Small Shops Doing Big Things Online


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How to better manage your time and resources with online marketing and social media. Presented at the CASE District V Conference, Dec. 11-13, 2011, Chicago, for higher ed and independent school web/communications.

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  • Does your job look like this? How many hats do you wear each week?
  • No surprise on the first two stats. But here’s the numbers that mean something to us as online marketers: (next 4 stats). Evidence that social media plays a role in college decisions. Increasing importance of video, especially on YouTube. Importance of student blogs as valuable content for your audience.This right here tells us that social media is a valuable investment for colleges and universities. Students see it as important to their college decisions, and so colleges need to take online marketing seriously.
  • Institutions’ use of social media. Many institutions are using multiple social media, which strains time and resources even further.
  • PTTV original video created and produced by students: Students are an excellent (and often free) resource for creating great content.
  • Park Tudor website redesign 2011: The project began by using a class of English students to gather their ideas for the website (free market research). We then talked to our web company and told them we had basically no budget to do a website redesign, but we wanted to do one anyway. We figured out what we needed and what we could afford, and then found alternative ways to accomplish what we couldn’t afford, such as using prettyPhotojavascript to get a lightbox video and slideshow player for free. We ended up spending 1/5 of the cost of a typical independent school redesign, and yet we received the most positive feedback from any redesign we’ve done.
  • Small Shops Doing Big Things Online

    1. 1. Small Shops Doing Big Things OnlineHow to Better Manage Your Time and Resources in OnlineMarketing and Social Media Cassie Dull Park Tudor School @cassdull #casev
    2. 2. When you break down all the fluff,there are two ways to promote andmarket your business: dumber, slowerand expensive – or smarter, faster, andcheaper.David Siteman GarlandHost of the Rise to the Top
    3. 3. Is this possible? Internet Marketing in 90 Minutes a Week 18 Minutes a Day to Social Media Time Management The 1 Hour a Week Social Media Plan From 24/7 to 9-5
    4. 4. College Decision Impact Survey 93% of HS seniors use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube a couple times per week or more 58% of students view Facebook at least several times a day 22% said a university’s social media presence made them more interested in applying 57% watched YouTube video created by school 51% read student blog on school website 53% read posts about school on social media January 2011 Maguire Associates &Fastweb College Decision Impact Survey
    5. 5. CASE Social Media Survey
    6. 6. CASE Social Media Survey To learn how institutions are using, managing and measuring social media Most institutions have centralized office responsible for SM No. 1 barrier to success: Lack of staffing and resources Plan to expand SM, but no plan to hire staff Want more resources, but don’t want to give up control
    7. 7. Online Marketing Your Time Is Valuable – Don’t Waste It! Prioritize What’s Important Work Smarter With Tools
    8. 8. Don’t Waste Your Time 90-9-1 Rule for Audience Engagement  90% lurkers  9% intermittent contributors  1% heavy contributors 90% of your communication should be geared toward engaging that 10% of your audience who contributes
    9. 9. Don’t Waste Your Time Get others to share your stories for you  Media students, Student newspaper  Teachers with digital cameras  Parents reporting sports scores on Twitter
    10. 10. Student Produced Video for Homecoming
    11. 11. Don’t Waste Your Money
    12. 12. Prioritize What’s Important Fits with Your Goals  Communications Goals  Department Goals  School/College/University Overall Goals
    13. 13. Prioritize What’s Important Use Website Analytics  Hard evidence to back up whether something is worth sinking your time and money into Use Social Analytics  Facebook Insights  YouTube Insights
    14. 14. Tools to Work Smarter Automation Social Monitoring Analytics And More!
    15. 15. HootSuite
    16. 16. If This Then That -
    17. 17. If This Then That -
    18. 18. Buffer –
    19. 19. Bitly –
    20. 20. Social Mention
    21. 21. TweetReach
    22. 22. EdgeRank Checker
    23. 23. Hyper Alerts –
    24. 24. TweetBeep
    25. 25. Hubspot Graders –
    26. 26. WebTrends Analytics
    27. 27. If all else fails…
    28. 28. Summary Don’t waste your time on lurkers Save time by getting others to do your work Save money by doing things yourself Don’t pursue projects that don’t fit with your goals Use analytics to decide what’s worthwhile Use tools to work smarter
    29. 29. Questions? Cassie Dull Park Tudor School @cassdull