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Who Do You Think Are the Real Scammers?


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Debunking the Silly Issues about

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Who Do You Think Are the Real Scammers?

  1. 1. Who do you think are the Real Scammers?Debunking the Silly Issues about! Thou shalt not steal. One sentence…Four words…But it says a lot of things. Especially to the person you areusing this statement against. Who would not come to their senses if you cited one of the most powerfulcommandments of God that we should abide by under any circumstance? Stealing in any form isprohibited. It is against the law of man. It is against the law of God. And doesn’t Cashforiphones know this? has become a subject of a media firestorm after a columnist ofeminent credibility released an article that forewarned people to stay away from the deceptivethroes of the company. She apologized to her readers about her recommendation that was notbased on good judgment. After receiving a lot of complaints from the consumers, she retracted her advice which she consigned into paper a month prior tothe release of the controversial article. Truly profound. I understand that as a writer, credibility is something that is crucial. It islike the writer’s revolving fund which she could use to invite others to continue reading her nextcolumn. Once the writer screws up, she may not get to have so many eyes perusing her column.But a writer has his or her social responsibility that needs to be attended to. After all, in any way,she is a molder of public opinion, an instrument for organic thoughts. But I would like to point out that does not steal from any of itscustomers. It is the kind of business supporting a noble cause. It refurbishes and upgrades used,old, and broken gadgets sold to them. The company offers a great amount of cash for people whoare kind enough to trust with their gadgets. The business has already been around for quite some time- almost a decade now. It iscertified by reputable standard regulating agencies. Come on, take a look at their websites andyou will see these symbols embedded on their webpage. If it is not legit, it is quite illogical thatthese reputable agencies would allow the website to use their symbols for some evil purpose. I do not believe that those who comment in the online discussion boards and reviewforums are bona fide customers of Yes, I respect some people’s opinionabout, but what the heck?! That is why they are called opinions. It does notcorrespond that all claims posted there are veracious enough to be credible.
  2. 2. It is hard to pick a fight with customers. Not that I am calling for a pitch of violence and inanity:I’d like to believe that customers are really kings, and you cannot just put an end to their tyranny.But it helps to note that not all monarchs were good leaders, not all had judgments that weresound, and not all had decisions which everybody came to abide by and instill on their minds. I remember another relevant commandment: You shall not bear false witness againstyour neighbor. It is in Exodus.