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  1. 1. What do you always prayed for? Food Health Family Love Studies Money Success What do you always prayed for?
  2. 2. This is a story about praying. . .
  3. 3. Oneday, there was a voyaging ship…
  4. 4. It was wrecked during storm at the sea.
  5. 5. Only two men . . . . . .were able to survived !
  6. 6. The two man swim, to a small, deserted island
  7. 7. However, to find out whose prayer was more powerful, they agreed to divide the territory between them and stay on opposite sides of the island.
  8. 8. And he decided to pray for a wife. the first man was lonely. . .
  9. 9. The next day, Another ship was wrecked! and the only survivor was a woman who swam to his side of the land
  10. 10. The next morning, all he asked were given to him! bigger house, more clothes and more foods.
  11. 11. the second man, How-ever still had nothing!
  12. 12. Finally, the first man prayed for a ship so that he and his wife could leave the island. In the morning he found this ship docked at his side of the island.
  13. 13. The first man was ready to board to the ship with his wife and decided to leave the second man on the island.
  14. 14. He considered the other man unworthy to receive Gods blessing. Since none of his prayers had been answered
  15. 15. As the ship was about to leave, the first man heard a voice from heaven booming . . . “ why are you leaving your companion alone?”
  16. 16. “My blessing are mine alone since I was the one who prayed for them” the first man answered. His prayer was all unanswered and he does not deserve anything!
  17. 17. “You are mistaken” the voice rebuked He had only one prayer which I answered if not for that you would not received any of my blessings!
  18. 18. Tell me the first man asked the voice. “what did he prayed that I owed him anything?”
  19. 19. He prayed that. . . . . .all your prayers be answered!
  20. 20. Now, I will ask you again … What do you always praying for? Are you the first man who only pray for his own sake and doesn’t care about his companion? Or the second man who pray for the sake of others and even thought he had nothing?
  21. 21. When Jesus died on the cross,
  22. 22. • “When I pray for another person, I am praying for God to open my eyes so that I can see that person as God does, and then enter into the stream of love that God already directs toward that person.” ― Philip Yancey