fun; it gave us a chance to be more informal, and not to have the usual batch of slides where it's "Here's the number we're pointing out." It's different and you can get the enthusiasm of the speaker that isn't always in the dry presentation.” - Terry Hartmann, Former Director, Financial Shared Services, Xerox Corporation, 2009 Shared Services Summit speaker WWW.SHAREDSERVICESWEEK.COM 5
  6. 6. Experience a Conference within a Conference IACCM’s keynote session kicks off on Tuesday, March 23rd at 5:00pm. The IACCM provides the services and knowledge required to enable organizational and professional excellence in contracting and commercial management. As our partner, the IACCM will deliver a brand new track, From Contracting to Collaboration, on Wednesday and Thursday. This is a key breakthrough at the Shared Services & Outsourcing Week. After all, an increasing number of global leaders, academics and senior executives acknowledge the key role of contracting in 21st century business. Commercial and contracting competence has risen to the forefront as a tool for managing and overseeing trade relationships, ensuring the quality of governance and delivering improved bottom-line performance. During this track, we will reveal the capabilities that lead to ‘most admired’ status and hear from some of the leaders to understand what they have done already and where they plan to go in order to maintain competitive edge. This track is a must-attend for anyone who wants to explore cross- functional shared service models or is already engaged in structuring, negotiating or managing complex, outcome-based contracts and relationships. See IACCM’s track sessions on Wednesday, starting at 11:00am. You can also read more about the IACCM on their website at IACCM Opening Keynote Tuesday 5pm Revamped Blue Sky Leadership Forum Five years ago, the SSON Iaunched the Blue Sky Innovation Room to tackle challenges unique to only the most advanced SSOs. As we are now presented with a slew of new challenges, it is time for a change. This year, we’ve raised the bar and the standards even higher. New and more stringent criteria for participants include the following: 5+ years’ strategy and delivery experience, 100+ seats, more than pure transactional, multifunctional responsibility, multinational scope of customer base and current practitioner. The discussions in this room will craft a vision for the next generation in shared services and outsourcing, providing a unique platform for industry-wide thought leadership and as luminaries in the space. In the Blue Sky Innovation Room, participants will help establish guiding principles and benchmarks for others to follow. Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Thursday, March 25, 2010 Shared Services As The Nexus of Greater Risks & Higher Stakes: Transformational Cost Re-Alignment Best Practices for Leadership John Transier, Vice President & Controller, Development & Change Unilever Richard E. Munzinski, SVP Shared Services, Karen Huwyler, VP Financial Shared Services, American Electric Power Schering Plough Dave Griebl, VP Finance Shared Services, Bill Johnson, VP Global Financial Shared Monster Worldwide Services, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sreekanth K, SVP Global HR Operations & HR Business Partner, CA Non Traditional Services: Leveraging New Offerings for Expanded Capability SVP Visions: Strategies Behind SSON’s Graham Russell, Head of Transactional Top-Rated 5-Year Visions: Designing Services, AstraZeneca and Communicating an Organizational Lee Coulter, Former SVP Global Shared Vision that Drives and Delivers Results Services, Kraft Jim Shaughnessy, SVP & Chief Administrative Jay Desai, VP Global Sourcing, Northern Trust Officer, Orbitz Worldwide Lee Coulter, SVP Global Shared Services, Kraft 6
