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Start selling online in brazil


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Are you a merchant looking to sell your products in Brazil? We can help you get there in less than 72 hours no matter where your company is based at.

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Start selling online in brazil

  1. 1. September 2013 Fast setup Start selling Online in Brazil Local Payments Global Payments
  2. 2. Brazil's online growth rates make it without a doubt a high profitable market.The long distances and the flaws in traditional retail distribution has forced locals to embrace e- commerce. Some of the top performing online categories for 2012 include but are not limited to below: Avoid legal barriers and bureaucracy while benefiting from more than five years experience in the region. Companies from anywhere in the world can start selling online in Brazil in less than 72 hours! Is not too late, you can still make on time! Faster than 800 km/h! Apply now! cashtronics.billing +(41) 22 508 72 35Retail & beauty Health & finance Luxury & travel 91 million Online users 41% internet penetration + 55% growth 42% growth 38% Growth = $11,5 Analyzing Brazil Brazil is the third country in the world by Online active users and projections for 2013 estimate a 35% increase on sales compared to 2012. Let us help you start tapping into one of the most attractive markets out there! sales in billions for 2012!
  3. 3. We have partnered with local credit card providers and cash payments methods to offer you our “one size fits all” solution, which connects your business with Cashtronics payment page to obtain immediate access to the most widely used local payment methods. What do I get with Cashtronics Brazil? Main advantages include but are not limited to: No need to incorporate locally. Receive your payments in the country of your preference. Avoid local withholding taxes and tax for sending your money away from the country. PCI level 1 certification. Fraud prevention tools. Access to our admin with real time reports. Customer support. Fast Setup Our API docs are compatible with most of the widely used e- commerce platforms out there. Local Payments Brazil market is fully localized. Foreign credit cards are rarely supported and payments methods such as Boleto count for over 38% of e-commerce transactions. Apply now! cashtronics.billing +(41) 22 508 72 35 An array of local payment methods! Receive your payments anywhere in the world without delays. No matter where you are located you can start selling in Brazil. Global Payouts
  4. 4. How do I integrate a merchant account on my website? In order to integrate your website to our payment platform some technical knowledge is required. Our integration docs will detailed the technical requirements to send your client’s orders using the HTTP Post method under SSL encryption. How our payment platform works? Is quite simple, at your website user selects the product and clicks on payment button, after that user is redirected to our payment page with all the payments methods displayed as illustrated as follows. https://secure.cashtronics-payment/sample Secure page!
  5. 5. Cashtronics Digital Serviços de Internet Ltda is a locally registered company with all the proper licenses to operate in Brazil. You can arrange a meeting in any of our offices in Sao Paolo or Rio. Affiliate companies One global partner with local presence in Brazil Cashtronics Brazil is part of the Amedia group fiduciary. Our more than 20 years of experience on offshore legislation and Online payments combined with our global s t r u c t u r e , w i t h o f fi c e s i n Switzerland, France , United Kingdom, Spain, Hong Kong and Cyprus makes us the perfect partner when it comes to managing your online payments. Rua Dom Gerardo 63, sala 1209 | Rio de Janeiro Avenida Paulista 1079, Sala 690 | Sao Paulo Tel: +55 113 042 1252