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eGovernance the way it needs to be done. You need a think-tank and a thinker to moderate and facilitate it. handle the multiple stakeholders, short term, medium term and longer term vision keeping in mind budgets and resource constraints.

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eGovernance Whitepaper

  1. 1. e‘Governance’ Clextra can serve as your ONLY or MAIN Collaborative Communications System and Tool – depending on the needs of the Country, State, Borough, District, County, City, Mayorality or Governing Body. While primarily in English … it can support a range of languages, time-zones and currencies. The ‘essence’ of clextra is the following of the following modules & features … 1. MACS (Management Accounting and Control System). 2. Collaborative Communications. Self-Service at every level. 3. PM (Project Management) from the tiny to the largest, long-term Project. 4. Least TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and Highest ROI (Return on Investment) to the Public/Tax-Payer. Essentially ‘Clextra’ is an Enterprise Framework Software Tool to ensure ‘safety’ of ‘Stakeholders investments’ and the ‘maximisation’ of Investors Interests. Key parameters for Successful Projects 1. Detailed Planning 2. Appropriate Staffing. 3. Robust Systems. 4. Thorough Monitoring. Why LARGE Projects fail 1. Clarity of Vision and Objectives. 2. A strategy for implementation. 3. Effectiveness of Execution. 4. Audit to enforce accountability. How does Clextra help 1. Clextra includes a range of Planning Tools. Budgets; Periodic Estimates; Collaborative Forecasting etc. 2. HR is comprehensive and all-inclusive from Organisational Design; Job Description; Behavioural Assessment; Competency Mapping to Performance Appraisal & Performance Management Systems. 3. Any Global Best Practice including Balanced Scorecard; Six-Sigma or Metrics-Driven ‘Best Practice’ can be configured and deployed within weeks. 4. A collaborative self-service integrated multimedia communications framework allows to and fro monitoring.
  2. 2. 5. Top to Bottom; Group to Individual Objectives and Goals can be established and communicated within Clextra. 6. The defined strategy can evolve and be communicated top to bottom; throughout the Project. 7. The effectiveness of Execution can be monitored with Macro and micro-level Target, Actual and Gap metrics on Date, Quality, Time, Cost and Security Parameters. 8. Constant evaluation between ‘BOOK’ and ‘PHYSICAL’ audit with BOTH; Financial Accounting and Management Accounting and Control Systems are built-in to Clextra. Principles for Governance … The mission in any Government, State or Social organization is NOT simple. However, every Agency has a primary purpose. The police are there to make Society Safer; Tax authorities should ensure that all citizens pay their taxes; Education is meant to make kids smarter etc. None of these are easily translated into economic terms although it is easier to deal with them in terms of metrics and ratios. In most agencies there are 2 aspects … i. Providing some service or services to citizens or other Agencies. ii. Get citizens or other Agencies to do – or NOT do – certain things. To accomplish its mission the Agency must constantly measure, quantify and balance the delivered Service Experience against the Cost of providing this Service Experience. This is exactly the ‘balance’ that large Top Management in private sectors try to resolve. By following a ‘Balanced Scorecard’ principle and philosophy of metrics - the Mission of the Agency can be established, information acquired to these metrics; information disseminated based on these metrics; the metrics monitored; metrics managed and Tangible and Perceived Success ensured. Technology Wish List …. To provide such a solution to a New Economy Enterprise; the Clextra Decision Execution System was designed; and is built from ground-up to cater to the following customer-felt needs :- i. It must be browser based. Not required visible changes and upgrade; in the short-run. Obtain the full benefits of Internet; TCP/IP technology; yet ensure security, privacy, secrecy on a need-to-know basis.
  3. 3. ii. It must be self-service and allow varying levels of user-definable transparency in implementation. iii. A tool that allows options and combinations of access and integrates YET separates and dis-allows access for … 1. Hierarchy of Employees. 2. Customer – Major Account Managers, Contacts, Account Managers or individual Subscribers. 3. Vendors or Suppliers. 4. Investors and/or Stakeholders in the Business. iv. Should be stored and retrieved – if required – for audit and/or other transparency and control purposes. v. Avoid the pitfalls of the problems with today’s ubiquitous email. Spam – no record or trace – unknown attachments – no numbering system - virus etc. vi. It must real-time and relevant. vii. It must be horizontally integrated. Any and all aspects of the Governance. Risk. People. Finance. Cash-flow. Logistics. Inventory. Assets Management. Equipment Utilisation etc.. viii. It must be vertical – ‘Strategic’ Direction allowing ‘Tactical’ decision- making based on ‘Operational’ drill-down data. Departments Viability, Department Costing, Resources related decision-making, data, information to know-how etc. etc. ix. ROI (Return on Investment) must be 12 months or less and must include measurable metrics for this. x. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) must be the least compared to any competitive bid in an open or closed tender. xi. Open Source (In this day of transparency, regulatory concerns and RTI (Right to Information) acts. Open standards, non-proprietary technology and integration across multiple suppliers and multiple customer-bases is of paramount importance. Choose a Goal … 1 Fix the complexity Extremely large and complex information can be easily represented within the Clextra System. 2 Do it differently If you are going to change things; you would need extremely good communications, high level of monitoring and team-co-ordination measures; to be implemented easily and quickly. 3 Do it cheaper If you do not want to become dependent on a Big-5 vendor; are brave enough to avoid the SYBS-syndrome - you should try the Clextra Decision Execution System and be pleasantly surprised at your (ROI) Return on Investment.
