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Cashgate Scandal Malawi: The Fashion Book-CU


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Cashgate Scandal Malawi: The Fashion Book-CU

  1. 1. The Window Display in Collaboration with London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London The Fashion Book David Foy, Phaidon Publications
  2. 2. TheWindow Display The Fashion Book is a fashion bible as considered by Vogue represents 200 years of entire industry from clothing, footwear designers, stylists, icons and retailers including new category of educational institutions who have contributed in the careers of many creative individuals. This new edition includes significant changes on the fashion platform since the first edition with new entries of important and renowned names of the industry like Phoebe Philo, Gareth Pugh, contemporary icons like Lady Gaga and Tilda Swinton and many more. Each entry of these renowned and important talents is illustrated with a photographs and drawings. This edition of The Fashion Book have 568 coloured illustrations of these artists. Project Brief The Fashion Book is re-launched by Phaidon publication in May. Two book stores were chosen for creating window displays for the book.
  3. 3. We Observe,We Inspire,We Brainstorm…
  4. 4. The Ultimate Drug to Cure the Problem of keeping up with the trends of Dynamic Fashion Industry: The Fashion Book
  5. 5. Let’s Say it with Scrabble
  6. 6. Phrases & Polaroids
  7. 7. The ‘F’ Word
  8. 8. We Collate,We Collect…
  9. 9. Belgravia Books Opened in September 2011 in Belgravia, is an independent book shop provides hand picked collection of translated fictions and literature from independent publishers (The Guardian, 2011). As per an article by Jimena Gorraez-Conolly in LONDON SW1 (2016) “Belgravia Books has a great range of books from crime fiction, children’s books, historical novels, classics, modern classics, nonfiction and literature in translation. We are also the home of independent publishers Gallic Books and Aardvark Bureau and considered as a paradise for book lovers.
  10. 10. We Prepare,WeWork… The Brave Souls That We Are!
  11. 11. We Create,We Capture…
  12. 12. We Overcame… ✤ The furniture and fixtures in and outside this book shop cannot be moved. ✤ The 2 panels on both ends cannot be moved, however, can be covered with paper like the one done in the current display. ✤ The centre shelf has an arrangement of books on the inside, therefore it can’t be moved either, however, there is a provision to insert shelves or cover with paper as done in the display at the present ✤ The tables and chairs outside the book shop can’t be moved either so the display needs to be done in a manner that despite the furniture being there, the book should be able to create an impact on the consumer’s mind while they pass by Display.
  13. 13. Nomad Books 20 years old independent book shop on the Fulham road, Nomad book shop is like a stanford with a personal touch.(All In London). Nomad bookshop is mostly famous for its collection of travel books but also have a huge collection of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books & novels etc.
  14. 14. We Prepare,WeWork… Only, This Time Like Nomads
  15. 15. We Create,We Capture…
  16. 16. We Overcame… ✤ No option of hanging backdrop or anything on the ceiling. ✤ All Fixed furniture in the window except podiums.
  17. 17. We have curated a video that shows how we curated the windows and what our collaborators have to say. We’d be glad if you would have a look at the same on the following link or click on the thumbnail next to it!
  18. 18. Thank You Cheshta Aggarwal: MA Strategic Fashion Marketing (AGG14428371) Amrit Kaur: MA Retail Management (KAU14439699) Collaborative Unit: The Fashion Book- Window Display Academic Year: 2015-2016 Consultant: Andrew Tucker London College of Fashion University of the Arts, London London, United Kingdom