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Preserving Digital Information For Nsw Sphere


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The aims of more open, transparent and collaborative government all rely on the ongoing useability of digital government information. What are the strategies we can adopt to make sure the digital evidence of our lives is there for the future?

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Preserving Digital Information For Nsw Sphere

  1. 1. Preserving digital information Cassie Findlay State Records NSW
  2. 2. ..or “Do nothing, lose everything”
  3. 3. What’s the connection with Govt 2.0? • If you want wider and more effective use of public sector information and content and the generation of new uses from it, you can’t just concern yourself with brand new information • We all still use data and information that is really, really old
  4. 4. Rosetta stone British Museum
  5. 5. The listing of convicts on board the “Neptune”, arrived in Sydney 28 June 1790 (part of the First Fleet).
  6. 6. PMapTH03, Parish of Tamworth, 1893 ‘View from Church of England Grammar School ‘State Records NSW: Department of Public Works, Sydney Harbour Bridge Branch; NRS 12685, Sydney Harbour Bridge Photographic Albums, 1870-1933
  7. 7. How are we able to continue to use this information? • Because we labelled it and put is on a shelf! Ukraine’s Central State Historical Archives in L’viv
  8. 8. Is this going to work for digital Government information?
  9. 9. Obsolescence MacDraw, FHKE, 2007, Gallery of Obsolete Formats 1, jen-the-librarian, 2007
  10. 10. Proprietary control • Potentially meaning Government information is restricted / unable to be accessed / costly to maintain
  11. 11. ..which is why we need to act now! • By: - keeping basic metadata - adopting sensible strategies to protect against technology change, limit proprietary interests and manage other threats
  12. 12. Government organisations have a role to play • adopt long term preservation formats eg ODF, PDF-A • adopt metadata standards • migrate with care • avoid removable media
  13. 13. State Records’ role • Set standards and provide guidance on making, keeping and preserving digital records • Preserving digital State archives ..forever • And making them available!
  14. 14. Future Proof •