  4. 4. 4 Do it better Improving things is all about measurements. Where are we today? Where do we want to be tomorrow? What is the gap? What are the resources and inputs required to achieve this? Have we got there? The Clextra Decision Execution System can manage this effortlessly. Best Practice(s) While Clextra supports a range of Best Practices from several verticals including Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defense, Agriculture etc. and all horizontals including Finance, eCommerce, HR, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Production, Planning, Forecasting, Collaboration etc. for large corporations and eGovernance we would recommend the implementation of a Balanced Scorecard approach. Clextra will provide a complete framework for a comprehensive Balanced Scorecard in your venture. Clextra in Theory For eGovernance we feel that there are 3 or 4 primary modules of potential use that can be prioritized for implementation … i. Clextra as the Enterprise Project Management Software. ii. Clextra as the MACS (Management Accounting and Control System). iii. Clextra as a Project Portal for Collaborative Communications. iv. Clextra for Infrastructure. Actually a combination of all the above … to monitor, manage, control and facilitate the implementation of the current complexity of many simultaneous State and Central Government projects. Clextra in Practice Clextra provides a Top-Level Strategic and Tactical Decision Making environment with Vertical focus-capacity and Horizontal integration options. With over 60+ Modules and 400+ Features; it may seem like ‘Rocket Science’ yet allows you to control ‘Information Technology’ and not the other way round. Some of the potential uses include.
  5. 5. 1. Dual-Login : Triple-System Any instance of Clextra supports a dual-system. ie. One login base for ‘Administrators’. The second system for ‘citizens’. The third System for Suppliers, Utilities & Service Providers. Further separate instances may be required for citizen volume exceeding 10,000,000. An options of tunnel and single-sign allow easy integration between them 2. Internal ‘alternate’ to Email A completely independent and alternate email system exists within Clextra. Allows for 2 emails – internal and external which can be integrated with existing email systems. If stand-alone the message and attachment are treated apart and separately. Attachments can be random or periodic; tracked independently as IPR; linked and associated with an individual or team. 3. Human Resources  Planning – Organisation and Role Design; Competency Mapping; Manpower Planning; Training Gap Establishment; Learning Syllabus etc.  Individuals - The Identification; Behavioural and Competency Assessment; Role Assignment; Performance Monitoring; Mentoring of young and experienced Performing Talent at all levels in the Organisation.  Teams - Placed under achievers; resources allocated; Team- Role Design; Costs; Capital Expenditure and Activity Based Cost Tracking. Assessments and information on Inter-personal relationships that enhance or bring down Teams. 4. Any Industry Sector Options of tracking Manufacturing; Agriculture Metrics; Services or Intangible Assets. 5. Finance (for Management NOT Accounting)  Budgeting System.  Collaborative and Individual Cash flow System.  Multiple Profit, Cost, Revenue and Investment Centres.  Management Chart of Accounts  General Ledger.  Multiple Cash & Bank Accounts.  Party Ledgers.  Expenses Management & Control System.
  6. 6.  Receivables Tracking System  Payables Tracking System  Purchase Order System. (Linked to Inventory management) 6. End of Day (or Period) Feature Typically 6 key metrics can be tracked on a DAILY (or pre-defined periodic) basis for Governing Body Decision-Making. These could be Finance Related, Inventory Related or ANY time-Series related. 7. Document Management Apart from attachments – Technical Specifications Documents; Bill of Materials; Packing Slips; Brochure or Catalogue can be associated with every Item integrated/imported and available within Clextra. Forms; Templates and other Process Documents can be centrally and singularly managed within and from Clextra. 8. Workflow Management System Master Library(s) of Checklists. Business Rules for each step of a Checklist. Cycle assignment for Process / Response Time improvement. Checklist Assignment to Citizens. Tracking, decision- making, associated documentation upload etc. for each step, any task each citizen, each time. 9. Collaborative Communications A Collaborative communications environment top-down such the Vision; Mission and Policies of the organization. Periodic information via Newsletters etc. Decisions. Bottom-up information such as request for decision; raw-data; budget related information; expenditure requests; documentation storage etc. 10. CoPaS COPAS or Collaborative Problems and Solutions is a Clextra feature that allows any logged-in individual to post a problem. Every login can view a problem and suggest a solution. Every Solution can be rated and a Problem itself can be rated. Correct pre-defined weightages can be directly linked to a points-system and reward and recognition in organizations that are trying to implement and monitor innovation, micro-innovation or creativity. This could also be a part of the Clextra internal patent regime.
