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Introduction to Agile for Digital Stakeholders


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1h introduction to stakeholders of the digital team at Macmillan Cancer Support

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Introduction to Agile for Digital Stakeholders

  1. 1. The Why and What INTRODUCTION TO AGILE@arsagilis
  2. 2. “ Plans are useless, but planning is everything ” US President Edward D. Eisenhower, 1957@arsagilis
  3. 3. About me Change Agent Teaching Agile RoR developer Agile since 2001 1st site at the age of 14 Certified Scrum Master LAMP PhotoBox Agile UX Passionate Kanban FOSS enthusiast Drupal Certified Scrum Professional PHP developer Amnesty International Scrum@arsagilis
  4. 4. The story so far
  5. 5. Before agile@arsagilis Winston Royce, 1970
  6. 6. Winston Royce on Waterfall “ ... The implementation described above is risky and invites failure. ” Winston Royce, 1970@arsagilis
  7. 7. @arsagilis 2001
  8. 8. Agile – new and shiny?
  9. 9. What is Agile about? Welcoming change Working with uncertainty Reducing risk Delivering value at every step Quality of products Retaining people & talent
  10. 10. Agile does all that by ... Constantly reprioritising and replanning Slicing requirements into small & achievable pieces of work Slicing requirements for value Empowering their teams and people
  11. 11. Agile Manifesto Individuals and Process and over interactions tools Working Comprehensive over software documentation Customer Contract over collaboration negotiation Responding to Following a over change plan@arsagilis
  12. 12. Waterfall vs Agile
  13. 13. Plan BuildWaterfall Test Review Deploy Plan Plan Plan Plan Build Build Build BuildAgile Review Deploy Test Test Test Test Review Review Review Review
  14. 14. Who is using Agile?
  15. 15. Agile in perspective Learning organization Lean Agile XP, Scrum, Chrystal, DSDM...
  16. 16. How to plan with uncertainty
  17. 17. "Uncertainty is anuncomfortable position but certainty is an absurd position" - Voltaire
  18. 18. On the 20 September 2012 youwill be doing ...
  19. 19. The PM Triangle Cost Quality Schedule ScopeMaximum of 2 can befixed!
  20. 20. A common sense approachWe make decision based on the ... but do it often information we have Rather than ... we spread making one all- decision-makingencompassing set across the project of decisions
  21. 21. Don’t waste time ...... detailing out the distant future – things WILL changeFocus on the immediate futureThings get blurrier the further away they areROADMAPS!
  22. 22. An Agile Roadmap
  23. 23. How do we work with Digital?
  24. 24. How Digital works Project 1 Project 4 Project 2 Project 1 Dev team Bug 1 sprint Task 1 planning Task 1 PM prioritisation Project 2 Project 4 meeting Prioritised backlog Bug 1 Individual Project 4 Project 4 projects & tasks Bug 1 Bug 1 Task 1 Task 1 Sprint Sprint Dev team working backlog outcome on items in sprint backlog
  25. 25. Lets work together!
  26. 26. Any Questions?Michael @arsagilisSkype: