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Assignment 3ab


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Assignment 3ab

  1. 1. Cassidy Lang Professor Klinkowstein Selected Business Article “Be careful whom you recommend on LinkedIn”
  2. 2. Cassidy Lang Professor Klinkowstein • Pax Dickinson was forced to resign from Business Insider because of the offensive comments he made public on his twitter page • His comments included rape jokes and enmity toward gender inequality
  3. 3. Cassidy Lang Professor Klinkowstein • Dickinson’s ex-employers continue to recommend him on LinkedIn • These companies are now looked down upon for supporting someone who is known for his offensiveness
  4. 4. Cassidy Lang Professor Klinkowstein Target Group • Students in their early twenties/late teens who use social media and are looking for jobs
  5. 5. Cassidy Lang Professor Klinkowstein Environment Hofstra’s Career Center Starbucks (Wantagh)
  6. 6. Cassidy Lang Interviews Grace: • Have you ever been offensive on a social media website? “I wouldn’t say that I’ve been offensive, just honest. Most of the tweets that I end up deleting are about my boyfriend, or my parents.” • Would you work for someone who requires seeing your personal sites? “I think it’s kind of strange for an employer to require to see personal sites, but I wouldn’t turn down a job because of it.” Professor Klinkowstein
  7. 7. Cassidy Lang Interviews (cont…) Brittany: • If you knew your employer was going to see your tweets or posts, would you still do it? “My mom follows me on Twitter, so, I’m pretty cautious already. I don’t really put too much out there.” • Where is the strangest place you’ve been caught posting/tweeting/texting? “I’ve actually, this is embarrassing, but…I’ve tweeted from my toilet before.” Professor Klinkowstein
  8. 8. Cassidy Lang Professor Klinkowstein Interviews (cont…) • If you knew your employer was going to see your tweets or posts, would you still do it? “I would have to delete a bunch of things, definitely.” Male student (Daniel) waiting for an appointment at the Career Center
  9. 9. Cassidy Lang Observations -Use of a cell phone -Waiting -Biting of nails -Looking around the room frequently -Professional attire Professor Klinkowstein
  10. 10. Cassidy Lang Diagonals_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  11. 11. Cassidy Lang Arcs_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  12. 12. Cassidy Lang Grids_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  13. 13. Cassidy Lang High-Key_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  14. 14. Cassidy Lang Monochromes_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  15. 15. Cassidy Lang Low-Key_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  16. 16. Cassidy Lang Neutrals_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  17. 17. Cassidy Lang Irregular Shapes_Visual Research Professor Klinkowstein
  18. 18. Cassidy Lang Color Professor Klinkowstein
  19. 19. Cassidy Lang Black and White Professor Klinkowstein
  20. 20. Cassidy Lang Professor Klinkowstein • “Invisible Cloak” • An extension built for Google chrome, designed in order to “hide” an individual’s online persona from employers/colleges/unwanted visitors. By entering your e-mail linked to the accounts, you will become “invisible”. Any pictures/posts linked to your name will be hidden.