Using delicious – a social bookmarking tool


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Using delicious – a social bookmarking tool

  1. 1. Using  Delicious  –  A  Social  Bookmarking  Tool      1.  What  is  Delicious?  A bookmarking tool that lets you save, organize and share your favorite websites • Bookmark any site on the Internet, and get to it from anywhere • Share your bookmarks, and get bookmarks in return • Discover useful and interesting bookmarks on the web by using Delicious as a search engine2.  Setting  Up  A  Delicious  Account   • Visit and click on Join Now • Go through the sign up screen, remember your username and password • Go to Step 2 to import any bookmarks you have saved locally.Once your account is setup, you can loginNote: You might want to click on “Keep me signed in.”      
  2. 2. 3.  Bookmarking  Using shortcuts can save timeA. Saving your favorite sites in Delicious is MUCH easier if you use browser buttons. • Visit the help section of Delicious to get your shortcut buttons • • Use the instructions for your Browser and follow them to add this functionality • NOTE: Most browsers have their own Delicious extension you might choose to use instead.B. Use browser extensions to make saving easier. Here is an example of a Firefox extensionfor Delicious. Visit Delicious, See my Delicious Bookmarks, Save this Site to DeliciousWhen you use the Save this Site to Delicious button, the following window appears:URL: The URL field is simply the address of the page youre bookmarking.Title: If youre using one of our bookmarking tools, this will be prefilled with the title of the page youre saving.Feel free to edit this in any way that makes sense to you.Notes: Heres where you may want to write some additional info for yourself or to let others know why youbookmarked this page.Tags: Enter one or more tags separated by spaces here. Use tags to make your bookmarks much easier toorganize and navigate.Send: People and places you want to share your Bookmark with. This could be the social network Twitter, an emailaddress, or a Delicious userMessage: A message that will appear with your Tweet, Email, or Delicious message. Limited to 116 characters.
  3. 3. C. Bookmarking from inside Delicious is easy too. 1. Copy the URL of the site you want to save 2. Visit Delicious 3. Click on the “Save a new bookmark” button and fill out the information. 4. Paste the URL into the box provided and click Next 5. Fill out the rest of the information boxes and click save.NOTE: Notice that you can set any site you like to be private. These will be available for yourviewing when you are logged in, but no one else will see them.You are ready to start bookmarking! To learn more about organizing your bookmarks indelicious, visit