  7. 7. A Focus on Business Outcomes Based on the Core Fundamentals No matter from which angle you’re approaching challenges, Shared Services & Outsourcing Week has it covered! We surveyed our attendees to get a refresher on which core fundamentals make their shared services operation a success, irrespective of function. Here’s what you said: • People & Change Management • Governance, Risk & Compliance • Process Transformation • Climbing Up the Value Chain We take feedback seriously, so this year’s agenda topics are founded on these key principles. In addition, we’ve added functional tracks to tackle specific HR and Finance issues. Lastly, to fully optimize the learning experience at the event, there are numerous opportunities to meet peers based on experience level via the Blue Sky Track, Speed Networking and the multi-tracked agenda! See the agenda to find out which sessions make the most sense for you. “This conference is important to me because it tells me what I shouldn't do, what to watch out for, to not jump the gun; it shows me the road where I need to begin.” - Penny Formella, Shared Services Leader, Actuant Corporation, 2009 Shared Services Summit attendee Industry Recognition SSONs Annual Shared Services Excellence Every year, organizations from around the world apply for one of SSON’s annual Shared Services Excellence Awards. As one of the most highly regarded awards ceremonies in the industry, the SSON Shared Services Excellence Awards honor, recognize and promote SSOs that demonstrate winning practices for their own Awards organizations. Awards winners become industry benchmarks in terms of best practice and business excellence, generating publicity, awareness and additional opportunities – a key benefit in today’s economy. The Shared Services Excellence Awards are open to all SSOs from all countries and are judged by a leading panel of industry experts. Visit the website at to learn how you can apply! A Salute to the Great Individuals of Our Community: Heroes in Motion This program celebrates our employees, their accomplishments and their stories, highlighting individual accomplishments of those who change the way shared services gets delivered in their organization everyday. Heroes in Motion is not competitive, it’s appreciative. This is your chance to publicly recognize the people who are making a difference on the front line, everyday. WWW.SHAREDSERVICESWEEK.COM 7
  8. 8. Confirmed Speaker Faculty Abid Ali Neemuchwala, VP & Global Jay Desai, VP Global Sourcing, Northern Paul Fipps, CIO, Charmer Sunbelt Head, TCS BPO Trust Phil Fersht, Founder of Horses for Sources, Andrew Muras, BAE Systems Jean Kinney, Associate Director and Head of Corporate Strategy, Anoop Sagoo, Managing Director, F&A Purchases, Procter & Gamble Cognizant BPO, Accenture Jeff Kemmerer, VP Global Shared Phil Searle, CEO and Founder, Chazey Anthony Hesketh, Center for Services, Hershey’s Partners Performance-Led HR & Department of Jim Aselta, Shared Services & Rakesh Sangani, Editor at Large, SSON Management Learning & Leadership, Outsourcing Practice Leader, Ernst & Lancaster University Management Young LLP Regina Jones, Global Client Contracts School Manager, Schlumberger Jim Rundgren, Manager Operations, Bill Johnson, VP Global Financial Shared Northrop Grumman René Carayol MBE, Business Guru & Former Services, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. Board seat-holder at Pepsi (UK), IPC Media Jim Shaughnessy, SVP & Chief and the Inland Revenue Bob Cecil, Executive Director, Business & Administrative Officer, Orbitz Processes Advisory, EquaTerra Worldwide Richard Arbuthnot, Executive Director, Bonnie Tibitowski, Director Shared NASA Shared Services Joanne Kossuth, Vice President of Services, IAC Operations and CIO, Olin Richard E. Munczinski, SVP, American Brian Filas, Director of Shared Services, John Bauer, SVP WCI, Global Business Electric Power Company, Inc. AECOM Services Inc. Richard Rowan, Global Director of Shared Chaitra Vedullapalli, Senior Director, John Gayda, Director, KNA Financial Services, TRW Automotive Microsoft Service Center, Kellogg Rick Arpin, SVP & Corporate Controller, Cindy Gallagher, VP & Corporate John Lutz, General Manager, Managed MGM Mirage Controller, AOL Business Process Services, IBM Rick