How to create a new client


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How to create a new client

  1. 1. HOW TO CREATE A NEW CLIENT:When SAM is opened onto the main appointment screen, you willsee a list on the left top corner with Main, Maintenance, Tools & LogOut.These are your main links to the rest of the SAM features.Underneath the top section is your drop down box of options foreach section.Stay on the main screen and select CustomersTab 1
  2. 2. In this box there are several options available to you. You can searchfor a customer here by · First Name · Last Name · Mobile, Work & Home Phone Numbers · Email Address · Street AddressSelect New and a box will appear in which you fill in the customersdetails.There are multiple tabs in order to do this.Main Tab: · Customer Number (This updates automatically in numerical order with each new customer)
  3. 3. · Account Allowed (Tick this if your business runs accounts and you agree to allow said customer to have an account)· First Name· Surname Active Box (Tick this if the customer is currently active. If a customer is no longer coming to your business, you can simply un-tick the Active box and still keep their records for future)· Street is where you enter in the first part of the customers address eg; house number & street name.· Suburb has a search box where you click on the magnifying glass and then enter in the suburb. This will fill in all of the other details including postcode and state.
  4. 4.  If you cannot find the suburb, you can also search for the suburb through the postcode. Click on the magnifying glass and enter in the postcode. There are usually several suburbs that are within the same postcode. Click on the appropriate postcode.Next enter in the customers contact details including:  Home Phone Number  Fax Number  Email Address  Work Phone Number
  5. 5.  Mobile Phone NumberThere is also a section to enter in the customers Private Health Fundif they are in one. To do this, simply click on the magnifying glass andselect the appropriate Health Fund or select No Fund and then clickOK.Beneath the customers contact details is the customers marketingpreferences section. This provides the following options:
  6. 6.  Marketing Not Allowed (If this is ticked, none of the following options can be selected. It needs to be un-ticked in order to change marketing preferences)  Marketing Permitted box (when you select any of the following options, this box will tick automatically) Email SMS Phone  Appointment Reminders Permitted Email SMS PhoneWithin the Main tab there are also several other options available toyou. These include:  A search box to Select Customer- Click on the magnifying glass to search  Scroll Buttons <> This scrolls to the next customer (alphabetically)  Cancel- to Cancel the process of creating a new customer  Delete- To delete selected customer  Appointment History- The customers appointment history  Product History- Which products the customer has purchased  Sales History- Overview of the Customers sales  Referred Customers- Which other customers this customer has referred to you.  Add New Family Member- Add family members who are also customer  Marketing Tags-can be used for tagging customers to be specifically marketed to. EG; received information on new
  7. 7. laser treatment, when treatment arrives, let the customer know through the marketing.Tab 2Within the New Customer field, you will find the Photos tab next to the Main tab.  This is where you have the option of uploading a photo of your customer, taking a photo if you have a webcam installed on the computer or removing a photo.  You will need to Save the new customers details before you can upload a photo. This is so that you do not lose the data that you have already entered in.  To upload a photo, click Upload and then browse through your photos for the one you wish to upload.
  8. 8.  Select the photo and then click on Open. This will appear in the space on the original photo tab. Ensure to click save when the photo is uploaded.
  9. 9. Tab 3 The next tab is Other. Here you can input the customers DOB, Next of Kin, Occupation, Marital Status, Credit Card Details, who they were referred by and the date of their original visit. There is also space to enter in their ABN and to make notes for their Next of Kin-up to 2000 characters.
  10. 10.  Use the magnifying glasses to search for dates and information to fill out other sections such as Marital Status.  Please ensure to save all data between tabs.Tab 4Special Requests/Notes  This tab allows you to enter in details of a customer’s special requests or their favourite drink etc. When you book in an appointment for a customer with notes, a box will appear showing the notes before you can continue with the booking.
  11. 11.  When your customer arrives for their appointment and you have selected them as arrived, the Notes button will also be highlighted in yellow. This tells the service provider that the customer has Notes attached to their profile and to please read them.
  12. 12.  Click ok to go back to the main appointment screen.Tab 5Loyalty Club PointsWithin this screen you are able to:  See the amount of points the customer has accrued  Credit loyalty points  debit loyalty points  see redeemed points  reasons for credited points
  13. 13. Tab 6: MarketingWithin this tab you are able to view the different marketing email&sms that have been sent to this customer and view the Details ofwhat was sent.