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Other google tools


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A quick run through of the other tools you might not be aware of

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Other google tools

  1. 1. BookmarksNewsBooksPlayChromePicasaYo u Tu b eDocsMapsEarthSitesTalkGoogle+Blogger Google Tools Tools you might not be aware of but can make your life easier
  2. 2. Google SearchGoogle Search allows you to use a variety of tools to narrowyour results when searching the web.TIP: Click Show search tools to reveal more resources
  3. 3. Google Search >>Hovering over this tool allows you to see a preview of thepageSee snippets of information from each site to help you choosethe best result for your searchSee the URL for each site to know the domain type
  4. 4. Google SearchUse Boolean searching terms to limit your resultsSelect Reading level to tailor your search resultsConvert units of measurement or calculate equationsDefine words or translate into different languagesLearn more about effective searching:
  5. 5. Google BookmarksAccess your bookmarks from any computer that is connectedto the InternetCreate labels for your bookmarks to easily find themUse the bookmarklet button to bookmark quickly once youare on a website bookmarkslabels
  6. 6. Google NewsSelect from top stories to readPersonalize your news feed by your interestsAdd topics of interest to pull in news storiesAdjust your sources for news Personalize
  7. 7. Google BooksThe worlds largest library of digital books – over 12 million.Preview and conduct full text searchesEmbed copyright free books into your blog or websiteDownload PDF or Epub versions of qualifying books or textSave books to your Google Play Book library
  8. 8. Google PlayStore your music, books, magazines, movies and moreAccess them from any computer or device that has InternetaccessShop for all items
  9. 9. Watch a Video
  10. 10. Google ChromeWeb browser most compatible with Google Tools (D2Apps)Chrome has its own App store to add programs to yourcomputerChrome will show you a warning before you go to a site if itsuspects there is anything wrong or phishy. Login to be connected Download Apps from the Web Store Choose what a New Tab will Show
  11. 11. Watch a Video
  12. 12. Google PlusNot available as part of D2Apps yet…..yetGoogle’s answer to FacebookPut people into circles so that your relationships stay separateShare sites, photos, videos and informationCreate a Google Hangout to video conference with 1 ormany HangoutsCircles Mobile
  13. 13. Watch a Video
  14. 14. Google Dashboard