  7. 7. 11. Citizen Verification System Citizen Verification Management System. Address Proof and ID Proof soft-copy storage. Verficiation / authentication / audit by third party service providers. 12. Citizen Segmentation Depending on whether the base-facing is Employee; Customer or Vendor – a range of Geographic, Demographic and/or Psychographic segmentation is possible. Teams, Annual-Income, Age, Spending, Family size, North, South, Laggard, Early adaptor ..etc. 13. Citizen Subscription Services A list of ALL (upto 99) subscriptions services is available. These can be citizen/individual availed of OR citizens in households avai8led of. Services are to an individual OR to a household. 14. Citizen Helpdesk Docket Management System A list of ALL (upto 81) services 9 x 9 types of direct response, Escalation to upto 3 levels and/or Decision required from 1,2 or 3 OTHER for decision-making where Finances/Resources are involved. 15. Product, Inventory or Service Segmentation Focusing on the Strategic and Tactical issues of Inventory – a 3- dimenion coding system is recommended. BRAND – ASSOCIATION – STYLE. This allows a Brand development focus to high-value, high-selling, attention-directed collaborative focus for Account Management; Customer-Procurement; and Vendor-Profitability. Also ABC or XYZ classification can be utilized. 16. Tracking with Checklists Using a range of Checklist options; Yes-No; Decision Quality; Multiple decisions-Makers approvals etc. can be tracked for any pre-defined variety of transactions – such as Loan Approvals; Customer Delivery; Payment Collection; Quality Assurance etc. Also Assets; Demo-Equipment; Vendor or Customer located inventories and usage can be monitored and managed – manually or automated. (Supports features like RFID … etc.)
  8. 8. 17. Goals Tracking Whether through ‘Target vs Actual’ and Gap Analytics or Performance Management Appraisal System Clextra will help monitor progress whether large or incremental, macro or micro at all steps in all phases in all projects. 18. Process Improvement with Cycles Monitoring Using the Clextra cycle-step feature; any process or cycle of steps can be adapted and placed within Clextra to be individually tracked for HR; Finance; Logistics; Manufacturing; Delivery; etc. For each step a Delivery-Date; Quality; Time-Taken; and Cost target can be established and the actual information gathered. This can be subsequently analysed for macro or micro-process improvement 19. Assets Information & Tracking System Information repository of all Key Assets (Physical and Virtual). Preventive Maintenance, Financial Depreciation, Services Costing, related Documentation, Allocation and Usage and Return (Similar to a Library like system) for any owned FIXED, MOBILE, TRANSPORT etc. assets. 20. Risk Metrics Backed by a globally known Enterprise Risk Management Consulting Company; the Practice and Implementation of Risk Metrics; Verification Systems; Risk Ratings, Governance, Compliance & Risk (GRC) … allows a wide variety of Statistical Information to be co-related against individual or Group variables to ensure reduced risk on every Tangible and Intangible Asset of the Agency. Clextra as the Tool to track Risk Metrics. Assets, Plant & Machinery Monitoring. Insurance Management. A citizen ‘rating’ system allows individual tracking for Citizens for Financial control, homeland security etc. 21. Integrated Safety, Security & Surveillance Combining multimedia, digital convergence, TCP-IP, Internet & Mobile with clextra as the Administrative System that allows realtime, integrated Management of the proposed i3S
  9. 9. 22. GIS & Mapping Comprehensive system for Mapping, break-up of all the Geography into ‘systemic’ usable maps. Can be integrated with Goggle Maps or other preferred GPS Supplier. Who’ll Bell the Cat … All said and done … who in the ‘Agency’, ‘Intermediary’ or ‘Consultancy’ that is going to handle all this. It’s the middle level Operatives on the Ground. Recognizing this, the Clextra system allows you to Identity such People or Partner Firms - Assess them, train them on functional and tool use; provide incentives; give them the Clextra framework; empower them; mentor them; and create a collaborative ‘Community within the Agency Community’ to achieve results. 20% of your Staff deliver 80% of your Mission. Advanced Uses … Having established the components as above Clextra and the Agency can attempt Agency-Wide Programmes. These may include … i. Distributed Budgeting …. ii. Collaborative Forecasting … iii. Advanced Planning …. iv. GRC - Risk Practice and Management … v. Internal Staff Leadership Development …. vi. Distance Learning … vii. Citizen Self-Service …. viii. i3S – Integrated Safety, Security & Surveillance. Clextra and its Channel Partners will take you there. Contact Information : Casper Abraham Cellphone : 91-98450 61870 Direct Line 91(India) 80 (Bangalore) 2595 0059 Edgevalue 62-B Modi Residency, Millers Road Benson Town Bangalore 560 046 INDIA Corporate website : Product website :