Bertheaud, Managing Director, Cliff Justice, Sourcing and Shared John Transier, VP & Controller, Unilever EquaTerra Advisory Leader, KPMG Ron Gillette, Senior Managing Director, Joseph Collins, Director of Client Craig Guarente, VP Contract Solutions, Apex Analytix ACS Management, Oracle Karen Dobson, Director Financial Support Sam Poston, SVP, ScottMadden Craig Silliman, SVP & General Counsel, Services, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. Verizon Business & Verizon Telecom Scott Furlong, CFO Services Partner, TPI Karen Harris, HR Shared Services Daniel Mahlebashian, Chief Contracting Scott Manning, Partner, ScottMadden Implementation Lead, BAE Systems Officer, General Motors Scott Senatore, Senior Director Credit & Karen Huwyler, VP Global Shared Daniel Wollenberg, Head, Global Services, Schering Plough Collections, Aramark Transformation Practice, WNS Secret Holland, HR Service Center, Katherine Kawamoto, VP, Research & Dave Connor, VP Procurement & Supply Advisory Services, IACCM Southern Company Chain, BP Sreekanth K, SVP Global HR Operations & Ken Hamel, SVP Global Presales and Dave Griebl, VP Finance Shared Services, Solutions, SAP HR Business Partner, CA Monster Worldwide Kenneth Riley, General Manager, Supply Stacie LeGrow, Corporate Counsel, Cisco Dave Hebert, Managing Director, Chain Management for Chevron Global 3Cinsight Steve Cox, FedEx Upstream & Gas Dave Trinka, Director of Business Steve Kopp, Patner & Managing Director, Kimberly Garrison, Director Accounting TPI Development, ScanOne Systems, Petco David Goldstein, VP HR Shared Services, Steve Primrose, Global Shared Services Kumar Amitesh, Head - Solutions, TCS Manager, Chevron BAE Systems BPO David Poole, Head of America’s Business Sue Danino, CFO Services Director, TPI Lamar Chesney, EVP & CPO, Suntrust Process Outsourcing, Capgemini Banks Susan Hogan, Principal, Deloitte Debbie Kraft, Shared Services Supervisor, Lee Coulter, Former SVP Global Shared Consulting LLP IAC Services, Kraft Suzanne Watson, Vice President, Deborah Kops, CMO, WNS Global M C McNeill, Vice President, IBM Global Consulting Services, IACCM Services Services Sylvia Steinheiser, VP & Deputy Counsel for Dominick DiPaolo, CPA, VP Global Sales, Enterprise Business, HP Manish Vora, Senior Vice President, Blackline Finance and Accounting, WNS Theresa Clark, Vice President, Finance Ed Spaulding, Corporate Director, Process Transformation, Trintech Marc Schwarz, SVP, Oracle On Demand Excellence, Northrop Grumman Mark Brennan, ACS F&A COO Thomas Hoffman, Freelance Business & Esteban Carril, Latin America Regional Technology Editor Director, EMC Mark Kingman, SVP, Disney Worldwide Frank Wissink, Head of U.S. Shared Shared Services Tiger Tyagarajan, Chief Operating Officer, Accounting Service Center, ABB Mary Rumley, HR Operations Manager, Genpact George F. Will – America’s Foremost Volvo Tim Cummins, President & CEO, IACCM Political Columnist Michael Riggins, Senior Manager AP, Tim McCarthy, Worldwide Director Graham Russell, Head of Transaction Motorola Contracts & Pricing, Rockwell Services, AstraZeneca Nancy Nelson, Global Contracts Director, Automation Greg White, Director of Accounting & CSC Tom Stern, Business Savvy, World-Famous Project Lead, ConAgra Foods Nicolo Gligo Saenz, Invest Chile Author, Radio Talk Show Host & Comedian Gregg Silver, Manager of Policies, Paige Cox, Executive Director, Human Vincent Taylor, Managing Director, Procedures and Continuous Resources, Constellation Energy Commercial & Contract Management, Improvement, Oakley Patty Ward, Assistant Controller, Petco Accenture Ira Fialkow, EVP Shared Services, CEMEX Paul Crystal, SVP Finance & William Metz, Global Business Services Jack Benton, Director – Advisory Administration, United Media External Business Development Manager, Relations, TCS Procter & Gamble Paul Durn, Senior Director, U.S. James Tucker, Director Product Department of Health & Human William Perry, Head of U.S. Shared Marketing, Ariba Network & Financial Services Accounting, Perdue Farms Solutions