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I phone 5 an earthquake alarm device


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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I phone 5 an earthquake alarm device

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell used iphone 4 then have a look at our website cashforiphones, to get to know how to sell iphone 4 . The service is friendly, professional and become one of the industry's most trusted and dependable.”<br />iPhone 5: An Earthquake Alarm Device?<br />Take advantage of the iOS 5 so sell your iPhone 4 for it!<br />Even before Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO, he left a message for the Apple team in Japan where an upsetting and destructive earthquake took place. <br />To Our Team in Japan,<br />We have all been following the unfolding disaster in Japan. Our hearts go out to you and your families, as well as all of your countrymen who have been touched by this tragedy.<br />If you need time or resources to visit or care for your families, please see HR and we will help you. If you are aware of any supplies that are needed, please also tell HR and we will do what we can to arrange delivery.<br />Again, our hearts go out to you during this unimaginable crisis.<br />Please stay safe.<br />Steve and the entire Executive Team<br />1504954540250And so, Apple has also made a decision to devise an early earthquake warning notification option to their latest operating system which is the iOS 5.<br /> <br />This means that the iPhone 5, which is expected to be released this September, will not only be a useful smartphone for the Japanese, but also be an earthquake alarm device.<br />People who will use the iPhone 5 in Japan can opt to turn on quick earthquake reports at the bottom-most part of the iOS 5 Notification Center settings pane. <br />In the picture above, it is shown that the users only have to flick the switch so they can start receiving these alerts and early notifications. <br />Apple’s commitment to help those who were greatly affected by the recent earthquake did not just entail giving out relief goods and this early notification system for the iOS 5. They have also developed an app which was the Yurekuru Call that warns its user to reduce their battery life as it is connected to Japan’s earthquake warning system.<br />So if you are an iPhone 4 user and you would like to travel places where such occurrences happen, make sure to sell your iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 for safety.<br />The beauty of Japan is yet to be resisted, and most countries near it have the same seismic intensities. So to keep in touch and be updated, get the iPhone 5 once it comes out on the market by choosing to sell your iPhone 4. Learn what other positive things you can get when you do it.<br />Why sell your iPhone 4?<br />If you sell your iPhone 4, you’ll get to enjoy the iPhone 5 at a lower price. Use the money you’ll get from it as an offset for purchasing the next generation iPhone.<br />Also, you can get to enjoy upgrading without endangering the environment if you sell your iPhone 4. Leaving it hidden somewhere in your household or throwing it out into landfills may pose a dangerous threat not only to your well-being but also to the planet as a whole.<br />If you choose to sell your iPhone 4, you are already being considerate of your financial situation as you are recycling your money and its maximum value. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy more refined gadgets using the same money you used for your old one? <br />If you decide to sell your iPhone 4 for the iPhone 5, you are in for the noble cause of lessening your carbon footprint by putting a possible e-waste to to use by extending its lifetime.<br />Also, you can get to be a gadget minimalist when you sell your iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 by getting the most value of the device by putting it through a recycling process. Respond to what nature calls for you by doing it.<br />If you take part in online selling, you are also able to help those who want to experience the iPhone 4 for less money. While you get to upgrade if you sell your iPhone 4, these people can afford to buy your pre-owned device.<br />Last but not least, if you will sell your iPhone 4 for iPhone 5, you will ensure not just your safety but also that of your family and friends when you get to use these early earthquake alarms when in earthquake-prone areas like Japan.<br />So sell your iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 and get ready to travel the world equipped for disasters. Sell your iPhone 4 so you can take advantage of the iOS 5 and the iPhone 5!<br />