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Clextra tablet applications

  1. 1. Software. Tool. Enabler. Back-end. SaaS. Cloud ANDPlatform ….… for Local, National or International Cluster(s) ofTablets… from ANY vendor ANY Client Platform. brings you … Tablet Apps.
  2. 2. Infrastructure Concepts
  3. 3. One Tablet can only go so far
  4. 4. One vs Many Tablets1. Stand-alone. 1. Requires a back-end.2. Minimal practical uses. 2. Easy-to-use.3. Show-off to family & 3. Portable. Light-weight. friends. Smaller size. Longer battery life.4. No business use. 4. Lower-costs due to5. TCO & ROI cannot be VOLUME purchases. justified. 5. Alternate to a PC.6. On a ‘cloud’ it has many 6. Alternate to a Kiosk. interesting uses and 7. Alternate to a Hand-held. applications. 8. Lots of Business Potential.7. … however you have to pay Less TCO. Higher ROI. $$$ for each. Apple iTunes 9. Many more Application or iTunes, Amazon, Intel Opportunities. App.Up. Nokia OVI etc.
  5. 5. Not just India (the World)
  6. 6. Current & Future Access … At Office On the Move At Home Public Use
  7. 7. Server(s) OS Adequate Bandwidth Continuous Availability What it takes! Software Applications Business Process Setup, Configuration & First time Data- Population Training On-GoingA back-end App. such as clextra Tech. Support On-Going Functional Support
  8. 8. Integrate to existing. (If …) Time, Money & EffortStrategic ERP SCM CRM BI-KM LMS TDAMS PDM-PLMTactical FA,HR etc. MACS JV & Partner EAI Software Domain Expertise New HardwareOperational Servers, Thin-clients, Devices … Existing IT Investments
  9. 9. Tablets Infrastructure itself1. How many are there? MACS2. What versions? What are the apps running on them?3. Who has it been assigned to?4. Who owns it? Cost implications? Loss? Theft? Stolen? Breakages? Repair?5. How ‘safely’, ‘securely’ does it access the network?6. Is the ‘device’ authorised? OR is the ‘person’ authoriised? Do you you need ‘BOTH’?7. Its’ mobile. Do you want to know where it is? GPS? How accurate?8. Are you willing to pay ‘extra’ for all the above f it ‘System’, ‘Method’ & ‘Information’? ene yB Ke
  10. 10. Structured Systems1. By default and forced into Information Analysis, a Methodology, Work Flow and/or Best Practice in ANY modules.2. MBS. 3-level Module Block Segment breakup. AANN format.3. MBSPU 5 level format. AANN0101 (8 or more character format).4. Structured and Systemic method of ‘Geography’. eg. inKAblrANNW04. 13 character coding.5. Mapping and Artworks 2 x 100 (any further number) of P_NNN or L_NNN visuals.6. GPS, GIS and coord Fields.7. AutoID, barcode, RFID and EPC Integrated.8. Teams of 10 x 7 x max(26).9. Structured and Systemic method of Multimedia (ANY media – Text, Video, Audio, Visual) file using the GiCA MBSP system, for upload, storage, retrieval, Ownership, Access, Sequencing, Usage.10. Households of Demographic, Psychographics Groups.11. Financial and/or Management Account Heads.12. Campaigns.13. Subscriptions Options.14. Socket programming access for automation.15. 10’s of 100’s Supported Global Best Practices and Functional Models include.16. Financial and Risk Metrics, Ratios etc. for ANY and ALL data.
  11. 11. Existing Applications EACH Presentation SLIDE that follows … … is an Enterprise-wide POSSIBLE application with a network of Tablet(s)
  12. 12. Back-end Integration MIS & Management Multi-Location Accounting Pricing & Stock Process & Standards Position ISO, SEI, MIL etc. CollaborativeCommunications Procurement & Manufacturing Customer Information Media on Demand Systems Integration Website Inventory Classified PR, Promotions, WORK XML, EDI etc. Employee(s) Merchandising, Sales & Marketing Access
  13. 13. Tablet(s) Integration Internet SD PROLIANT 8000 ESC SD DLT m Managed Service(s) Self Service
  14. 14. LMS – Learning Kiosk Create a as HUGE as you want structured; database of Multimedia Content on ANY subject. Access this with a 3-level; 123 simple system. You can even setup a Syllabus.
  15. 15. Display Signage Create a Time-based Advertising Display Signage like Playback for any or groups of Tablets.
  16. 16. Integrated TV An interface for over 10,000 channels of Television; Radio or other mass media Search.
  17. 17. Dynamic Wall Hanging Use a Tablet as just a wall hanging. Create a theme, mood and can even be Calendar and days of the year based.
  18. 18. Photographs Photographs you want the world to see.
  19. 19. Time Table Time Tables on your Tablet
  20. 20. i3S (Integrated Safety, Security &Surveillance) Provide Safety warnings on Tablets
  21. 21. Metering & Monitoring Setup your table to access central or distributed information on a range of user- definable Meters linked to Hardware, Sensors & Instrumentation.
  22. 22. Blackboard : TV Digital Display Use your Tablet as a Blackboard that can have Content PUSHED from the Server.
  23. 23. Whiteboard Use your Tablet as an Instruction Slate. Assembly Line. Repair Checklist
  24. 24. Ticketing Applications Create a Field-Salable Ticketing Application around your Tablet.
  25. 25. Sales Catalogue(s) Sales Catalogue especially where Consumers cannot get a look & feel NOR touch. Such as home-selling; products NOT in stock; Jewelry; Concepts Communication.
