What a slide up i phone 5


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What a slide up i phone 5

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell broken iPhones then have a look at our website cashforiphones, to get to know how to sell your used iPhone online. The service is friendly, professional and become one of the industry's most trusted and dependable.”<br />What? A Slide-Up iPhone 5?<br />Are you serious?<br />16617952138680This picture from Apple.pro claims that this 30-pin dock connector cable is from a prototype from the iPhone 5. <br />If you are not very tech-savvy and you do not know what it is for, brace yourself. This is because what you are looking at might just mean the end of the touch-sensitive iPhone.<br />The end of a touch-sensitive iPhone, yes, you read it right. This is because what the picture is indicating would actually confirm rumors saying that the iPhone 5 will be a slide-up phone. Curious enough?<br />Well, the slide-up feature of a phone normally means a hardware keyboard.<br />Most slide-up phones have this feature only to keep the keyboard from being accessed when all you have to accomplish is a task that does not require typing or editing.<br />Rumors say that this 30-pin dock connector and the ribbon seen to attach it in the Apple handset is labeled 821-1300-02 HF/c1.<br />Some tech review sites had their sources say that this is not the iPhone 5 prototype with the 4-inch display. Instead, this model was claimed to have a sliding cover with the same screen size as the iPhone 4.<br />Also, it was described to have the same shape and size of the current iPhone 4 but is only thicker. It will be really thicker as this prototype will have a hardware keyboard. As it will obviously take space, it is hard to imagine that it will have the same girth as the iPhone 4.<br />Though the exact size and measurement was not mentioned, this might just be a simple picture that can illustrate what this slide-up iPhone 5 might look like.<br />Using a hardware QWERTY keyboard, this might just be what the “slide-up iPhone 5” might appear if this rumor about the special prototype comes true.<br />But in spite of all these things, it is still unlikely for Apple to include a physical keyboard on their iPhone devices. 1524003038475<br />Considering the fact that they have been creating gadgets without physical keyboards, it would be a really weird phenomenon if this comes true.<br />Since the birth of the iPad, there had been some talks about the MacBook being a laptop that is touch sensitive. Even if these rumors got too unrealistic, an iPhone with a physical keyboard in a slide-up form is much more ridiculous.<br />Apple has been one of the firsts to use touch-sensitive screens and I would pretty much believe that they will want their iPhone gadgets to stay that way. As there are also rumors that the iPhone 5 will have the same gesture-sensitive capabilities like the MacBooks have for their Touchpads, it is really hard to believe this prototype of a slide-up iPhone 5 with a hardware keyboard is real.<br />To add to this matter, what would be the sense of improving the iPhone 5 if it will only have a hardware keyboard that Apple seem to be very irritated about?<br />Nevertheless, Apple is seemingly tight on their protocol not to comment on anything regarding the iPhone 5. It has been months since the first rumor about the iPhone 5 came out and still they have not said anything about its big day.<br />Moreover, there were already a lot of rumor roundups saying that the months from June to September were the months to look out for regarding the release of the iPhone 5. But now that it is already September, it is quite unrealistic to say that the iPhone 5 will still be launched this month as it would mean a really late announcement.<br />So this just comes to mean one thing, the iPhone 5 is yet to be released and iPhone aficionados will still have to wait for an unspecified time before they get to see and touch the soon-to-be newest fad among mobile addicts.<br />So just to prepare for the unexpected, people who would like to buy the iPhone 5, whether it comes in October, November or December, should find responsible ways of disposing of and letting go of their old devices before buying a new one.<br />You guys can sell your old iPhone, get an iPhone trade in, or engage in buyback programs offered by refurbishing companies. This will help you save money to buy the iPhone 5 that we have been all dying to see with our own eyes.<br />A slide-up iPhone 5 with a hardware keyboard? Boy, forget about it. Just be prepared and wait until the real thing comes out!<br />