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A variety of art direction samples for both print and new media

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Portfolio samples

  1. 1. CASIE PERRY ART DIRECTOR / CREATIVE MANAGER casie@fastmail.us www.casieperry.com 617-832-5605
  2. 2. PRINT
  3. 3. MACY’S WOMEN’S SUIT SALE 2008 The suits for spring were quirky, cute, clean, and classic. Using these descriptors as inspiration, a bold and beautiful approach to the in-store signage was born.
  4. 4. MACY’S EVERYDAY LUXURY 2006 Barbara Barry is known for her flawless taste in furniture and everything that surrounds it. The invitations to her personal appearance had to be no less impeccable.
  5. 5. AARP THE MAGAZINE THE BIG 5-OH 2003 AARP’s The Big 5-Oh celebrates the 50th birthday of celebrities with bold, dynamic illustrations. The world’s largest circulating magazine created the position for Casie where she worked with and art directed some of the world’s most talented illustrators.
  6. 6. MACY’S FASHION ART DIRECTION 2007 At Macy’s, Casie worked with photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, models, and other creative talent to art-direct fashion photography for a variety of projects. This project involved a particularly beautiful lighting environment.
  7. 7. ARC WORLDWIDE DRINKS WITH BENEFITS 2008 At Arc Worldwide, Casie worked on Coca-Cola’s Drinks with Benefits ad campaign for the fast-food industry. A variety of illustration techniques communicated the drinks’ superior weight-loss and nutrition benefits.
  8. 8. MACY’S BRANDING ROPS 2007 One of Macy’s largest branding challenges is showcasing their wide range of products in a balanced way. Using graphic and colorful product photography, a dynamic collage was an organized solution to the problem. The format allows for simple, smaller ads, or brands and style trends to be called out on larger ads.
  9. 9. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH FUND IDENTITY 2008 The Booth School of Business is one of the world’s leading business schools. The largest donation in the history of any business school prompted a re-naming and re-branding initiative. The traditional shield and typefaces were kept, but the redesign uses them in bolder, more modern ways.
  10. 10. AFFORDABLE EQUITY PARTNERS BRANDING KIT 2002 Affordable Equity Partners, a real estate company in Columbia, Missouri, hired Casie to design a branding system that would allow for flexibility because its sell sheets were constantly in flux. The solution was a branded outer shell and general information brochure. Sell sheets were printed on a day-to-day basis and inserted just before distribution.
  11. 11. ERNST & YOUNG PROPOSAL TO SERVE ROGERS CORPORATION 2005 Rogers Corporation is a billion-dollar company manufacturing materials used in industries like technology, communications, transportation, aerospace, and defense. The proposal uses the company’s own flagship colors while illustrating the wide breadth of its industries.
  12. 12. ERNST & YOUNG PROPOSAL TO SERVE VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS 2005 Vertex Pharmaceuticals considers itself a more upscale, refined company than many of its competitors, which informed the design of the company’s proposal. At Ernst & Young, Casie was the lead designer on proposals to serve multi-million dollar companies.
  13. 13. MACY’S MACY’S FLOWER SHOW 2008 Each spring, Macy’s holds an elaborate Flower Show, a tradition for over 30 years. A Latin theme informed the choice of a Latin American illustrator to execute the artwork. Casie worked on a team to complete the realization of the individual pieces, which included ROPs, event handouts, store signage, elevator screen, and web media.
  14. 14. MACY’S MACY’S GO READ DAYS 2008 Each year, Macy’s spearheads a program to keep children and teenagers interested in reading. A variety of collateral including a take-home bookmark used a Dr. Suess inspiration to reach the audience.
  15. 15. ECMC MISSION: POSSIBLE 2006 This student loan services company set a goal to effectively market to every minority student in Minnesota by 2010. A conference geared toward achieving what seemed to be impossible inspired the theme for the conference.
  16. 16. AFFORDABLE EQUITY PARTNERS GRAND OPENING 2002 The Grand Opening of Park Place Apartments needed an invitation that conveyed a special occasion to its traditional audience. It was sent to over 100 leaders in the Columbia community.
  17. 17. NEW MEDIA
  18. 18. MACY’S CELEBRATE LOVE EVER AFTER 2008 The highest-exposure in-store advertising for Macy’s are elevator screens that rotate throughout the seasons. Lifestyle photography and a classicly beautiful typeface illustrate love’s timeless nature for the spring bridal campaign.
  19. 19. MACY’S CHECK OUT A MUSEUM 2008 The Check Out a Museum program, sponsored by Macy’s, allowed members of the community to check out a free museum pass for up to a week.
  20. 20. MACY’S MACY’S GIFT CARDS 2007-2008 The in-store elevators at Macy’s display a series of screen animations advertising events, promotions, and products. Usually, the animation builds piece-by-piece from a blank screen to keep the shoppers’ attention.
  21. 21. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO CAREER CAST 2008 CareerCast is an online resource for alumni at the University to share their insights with current students. Alumni are interviewed about their experiences and share professional advice. The navigation and player were modeled after iTunes for an easy user experience.
  22. 22. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO WINTERVIEW 2008 Each year, the Winterview celebration at the University of Chicago is hosted by the Booth School of Business. Previous to the website re-design, the event did not integrate with the Business School’s website. The redeisgn allows for the Business School’s website structure to surround the event, but the final piece is more visually cohesive. re-design previous design
  23. 23. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO CAREER CATALYST 2008 CareerCatalyst is a clean and organized online publication that keeps students up-to-date on the graduate school, their industry, and professional opportunities. Casie’s goal was to design the website with a clean navigation system, making it easy to maneuver.
  24. 24. MACY’S WEB PAGES & E-MAIL BLASTS 2006-2008 At Macy’s, Casie was the art director responsible for creating e-mails and webblasts that aligned with each campaign. This one shows how versatile a Macy’s gift card can be for suiting every family member’s personality.
  25. 25. MACY’S WEB PAGES & E-MAIL BLASTS 2006-2008 Another classic approach to the timeless subject of love combines Macy’s “Magic” tagline with a famous illustration.
  26. 26. MACY’S WEB PAGES & E-MAIL BLASTS 2006-2008
  27. 27. MACY’S WEB PAGES & E-MAIL BLASTS 2006-2008
  28. 28. ERNST & YOUNG E-MAIL INVITATIONS 2005 At Ernst & Young, Casie used LotusNotes to stylize company announcements and invitations, giving them a more distinguished feel. Each event has its own personality, as does its matching invitation. The invitations were designed using InDesign and Photoshop, then imported into LotusNotes.
  29. 29. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO HOLIDAY E-CARDS 2008 Casie worked with the web development team at the University of Chicago to design these holiday cards for an e-mail format. They were sent to some of the university’s most prestigious alumni and donors.
  30. 30. CASIE PERRY ART DIRECTOR / CREATIVE MANAGER casie@fastmail.us www.casieperry.com 617-832-5605