  26. 26. HTML5 CSS3 Catalogue If your Tablet is low- end but supports a HTML5, CSS3 Browser the Rick Consumer Experience is STILL exciting & endless.
  27. 27. Sales ‘Attributes’ Matcher Allow Consumers to match key-words they want from a Product to whether your Product range has this at all.
  28. 28. Track Brand(s) Perception(s) Product Development Research. Compare your Product with a Market Leader. Is your Advertising communication tuned to your Product and the Psychographics?
  29. 29. Restaurant Self-Service Application A comprehensive and complete ‘scalable’ solution for Restaurants. QSR or Fine-dining. Customise Menus, Pricing. Start a Loyalty Card Programme. Listen to your Clientele.
  30. 30. Consumer Market Research Create user definable CAPI based Consumer Market Research. Include Audio and/or Video clips. Capture Voice files. Use the consumer’s language to talk to them.
  31. 31. Logistics Solution Traditionally this application works on a rugged handheld. However with price; market demand & supply flows – tablets can be used for high-volume, repetitive use such as with our comprehensive end- to-end Logistics Solution
  32. 32. Online Managed Forms Data-capture, Veracity, Integrity, Validity, Point- of-capture, getting closer to the Consumer means self-service and getting the Consumer to participate. The Tablet is an IDEAL medium to get closer to the Consumer and get them to participate in sharing their information – likes, dis-likes, wishes and desires with you.
  33. 33. Occupancy, Parking etc. Security or other personnel with a TOUCH on a Tablet can keep track of who is IN and who is OUT. In Residential or Commercial Parking. High-Security Staff. Hotels. Buses. Trucks. Containers. SKU’s.
  34. 34. Behavioural Assessment(s)Pyschometric Tests The Table is ideal for handling Psychometric and Behavioural Assessments. Multimedia content can enhance the experience and bring a whole range of NEW assessments to the Business
  35. 35. Attendance Application With a TOUCH on the Tablet you have PUNCHED IN or PUNCHED OUT your staff member from the Premises. This can be linked to Attendance, Los-of-Pay, Overtime, Access Control, Muster-Roll etc. etc. etc.
  36. 36. Calendaring based Apps. Any calendar based retrieval of information with a single-touch. The data management can be done with traditional PC’s and Client-Server Architecture.
  37. 37. Systems, Checklists &Process Adherence With a TOUCH each and every step in a Workflow can be captured as done for Process Adherence.
  38. 38. Cycle(s) Improvement Cycle-time improvement is the essence ofEfficiency, Productivity. Set a Delivery, Quality,Time and Cost Target. Enter actuals. Do a Work & Motion Study across 1,000,000’s of Transactions.
  39. 39. Database Linked Maps When Google is not good enough. Link maps to GIS; GPRS. Instrumentation. Locations. RFID and AutoID devices .. And when you have 100’s of them all at one spot.
  40. 40. Complete Solution(s)1. Field Sales Calls Reports.2. Field Sales Enquiry Capture. (Out of stock, advance order booking etc.)3. Outlet Walk-in Information data-capture.4. Field Service Call Reports.5. Field Service-Ticket or Docket registration & Management.6. Field Consumer Profiling data-gathering.7. Physical Stock Information data-capture.8. Field Assets, Plant & Machinery Audit.9. Safety, Security & Surveillance Information and related data-capture.
  41. 41. Sales Calls : Service Calls• Allocation.• Planning.• Remote Administration.• Self Service OR Co- ordinator Managed.• Target : Actual : Gap• Calendaring.• Prioritisation.• Supervisory Access.
  42. 42. Collaborative Scheduling
  43. 43. Single Point Solution1. Technology Architecture.2. Back-end Servers, OS, Uptime, IN-OUT Pipe.3. Broadband, 3G, connectivity etc. ISP co-ordination.4. Tablets. PCs. Thin-Clients. Kiosks. Handhelds Specifications; vendor Identification; contract negotiations; due-diligence.5. Customisation. Configuration.6. Proof-of-Concept. Pilots.7. Hardware & related Services. AMC. Warranty. Per- call. Carry-in-Maintenance. OEM back-to-back with Manufacturer. Tech.Support. Spares. Consumables.8. One-time; first-time Services.9. On-going Services.10. HelpDesk Services.11. Outsourced OR Managed Services.
  44. 44. Back-End (BIG TICKETS)1. Aadhaar. UID and related Solution.2. eDMS Solutions.3. Display Signage Distribution.4. All-India Inland Logistics, non-Vessel Operations Solution.5. Western Classical Music Learning.6. Education & Learning Management Solution(s) Content from YOUR University, Syllabus or Domain.7. Centralised and Distributed Inventory, People-HR, Assets, Financials etc.8. All-India Services Management for Self-Service, Kiosks, Tablets, Service-Centres etc.9. Centralised Sales Catalogues; Product Specs. Etc. yet localised Pricing, Stock-Status etc.• …. Many more. Please try us; you’ll be surprised at what we can ‘conjure’ up to meet your needs for 21st century Business Leverage.
  45. 45. Music International Tablet based Annual Subscription for Learning and staying in touch with Western Classical Music.
  46. 46. Music International Subscription Music International Website Academy : Minstrels : Methods : Coaching
  47. 47. Learn Western Classical Music Resources. Teaching of Teachers. Links. Contact Classes. Classical Guitar – Recorder – Concert Flute – Strings – Voice Development.
  48. 48. A Tablet. It’s all of these!!!
  49. 49. Edgevalue http://www.clextra,com62-B Modi Residency, Millers Road, Benson Town Bangalore 560 046 INDIA Phone : 91 (india) 80 (bangalore) 2595 0059 Casper Abraham CEO & Principle Consultant Cellphone : 98450 61870