Moving Microsoft Access Applications to the Cloud


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The glory days of Microsoft Access are gone. See how you can web-enable your Access data with ease.

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Moving Microsoft Access Applications to the Cloud

  1. 1. Moving Microsoft Access Applications to the Cloud
  2. 2. MS Access Once Ruled the Data Space • Microsoft Access was commonly available with the Office Suite. • It was designed for non-DBAs. • It provided quick and easy ways to manage data and create database applications. • With Visual Basic at its core, it could be enhanced to do many things.
  3. 3. Access is Microsoft’s Inferior Database • Making it more powerful meant competition with SQL Server. • Access is for single users and at best LAN users. • It lacks scalability, security and scheduling. • Performance degrades quickly with large data sets.
  4. 4. Gone Are the Glory Days of MS Access • Dominance of the web is a challenge for Access. • Users need online access to data, multi-user capabilities and ability to create web applications. • Microsoft’s strategy revolves around SharePoint and selling more licenses of its software. • Every new release of Access disappoints long-time fans. • Access 2010 introduced web apps but users have to deal with a SharePoint server to get a database online. • With Access 2013, users have to go through SharePoint 2013 or the Office 365 suite to publish their database apps.
  5. 5. New Alternatives: Cloud Databases • Cloud databases emerged as an alternative. • In particular, Caspio ( is aimed to serve the Access community. • Caspio is designed to keep the good and familiar concepts of Access while providing a way to overcome its shortcomings.
  6. 6. Caspio is the Natural Upgrade Path • From the ground up, Caspio is designed with Access users in mind. • The user interface is familiar. • Terminology is mostly the same. • Data import and export is compatible with Access files. • Access data types and attributes are supported. • Caspio recognizes and supports Access table relationships. • Caspio offers a plugin for Microsoft Access that makes its online data available in Access.
  7. 7. Fulfilling the Needs of Access Users • Caspio shines where Access lacks. • Allows you to put data on the web, easily. • Import/export Access files to and from Caspio. • Intuitive point-and-click app builder helps create web interfaces and data- driven applications. • Seamlessly deploy database applications and forms on any web property. • Access data on the web whenever and wherever users need it.
  8. 8. Fulfilling the Needs of Access Users – cont. • Caspio is perfect for multi-user apps. • Robust user authentication and password protection for forms and apps. • Users are managed within your own tables. • Every plan provides unlimited users. Pricing is usage-based. • Role-based access control and record level security. • Automatic massive scalability for table size and transactions.
  9. 9. Fulfilling the Needs of Access Users – cont. • Powerful database applications for your end users. • Reports: Pre-configured or interactive reports with ad-hoc search, drill- downs, data calculation, groups, aggregation and more. • Charts: Visualize data in reports and dashboards. • Mapping: Easy integration of data with Google maps. • Location-based capabilities: Search by distance, geocoding and more.
  10. 10. Fulfilling the Needs of Access Users – cont. • Powerful capabilities for your end user apps. • DataHub: Scheduled and automatic data export or import tasks from Caspio to/from external websites, FTP or Amazon S3. • Easy Integration: Powerful APIs enable easy integration with other apps; support for JavaScript integration on the client’s side. • Offline Access to Data: Caspio plugin for Microsoft Office brings real-time online data into Excel or Access on the desktop. • Styles: One click styling and easy modification. • Localization: Choice of many languages for your apps.
  11. 11. Robust and Scalable Infrastructure • Amazon Web Services (AWS) • Caspio leverages the world-class AWS datacenter to host your data and applications. • We are a certified AWS Technology Partner. • Global Sites • Four global sites are available for you to choose from. • Locations: North America, Europe, Australia and South America. • Backend is built on Microsoft SQL Server for the highest level of reliability and security. • We are a recognized Microsoft Silver Partner.
  12. 12. Outstanding Support and Services • Our world-class customer support services ensure a smooth transition from your desktop Access to the cloud. • 10+ years of experience helping customers migrate Access data online. • Outstanding services for both Fortune 500 and countless SMBs. • Onboarding programs help new customers jumpstart the migration process. • As a certified Microsoft Partner, we understand the ins and outs of their software and can assist customers in ways that add the most value.
  13. 13. For more information please visit us at Thank you!