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About CDAP


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This presentation provides basic information about what is CDAP (Cask Data Application Platform) and it's unique value proposition.

Published in: Technology
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About CDAP

  1. 1. What is CDAP ? Unified Platform Built Around your Data Nitin Motgi @nmotgi
  2. 2. What is CDAP? Runtime A unified platform for
 building integrated data analytics tools and applications and 
 delivering specialized frameworks and solutions that
 enable enterprises to extract value from data APIs Tools Frameworks Market
  3. 3. 3 What’s the value of CDAP - Technology ? • Increased Innovation and Faster Delivery — Support agility in delivering new data analytics solutions to the business on a stable, performant and extendable platform with simple to use APIs and inter-connectivity. • Build-Once-Run-Anywhere — Deliver environment agnostic data solutions for Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise through unified platform abstraction for infrastructure. • Reduced cost of integration — Pre-built integration with Enterprise and Cloud Technologies — Security, MDM, Scheduler, Monitoring, etc. • Separation of Logic, Data and Infrastructure — Separation of concerns (SoC) provides simplicity, extensibility, stability, and number of residual benefits for building complex manageable data analytics solutions.
  4. 4. 4 • Address New Market Needs, Create New Revenue Streams — Deliver new specialized frameworks, tools and application for big data and cloud on a unified platform • Reduce cost of Innovation with increased Agility — Deliver new version of solutions faster to businesses as the focus is on innovation and not on integration or infrastructure • Increase addressable Market — With it’s ability to run on Public, Private and On- Premise the solutions can be delivered anywhere the business needs. • Increased Operational Efficiency, Reduced Cost — Reduced day-to-day dependency on IT with increased governance improves the overall efficiency of delivery data insights. What’s the value of CDAP - Business ?
  5. 5. 5 Dataprep — Framework Data Pipeline — Framework • Data Preparation for on-boarding new sources and datasets. • Perform Data Transformations, Data Quality checks with visual feedback. • Extend the Dataprep by building new user defined directives. • Integrates with Data Pipeline for operationalizing transformations • User interface for building complex data workflows • Join, Lookup, Aggregate, Filtering data in-flight • Building complex workflows with 100s of connectors • Extend Data Pipeline using simple APIs • Integrates with Dataprep, Rule Engine and Metadata Aggregator Pre-Built Tools and Frameworks
  6. 6. 6 Rules Engine — Tool* Metadata Aggregator — Tool • Business Data Transformations and checks codified for business users • Define Complex rules using intuitive and simple to use user interface • Logically group Rules in Rulebook and trigger or schedule processing. • Integrates with Data Pipeline for operationalizing Rules. • Aggregate Business, Technical and Operational Metadata • Track the flow of data (Lineage) for richer data needed for governance • Create Data Dictionary and Metadata Repository • Integrate with enterprise MDM solutions. • Integrates with Data Pipeline, Rules Engine Pre-Built Tools and Frameworks
  7. 7. 7 Microservice — Framework* Event Condition Action (ECA) — Application • Build specialized logic for processing data • Create loosely coupled network for processing events • Bind processing to varied set of queues • Delivers a specialized solutions for IoT event processing • Parses any events, triggers conditions and executes Action. • Real-time notification system, with easy-to-use user interface for configuring event parsing, condition and actions Pre-Built Tools and Frameworks
  8. 8. 8 Empower Business Users On-Board New Data Sources and Types Integrate with Cloud and Enterprise Ecosystem Build Data Processing Workflows Integrate Machine Learning and Model Management Expand and Customize to build new Data Analytics Applications Data is your asset Dataprep Rules Engine Data Pipelines ML Integration Cloud Connectors + Run on Public Cloud + Integrate with existing apps O Platform Automate Operationalize IntelligenceIntegration Extend & Innovate $$$$ Realizing Value of Data
  9. 9. 9 Big Data - Storage and Compute on Cloud and On-Premise Cask Platform - CDAP Vendor X Tool or Application ECA A Unified and Portable Integration Platform Built Around your Data DataPrep Data Pipeline Microservice Rules Engine + PLT FTA SOL Part of a Solution Is It’s ability in enabling IT deliver Data and Analytics solutions to the Market and other Businesses faster, efficient and secured on a hardened platform in Cloud and On-Premise Data Lake Anti-Money Laundering Consumer IoT Analytics … OR a Solution What makes Cask Unique ?
  10. 10. 10 CDAP - Core Cloud or On-Prem Infrastructure Data Preparation Rules Engine AI / ML / NLP ECA Data Pipeline CDAP - API Alerting&Notification CDC User Interfaces OracleGoldenGate,LogMiner SchemaRegistry AVRO,Protobuf,COBOLCopybook MapR, Cloudera, HDP, HDInsight, EMR, GCE, Azure, AWS • Product Customization • Universal Consumer IoT Solution • Patient Monitoring • Predictive Maintenance • Smart Metering • Data Lake • Standardized Ingestion • Transformation • Lookup • Data Quality • EDW Offloading • Clickstream Analysis • Fraud Detection • Risk Analysis • Network Optimization • Customer Self- Service • Social Media Analysis • Content Analysis • Content Enrichment • Customer 3600 • Recommendation • Ad Optimization • Data Governance • Metadata • Lineage • Data Dictionary • Schema Management • HEDIS - for Healthcare Streaming 3rd Party Apps OLTP / ODS Databases Flat Files Cloud Sources Mainframe Apache NiFi, Streamsets, MQTT, MongoDB, GraphDB etc Realtime Queues Tableau, Qlik User Interfaces Databases Flat Files Cloud Sources Hive, Kudu, … CDAPUsecases Microservice Market RuleBased,ContentTemplate Solutions,Pipeline,Connectors,Directives CDAPUsecases Atlas, Navigator, Nagios OSS OSS Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On MMDS OSS OSS
  11. 11. To Learn more, go to or Contact Cask at