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Cash Note USA | Nationwide Note Buyers | 888-297-4099


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If you are tired of acting as the bank after selling your Real Estate and owner-financing the loan with a promissory note, we can offer a sound and painless exit strategy today. We can fund the purchase in as little as 15 business days. We at Cash Note USA buy Real Estate Promissory Notes Nationwide. We Purchase Owner Financed Mortgage, Land Contract, Contract For Deed, Deed Of Trust, Private Mortgages, Secured Notes, Business Notes, Commercial Notes and Partial Notes and many kinds of seller carry back mortgage notes. Convert Real Estate Note To Cash Now.Sell Your Mortgage Note Fast & get More Cash For Your Note. You will get a Fair Offer Within 24 Hours.Get your Note cashed today!

Cash Note USA is a note buyer all over the nation. Convert your mortgage payments into cash. Simple closing process. We buy Promissory Notes, Real Estate Trust Deeds, Seller Carry Back Notes, Land Contract, Contract for Deed, Privately Help Notes, Commercial Mortgage Notes & Business Promissory Notes.

Contact Us:
Cash Note USA
1307 W.6th St.Suite 219N,
Corona, CA 92882

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Cash Note USA | Nationwide Note Buyers | 888-297-4099

  1. 1. SELL YOUR MORTGAGE NOTE FOR CASH If you wish to sell a note, trust deed, commercial mortgage note, realestate contract, land contract or mortgage deed. We can get you the capital you require when you decide to take your mortgage notes to market. We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for many years, and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible. All you have to do is contact us, say if want to sell your mortgage note and we will do the rest. Get your Note cashed today! Click here for a Fast Quote. Chances are that if you sold real estate and are holding a mortgage note, you have it for one of two reasons. Either you didn’t have much of a choice, or you did it for investment purposes. mortgage note buyer Offering seller financing may have been the only way to sell the property. Perhaps your market was flooded with “for sale” signs and you needed to advertise “Owner Will Carry Note” for your property to stand out. Perhaps your best offer ended up being a buyer that just wasn’t in a position to obtain a bank loan. Whatever the case,it is very likely that you would have preferred a lump sum of cash. The good news is you still may have options to tap into that cash…with the right information. You did it for an investment. Private Note Buyers Contact Us Now. Perhaps you are holding a note for investment reasons. Notes can be a great investment. You have all the benefits of real estate without having to own it. When you invest in notes you are,essentially, the bank. You collect the money and get a great return in the process. But, sometimes situations change. What may have been a great investment for you then is money needed today. Whatever your reasons for having a note…you also have options to sell. We Can Get you the cash you need, Sell Promissory Note click here to get a FREE QUOTE. DIFFERENT TYPES OF MORTGAGE NOTE WE BUY We Buy Real Estate Mortgage Notes: "Ranging From$10,000 to $10,000,000" First Mortgages Second Mortgages Wrap-Around Mortgages Contracts For Sale Lease Purchase Agreements Contracts-For-Deed First & Second Deeds Of Trust Purchase Money Mortgages Real Estate Lien Notes Real Estate Land Contracts You are probably thinking, Why should I sell my mortgage note? Well, there are severalreasons why selling your privately held mortgage to us is wise. In fact, we have compiled a list of the top ten reasons people choose to sell mortgage notes to us. Sell Your Mortgage Note For Cash , Note Investor Buy a new real estate Home improvements Pay Tuition for kids college Pay medical expenses Take a Dream Vacation
  2. 2. Note management problems Estate settlement issues Start a new business venture Move money to a better investment Buy a new vehicle, motor home, boat, bike, etc. Contact us to get more information and get a quick quote by visiting us here. VARIOUS REAL ESTATE WE BUY NOTES ON Here are listed different kind of Real Estate properties we buy notes on: 1. Single Family Residential 2. Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex 3. Apartments 4. Income Properties 5. Improved Land/Small Tracts 6. Recreational & Resort 7. Commercial 8. Improved Lots 9. Mobile Homes With Lot 10. Farm & Ranch 11. Condo 12. Motels 13. Vacant Land 14. Portfolios You can always discuss your special needs with our professionals. We at Cash Note USA will make sure that you get your note sold at the best price. Contact us today. Note Buyers Of America - We Buy And Sell. MORTGAGE NOTE BUYING PROCESS The Process is very simple and easy. Submit a Free Quote to receive a free cash offer on your mortgage note today! We are Mortgage Note Buyer in all 50 states. Simple, five steps note buying process: 1. Submit a Fast-Quote 2. Talk with one of our note buyers and receive a cash offer for your note. 3. Accept the cash offer. Send us the required Documents. 4. We will order an appraisal and title & Prepare the closing documents. 5. We will fund the transaction, typically in less than 25-30 business days. Every transaction is different; some may close sooner than others, check with our note buyer professionals. FREE QUOTE,Convert Note into Cash -CALL NOW - 888-297-4099