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Online Marketing in 40 Hours a Week


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Online marketing is a full-time job that incorporates website management, social media, analytics, SEO and more. How do you manage your valuable time and resources to get the most out of your online marketing? Included are tools to help you work smarter with social media.

This was presented at the CASE Indiana conference on November 11, 2011 at Ball State University.

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Online Marketing in 40 Hours a Week

  1. 1. CASE Indiana Fall Conference 2011 Cassie Dull Park Tudor School @cassdull #caseindiana
  2. 2.  40 Hours a WeekOnline Marketing in 1 Hour a Week Cassie Dull Park Tudor School @cassdull #caseindiana
  3. 3. Is this possible? Internet Marketing in 90 Minutes a Week 18 Minutes a Day to Social Media Time Management The 1 Hour a Week Social Media Plan From 24/7 to 9-5
  4. 4. CASE Social Media Survey
  5. 5. CASE Social Media Survey To learn how institutions are using, managing and measuring social media Most institutions have centralized office responsible for SM No. 1 barrier to success: Lack of staffing and resources Plan to expand SM, but no plan to hire staff Want more resources, but don’t want to give up control
  6. 6. Online Marketing in 40 Hours a Week  Your Time Is Valuable – Don’t Waste It!  Prioritize What’s Important  Work Smarter With Tools
  7. 7. Don’t Waste Your Time 90-9-1 Rule for Audience Engagement  90% lurkers  9% intermittent contributors  1% heavy contributors 90% of your communication should be geared toward engaging that 10% of your audience who contributes
  8. 8. Don’t Waste Your Time Get others to share your stories for you  Media students, Student newspaper  Teachers with digital cameras  Parents reporting sports scores on Twitter
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Don’t Waste Your Money
  11. 11. Prioritize What’s Important Fits with Your Goals  Communications Goals  Department Goals  School/College/University Overall Goals
  12. 12. Prioritize What’s Important Use Website Analytics  Hard evidence to back up whether something is worth sinking your time and money into Use Social Analytics  Facebook Insights  YouTube Insights
  13. 13. Tools to Work Smarter Automation Social Monitoring Analytics And More!
  14. 14. HootSuite
  15. 15. If This Then That -
  16. 16. If This Then That -
  17. 17. Buffer –
  18. 18. Bitly –
  19. 19. Social Mention
  20. 20. Hyper Alerts –
  21. 21. Hubspot Graders –
  22. 22. WebTrends Analytics
  23. 23. If all else fails…
  24. 24. Summary Don’t waste your time on lurkers Save time by getting others to do your work Save money by doing things yourself Don’t pursue projects that don’t fit with your goals Use analytics to decide what’s worthwhile Use tools to work smarter
  25. 25. Questions? Cassie Dull Park Tudor School (317) 415-2816 @cassdull