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Cash to Go Inc: About Us

Our mobile ATM’s are perfect to be a part of any event. We offer wireless mobile ATM machines that can be placed virtually anywhere for the convenience of the customer. We also deploy on site technicians who ensure that the machines are in operational condition all the time at your event.

We work with special events, festivals, concerts, outdoor street fairs, sports events, conferences, conventions and other venues . We are a reliable portable or mobile ATM services are needed offering fully stocked and staffed remote ATM services. We include everything from the receipt paper to signage.

Events that offer mobile ATM services find that vendor opportunities and sales increase. When customers can easily access cash, they tend to spend. In fact studies show that on average, over .75 of every dollar that is withdrawn from and Event ATM, is actually spent at the event, and the cash is re-circulated right back into the Event itself. This makes for an attractive profit potential for event hosts. Give Cash To Go a call about your next event, and let us help increase your event revenue!

It’s a lot easier than you might think to get a fully supported mobile ATM machine solution on the ground at your next event! CONTACT US TODAY

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Cash to Go Inc: About Us

  1. 1. Cash To Go, Inc. 1200 Weber Street, Orlando, Florida 32804 Office 321-281-8008 Toll-free 1-866-246-4311
  2. 2. ATM Partnership Program • Under this program, we provide you with one of our state-of-the-art ATM's along with all services and supplies necessary to keep the ATM functioning at an optimal level. You provide the cash and cash loading service.  We provide a state-of -the-art ATM chosen to match your decor  We provide a communication solution for your ATM to function consistently  We will be responsible for all repairs, maintenance and upgrades  We provide all registrations, licenses, and insurance required for the ATM  We provide adequate signage of your choosing.  You provide the cash to the ATM which automatically settles back to your account daily.  You receive a larger share of the surcharge revenue without the expense of the equipment. Merchant-Owned Program • Under this program we provide you with ATM processing and support to assist you in handling most aspects of your ATM program.  We will provide transaction processing for your existing ATM or sell you a new one  We will get you approved and authorized to operate your own ATM  We will provide all proper registrations for the sponsor banks and networks.  We will provide ongoing support to assist you with all aspects of operating your own ATM  We will provide web-access for you to operate your ATM effectively  You will retain all of the surcharge income, less any bank processing fees (if applicable) ATM Full-Service Program • This is a completely cost-free ATM program in which we provide all aspects of the ATM program. From the equipment, to the cash loading.  We provide you with a state-of-the-art ATM machine and cabinetry chosen to match your decor  We will provide the proper communication solution for your ATM to operate flawlessly  We will be responsible for any and all repairs, maintenance and upgrades.  We replenish the machines with funds on a scheduled basis and provide vault service for the ATM  We provide all registrations, licenses and insurance required for the ATM  We will provide adequate signage of your choosing  You receive a generous commission based on your transaction volume.  We insure the machines are serviced, maintained and repaired as needed  We monitor, report performance and make payments on a monthly basis ATMs FOR your business or AS your business 866-246-4311
  3. 3. • Cash To Go, Inc. is a national ATM company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. • In business for over 20 years, operating and servicing ATMs from coast to coast (including Hawaii). • Our diverse clientele includes hotels, motels, resorts, universities, retail locations, banks, convenience stores, restaurants, high traffic bars and government facilities. • We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. • With live operators always on duty and local techs on call. Our ATMs are consistently monitored for cash balances and operational concerns. • We hold high standards when it comes to the rules regarding ADA, network and banking regulations and work continuously to maintain strict compliance. • We report directly to Sponsor banks for safer transactions for customers, stricter compliance of banking regulations & faster dispute resolutions.
  4. 4. • Bank Sponsored ISO/IAD (the highest tier of non-bank ATM deplorer's) • Registered with all major networks (International & Domestic) • Sponsored in good standing with Prosperity and Metabank • Authorized distributor for Triton, Tranax, Genmega and Hyosung ATM equipment • Certified ATM repair organization with most ATM manufacturers • Long standing member with CFHLA, FFEA, FRLA, ATMIA and many other associations and chambers throughout the United States. CERTIFICATIONS & AFFILIATIONS
  5. 5. • Deploys the most current state of the art models in the marketplace. With a wide variety to choose from, we assist you in choosing the perfect model for your facility. • Customization available for your ATM with custom graphics, wraps, and enclosures to enhance your décor. • ATMs come equipped with smart card readers • DCC is available for your international customers (dynamic currency conversion) which allows them the opportunity to see exactly what they are withdrawing in their native currency • Attractive compensation • Open reporting – customer transaction records come directly from the networks and are made available to you • Web access to all transaction history
  6. 6. Triton, Hyosung, Genmega, and Hantle ATM Distributers
  7. 7. Donna Michola 256-226-0587 866-246-4311 OFFICE 877-361-7842 FAX
  8. 8. Agreement Cash To Go agrees to set the surcharge fee for your guests at________. The location will receive_______ per surcharge transaction. The location will receive payment by the 15th of each month for the previous months transactions. CASH TO GO, INC.: LOCATION: Name:___________________________ Name: ______________________________ Signed: _________________________ Signed:_____________________________ Date:________ Date:________ Locations
  9. 9. Agreement Cash To Go agrees to provide your event with the required # of ATMs and signage for the agreed upon surcharge, in the areas of the event that the card holders will have direct access to our unlimited supply of cash. The event needs to provide access passes for our technicians, parking for our vehicles and power access for our machines. Cash To Go pays commissions, accompanied by the “real time” transaction report, the Tuesday after each event. Mobile Events
  10. 10. 866-246-4311 OFFICE 877-361-7842 FAX Cash To Go, Inc. has a reputation for state of the art equipment, communication and customer service. This is the key to our success