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General info aug2013_english


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General info on Cashtronics online solution.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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General info aug2013_english

  1. 1. August 2013 All major credit cards More than 35 currencies available! Global Payouts Online Payments
  2. 2. High riskLow risk - Retail (online) - Clubs & buying groups - Digital Content - Directories - Online Games What could help obtaining the lowest possible rates? (*) not limited to the ones listed. Processing history showing chargebacks below 1% Higher sales volumes Years in business How are rates and fees defined? Risk impact on rates and fees (*) Medium risk % % % % % % - Clothing stores - Photographic supply stores - Shoes stores - Women’s accessories - Cosmetic stores - Advertising serv. - Adult Content - Dating - Online Gambling - Travel - Recurring Billing Models - High Ticket Sales Rates starting at 1.99%! Banks impose rates and fees for every transaction processed on each website. Depending on the activity type of the business a risk factor is assigned. Based on this, accounts are classified as low risk, medium risk and high risk.
  3. 3. Europe Hong Kong Brazil Currently we are able to provide s o l u t i o n s f o r c o m p a n i e s incorporated in the following areas or countries(*). Interested to switch your company’s location to benefit from lower rates?arnaud@amedia- +34 93 224 01 99 Supported regions Understanding rates structure Rates will also vary depending on the merchant’s location and place of incorporation. For example, companies from Europe selling within Europe will get lower rates than companies from Hong Kong selling within Europe. Our affiliate company Amedia Partners will be glad to help you! Russia (*) For a complete list refer to Anex 1. USA India Canada Australia
  4. 4. Setting up your merchant account could take three to four weeks. Request and review your quote. Stage 1: Application submission. Access our online application at: Steps to obtain your merchant account - Recent company bank statement. - Passport copy of Director(s) & Owner(s). - Processing history (If applicable). - Certificate & articles of incorporation. - Utility bill from Director(s) & Owner(s). - Shares certificate (Proof of ownership). Required company documents Approve, sign and return. Complete our online application. Submit your company docs. Stage 2: Compliance reviewal. Stage 3: Integration. Bank reviews your application. Pre-approves or rejects. Bank compliance reviews your website and could ask to explain open items. Bank approves and prepare contract, or rejects. 1 day 1 day 1-2 days ETA: 2-5 days ETA: 7-12 days 2-3 days 5-8 days Codes are issued by the bank (MID). Test account gets created. Merchant integrates with our system and perform the tests. Start accepting online payments 2-4 days 3-5 days ETA: 5-9 days
  5. 5. How do I integrate a merchant account on my website? Below example shows how to submit the info from your orders to our payment system Fast & easy!We offer a hassle free integration while supporting the majority of shopping carts out there. Our Tech-support team will be there for you all along the integration process. In order to integrate your website to our payment platform some technical knowledge is required. Our integration docs will detailed the technical requirements to send your client’s orders using the HTTP Post method under SSL encryption.
  6. 6. Annex 1 Supported countries Andorra Australia (1) Austria Brazil Belgium Bulgaria (MC only) Channel Islands Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark (Including Greenland) Estonia Finland France (including Monaco) Germany Gibraltar Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India (2) Ireland Isle of Man (MC only) Israel (Visa only) Italy (includingVatican City) Japan (1) Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Macau Malta Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands Turkey United Kingdom U.S.A. (2) Settlement bank must be in merchant's country of incorporation. (1) As long as Anti Money Laundry requirements are fulfilled. Soon to be added: Bangladesh Brunei Malaysia Sri Lanka