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Lucky 7


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Lucky 7

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell used iphone 4 then have a look at our website cashforiphones, toiphone trade in. The service is friendly, professional and become one of the industrys mosttrusted and dependable.”Lucky 7!7 Reasons to sell your iPhone 4 for iPhone 5!Let’s get this straight! These are the top seven most talked about facts about the new iPhone 5!Get the new phone and get lucky! 1. Faster multi-core processorCheers to the A5 chip! How would you like to have a phone running a chip like that of the iPad2? Awesome, right!No more crying your heart out for less battery life. Enjoy speed and performance with the newiPhone 5!2. Upgrade in integrated graphicsAre you fond of watching videos and TV programs? Are you a gamer and you eat and breathegames? Then experience IGPU with iPhone 5! Guaranteed the best!3. NFC technologyTake advantage of the iWallet! No more paying bills with the excruciating boredom of waiting inlines.4. New antennaNo more discrimination! No more “death grip” and no more problems with receptions!Everything’s back to normal, for good.5. Spec bump
  2. 2. Aside from a multi-core processor, the iPhone 5 will likely enjoy major spec bumps like moreavailable memory, more data storage capacity and a 4-inch screen size. How would you like itnow, huh?6. 1080p video recording and better cameraThe 5 megapixel camera of the iPhone 4 was well-loved, but there are rumors saying that theiPhone 5 will have an 8 megapixel camera from Sony! This enables the new iPhone to get theprobable upgrade for 1080 video recording. Good news? Indeed!7. LTE-4GWhat else would you want to have with the iPhone 5? Of course! It’s 4G! Considering the factthat 4G is one of the hottest topics on the tech table, people are crossing their fingers to haveit.As Apple is known to be innovative in designing and manufacturing their products, this featureshould definitely be on their upgrade list! Even though the rumor mill does not back up a lot onthis one, there might be a chance that Apple would consider. After all, who would like to be leftbehind ancient times, right?So are all these things worth checking out? DEFINITELY. If you have an iPhone 4 and you thinkyou’d like to get a hold of the iPhone 5 when it comes out on the market, then sell your iPhone4 to get it!Who would not want to experience the most advanced phone in the world to come? Welldefinitely not you. So sell your iPhone 4 for it. There are indeed a lot of ways and a lot ofbenefits.Let’s first talk about the benefits you will get when you choose to sell your iPhone 4 beforegetting that shiny and sparkling iPhone 5.
  3. 3. When you sell your iPhone 4, you are already being a gadget minimalist. This goes to show thatyou know how to properly take care of your gadgets by getting the most out of their value.When you have something used, you should not intend to just throw it away. You should figureout a more profitable and desirable way of letting it go.So if you will sell your iPhone 4, congratulate yourself as you are on the right track.Also, when you opt to sell your iPhone 4, you are doing nature a great favor. You must knowthat when you are able to keep these possible e-wastes from landfills, you are already keepingharmful chemicals from polluting our natural resources.Just imagine what fulfillment it would bring if you sell your iPhone 4 to get money while beingable do something green and noble for the planet. Wouldn’t it be nice?The idea of selling your mobile gadget when you want to upgrade to a new phone can bring youa lot more of these greener benefits than you can think of. So sell your iPhone 4 and enjoy thegood life.So let’s talk about how you can sell your iPhone 4.Though it may sound difficult to do, it’s the other way around. You can sell your iPhone 4 in justa matter of a minute. The key is to go online and go to a site owned by refurbishing companiesto sell your iPhone 4 through an online transaction.All you need to do is to click and get a quote, follow their instructions and wait for your moneyin the bank.So sell your iPhone 4 and get that iPhone 5! There’s more than seven benefits and you nowknow that! Enjoy upgrading!