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My digital story

  1. 1. My digital story By: Cassidy Kiraly
  2. 2. Table of Contents• About Me• Hobbies/Interests• Family/Friendships• What Matters to Me• My Personality/Learning Style• My (Possible) Future
  3. 3. About me• My name is Cassidy Mae Kiraly and I am 13 years old born on January 13 1999 in Castlegar BC, I play a lot of sports like soccer and basketball, I used to play hockey for my entire life but I didn’t play this year for soccer. I am a very active kid and I’m never home, I’m usually out playing sports at the park or at a friends house or a friend is at mine and were out doing something, whatever it may be I don’t spend a lot of time at home and I’m always on the go. I have a big group of friends and we always hangout the group includes Hannah Brown, Simone Chernoff, Tanisha Davis, Gabrielle Pilgrim Teya Makortoff and myself we all started hangingout by the end of grade 5 and became inseparable through the years. About half way through last year gabby moved to castlegar and started going to robson which was very sad and at the beginning of this year simone also moved to SH with Gabby, we have made more friends though including Hannah Dube, Sierra Buller and this year a new girl from germany started hangingout with us and her name is Rosina, we also hang out with most of the guys in grade 8 and some from grade 7 
  4. 4. Hobbies/Interests I play a lot of sports which occupy most of my time, I was going to play hockey this year but Itried out for a whitecaps development team and I made it!  so this winter I am going to betravelling a lot back and forth from Vancouver to here, I also get to go to a lot of other places, imreally excited about that. I also play basketball which I really enjoy I just started playing basketballin grade 7 and I had never played before, and Tekki really wanted me to play so I decided I wouldgive it a try and I really liked it! So im going to play again this year. My Favourite things to doduring the winter are watching Hockey, even though I didnt play this year I love watching hockey.So this year im going to be going with my brother lots to his hockey games because this is lastyear he gets to play in a house league unless they let over agers play next year but I doubt thatwill happen 
  5. 5. Friends/Family• My family and friends are very important to me I have a group of girl friends and we are always together and that includes Hannah, Teya, Simone, Tanisha and Gabrielle. I have been friends with Simone the longest ever since kindergarten, then Gabby and Hannah in grade 3 and actually I used to not like teya until we started hanging out at Simones 11th birthday party and we started being friends, followed by Tanisha who I became friends with at the end of grade 5 and now we are the bestest of friends(:• My family includes my mom Danielle, dad Andre and my brother Dylan who is graduating this year, and we live in a log house in Bonnington. We are a pretty sporty family and we are always doing something or going somewhere, and that’s why I don’t have any pets is because we are never home.
  6. 6. What matters to me• I love Justin Drew Bieber. I absolutely love him with all my heart and I am a Belieber until the end and longer<3 I went to his concert in Tacoma Washington on October 9th and it was the best day of my entire life, I went with Teya Makortoff and Simone Chernoff who are some of my best friends who are also in love with Justin. We had so much fun it was amazing and their were so many people there it was crazy! The Tacoma Dome holds 14,000 people and it was a a sold out show, our show sold out in 5 seconds and Justin sold out his whole north American tour in an hour! Which is completely amazing and I don’t even know how we got tickets we were so lucky. And not going to lie I cried at his concert during his song Believe its about his fans and how he wouldn’t be anywhere without them<3 words cannot describe how much I love him and I will always love him no matter what<3• Justin is also my role model/inspiration, he gives away half of his earnings to charity and is involved in over 7 charities. His song Pray is about people who have less then him and he talks about wars and people who are sick and in the music video he goes and visits hospitals and families who have someone in the war and all the proceeds of that song go to hospitals that he has visited. :’) Justin always tells his Beliebers that we can be anything we want to be if we believe and how thankful he is that he got the opportunity to do what he loves and is so thankful he loves his Beliebers so much and we all love him<3
  7. 7. My Personality/ Learning styleMy learning style is kinesthetic, which means that I like to be using my hands whilelearning and not just sitting class listening or writing on paper, which I think is veryaccurate because Im very sporty and I don’t like not doing anything. To be honest Idon’t really like time away from school like Summer break and Christmas breakbecause I like things being on schedule instead of just doing anything all day and beingbored.My personality well I guess you could say im pretty social, I talk a lot and socializeduring class and usually get in trouble for it. I can go up and talk to anyone aboutrandom stuff and keep the conversation going for awhile. I also do a lot of stupid stuffwhen Im with my friends and tend to embarrass myself but that’s okay because Idon’t really care that much about it.
  8. 8. My Possible Future• I havent really decided what I want to be when im older, but I do have a few ideas I may want to be and English teacher, a person who studies sharks or an author. I think it would be really cool to be an English teacher, English is my favourite subject but I also love reading and writing so an author would be cool to. I also might want to be a person who studies sharks because I just like sharks in general and they kinda interest me, but im actually scared of the water and don’t like to swim because im afraid of fish so im not sure that would be the job for me, haha.